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  1. [This is a Chat Roleplay]

    Date: June 24th
    Time: 12:00 P.M. Central/Server Time
    Where: Roleplay Main Room​

    A ball is held for the Prince of Camelot's 21st birthday. The party is celebrated in the time period's fashion, with tankards, shots, and bongs. Merriment is the theme of the party, but the parents of the prince are also looking for a possible wife for their rowdy son. Invites are sent out to all in the kingdom, with particular focus on finding a future princess.

    However someone arrives and crashes the party.

    It is the Muffin Man who lives on Deary Lane.

    After ingesting dough that has been fermented for far too long, the old baker has gone cuckoo and is holding everyone in the castle for ransom. The Fantastical Police Force have yet to hear what the baker's demands are but that isn't stopping the death threats.

    What will the captives in the party do? Will they await their fate or will they take matters into their own hands and find a solution?

    Rules and other background stuff about the roleplay:

    ~ Know that this is a comedy (with a slight twist into the demented), so don't take this roleplay too seriously, but also keep your antics tasteful. ~

    ~ Your characters will be any sort of fairy tale creature or person you can imagine. Just please don't make any superheroes like the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles or Iron Man. Think of Shrek and the fairy tale characters in the movie. ~

    ~ The Muffin Man is my character, but if you wish, anyone can play the King, Queen or Prince of Camelot. I encourage everyone to create some sort of twist with their character whether they be the 'good' or 'bad' guy. ~​

    Character Template

    Name/Fairy Tale Character:
  2. Name/Fairy Tale Character: The Muffin Man
    Age: 45
    Appearance: Very much on the porky side, the Muffin Man has dined on far too many sweets in his time. His white chef's coat while pristine has grown tight around his stomach area. He is a short man, with a large brown and curly moustache. His chef's hat is very comical, being almost as tall as the man himself. The man is also French.
    Personality: Eccentric, Loud, Obnoxious, Creative and dear god does he have a sweet tooth.
    History: The Muffin Man trained in Paris where he perfected his famous recipes. After he graduated from school he opened his first bakery. In two years time, business was booming, so much that the Muffin Man opened two new bakeries in Camelot. Since then, 50 bakeries have opened in the country, amounting to a very large and successful franchise. He has been invited to personally cater for the King and Queen at their ball.
  3. Name/Fairy Tale Character: Mr./The Big Bad Wolf

    Age: 9 [ In dog years.]

    Appearance: Big Bad Wolf dresses to impress and scare whom ever he meets. Yes indeed, he wears a black suit that is perfectly tailored to match his slender wolf body. His suit is so clean and is very well stitched, not a single rip or tear. In his coat pocket, he has a piece that leads to the monocle he wears upon his eye, making sure it is never dirty or dusty. His hair always slicked back like a true gentleman, but covered by a bowler hat most of the time.

    Personality: Ah, Mr. Big Bad Wolf, quite the character. He's a rather fine fellow! So polite and mannered with quite the temper if provoked. Rather stubborn and persistent until he gets what he wants or fulfills his task.

    History: Mr. Big Bad Wolf started his career when he was a young lad. All the other pups wanted to be ruthless mongrels and go out and eat anything they could sink their teeth into, of course he did too..But had his own way of doing so. Always about class and style! The words of Mr. Big Bad himself. Yes, he was always so mannered when catching and eating his prey. After many successful encounters and challenges, he earned himself a reputation for being the biggest and baddest predator around. Of course not everything worked his way; Referring to the incident with the three little ruffians..Erm, pigs..Yes, that's the term. Hiding like cowards behind bricks! What poppycock! After that even the King and Queen personally sent and invitation to Mr. Wolf regarding their ball, perhaps there he will be able to get revenge on the pigs and find himself a decent course.
  4. Had a derp moment. This chat roleplay isn't schedule until next month on the 24th. So lots of time for people to sign up.
  5. Name/Fairy Tale Character: Aurora, more commonly known as Sleeping Beauty

    Age: 21

    Appearance: Let's see.. I've got long blonde curls and these amazing blue eyes that are the exact same cornflower blue as the ring I got for my birthday! As for everything else, I've got some curves and a little bit of a tan thanks to going on vacation after waking up. My parents paid, of course, since they were so happy to see me again. Oh, the joys of being a princess!

    Personality: I'm super fun and love to laugh! I have loads of hobbies too, and absolutely love to make new friends! I hope that this dance will be filled with awesome people that I can really connect with. I haven't talked to many people in the years since I, y'know, fell asleep. I think people are put off by the fact that I fall asleep while they're talking. Honestly, sometimes it's on purpose. Royalty can be such a bore!

    History: Well, I was just your average princess until I had my first birthday. This evil witch decided that she was jealous or something and said I would prick my finger on a spindle when I was sixteen. My parents freaked out, of course, and burned all of the spindles. Turns out the witch wasn't a complete moron, though, and kept a spare in her pocket. Mind you, I wasn't a complete idiot. I didn't walk up like 'oh hey a spindle! Let's touch it!' Nope. She walked up and stabbed my hand with it when I was out in the gardens! Sneaky old woman..

    Anyway, after that I passed out for a few years. I was supposed to be woken up by the kiss of my true love, but there was a bit of an issue there since I hadn't fallen in love with anybody. So this random guy shows up and tries to be a hero, but as soon as I wake up I realize that I wouldn't be with him even if he paid me. He called me Princess Peach. Hello, my name is Aurora.. Anyway. Now thanks to that fiasco, I fall asleep randomly instead of just staying awake. I assume that'll stop once I actually kiss somebody I can love. Who knows, maybe it'll happen at the dance!
  6. this is ANY fantasy/fairytale person corect? so I could say...use Prince Winiefred? : D can I?! (he is NOT the prince of Camelot either just fyi)
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  8. Yup angl you can go ahead and use that person.
  9. Name/Fairy Tale Character: Prince Winiefred
    Age: 22
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: A bit of an odd ball. He's what you might call an equal opportunity sort of guy. A bit ambiguous, you never know quite what to expect from him. Often times it may seem like he thinks life is just a joke, but really he does try to be serious when appropriate (and can be if he really tries). He's sort of just an enigma and you never really seem to know what's on his mind (doubtful that he really does either...)
    History: Prince Winiefred was born to the Kingdom of Kikkomon, a pleasant little kingdom that enjoyed food. The kingdom has kept peace for ages, and is a strong ally for other kingdoms. Winiefred actually has a sister, but little is known about her as she supposedly disappeared a while ago and they have been searching for her since. As next in line for the throne, it is his job to uphold the family lineage and learn of his future duties as king. Hearing of the ball, the Prince decided to attend in hopes of courting one of the young ladies that attends (or so his father hopes). Though Winiefred may have his eye on the prince instead, it's always hard to tell with him.

  10. Name/Fairy Tale Character: Prince Phillip of Sleeping Beauty (aka The Prince of Camelot aka The Birthday Boy!)
    Age: About to turn 21
    Appearance: Hair the color of milk chocolate, perfectly quaffed (some would say too perfect), Phillip stands at five feet and nine inches with a medium build. Though his clothes do change from day to day (like any normal, cleanly person) he is never without his red cape. It's wonder how it hasn't been singed by dragon fire or torn from riding carelessly through thorny forests. His eyes are just as brown as his hair, often twinkling with childish excitement. Anyone would describe him as handsome. What prince isn't?
    Personality: A bit of a silvertongue, or maybe he's just good with bribery. Phillip is always riding off on some adventure or another, whether it be to fight a fire breathing dragon or a simple yet classic case of a cat stuck up in a tree. He has a soft spot for singers though his lack of interest in a bride has made his parents concerned that he is either immature or jousting for the other team. Hence the party-slash-hunt-for-a-wife. He's determined though to convince his father, the king, to let him marry for love rather than social or political standing. Phillip could be described as far too carefree and easy going, often a little dense to just how much danger he plunges head first into.
    History: Phillip was still just a young boy when his parents started showing signs of Marriage Obsession. This girl, a princess or something, was barely a year old and they wanted to hook him up with her! Really! It was far beyond ridiculous! Of course this princess was from another kingdom so after a while, he kind of forgot about his fiancée, living out his childhood and adolescent years like any young prince ought to: being unable to sit still, instead choosing to ride off in the name of adventure. And then one day he met this girl in the forest and really, he thought he'd found true love.

    Oh boy was he ever stupid.

    That girl turned out to be his betrothed. She also turned out to be an annoying little snot, completely ungrateful for being rescued from the spell of a witch. After having been captured by that very same witch, he was pretty sure said mistress of magic was into some kind of creepy chains-and-dungeon bondage. And that fiancée of his? Not even slaying a dragon had been enough to impress her.

    Yeah. A freakin' dragon.

    Girls. Why had he even bothered?! At least he'd come out of it all with a pretty spiffy authentic fairy-crafted sword. The marriage was called off, or...well...he called it off by sneaking off on another adventure.

    The only reason Phillip is agreeing to this party is because he rather likes being spoiled on his birthday. That...and people from far and wide are going to be attending and this would be the perfect opportunity to round up new and interesting comrades for his next adventure.

  11. Name/Fairy Tale Character: Snow Queen
    Age: Lost count...
    Appearance: (open)

    Personality: Rather cool minded and calm, though stuck up. She carries herself gracefully and lady-like but is often rude and can get pretty angry if rubbed the wrong way or feels insulted. The Snow Queen has, for a long time, had to deal with having a reputation of being an evil person. And while it's not to far from the truth, she mostly feels misunderstood. More than evil she feels she's just... unconcerned about good ethics.

    History: The Snow Queen has spent most of her existence in solitude inside her palace of permafrost, with the occasional snow creature or visiting demon to keep her company, but she's pretty bored of it all. She even took in a troubled human once, but that didn't really work out.... She usually waits until the snowy winter months to venture out of her domain, as its more comfortable that way, but for the first time in a while she'll try to enjoy some socializing outside of winter settings.

  12. Name/Fairy Tale Character: Princess Cormorant "Cori" Abelgard
    Age: 20

    Personality: No nonsense and not very girly, she's practical and sometimes too reckless for her own good. She's got courage in spades and plenty of confidence in her own abilities. Commenting on her looks, however, embarrasses her and tends to end in violence.

    Being the younger sister of the heir apparent prince, Cori didn't have to worry about upholding the family in any real way. Because of this freedom, she was allowed to grow up as she pleased and this just happened to include a strong background in war strategy and combat training. She was akin to a bodyguard when out with her brother and she liked it that way.

    While involved in a scuffle with a group of particularly rowdy gnomes, she sustained a leg injury from one of their archers and subsequently fell in the fight. Her side won, overall, but she had to be taken in for medical care. Her parents were truly afraid of losing their young daughter and forbade her from going to fight anymore. As an added punishment (in Cori's opinion) they've decided that they want her to find a good husband.

    Cori got forced into this whole affair by her parents, but her original intent was to make all the princes blanch at the thought of marrying her so that her parents gave up hope.
  13. Friendly reminder!!!

    The chat rp is in two days, finish up or add anything to your character sheets if you need to.
  14. I will be doing that at some point today. I apologize <3 It's been a busy few weeks online AND offline for me.
  15. No worries Dawn. ^^
  16. The Snow Queen will be fashionably late 'cause I messed up with my scheduling >:/
  17. And done ^^ Sorry that took so long <3
  18. is it too late to join??
  19. Name/Fairy Tale Character: Fira the Harpy
    Age: 19 almost 20
    Appearance: yellow/blond hair flowing down to just below her sholders, periceing green eyes, ears slightly pointed, taller then average, wings allmost reaching the floor and raiseing just above her head a deep orange colour, tan brown fingerless gloves and trousers, sandals, steel breast plate
    Personality: Shy and slightly nervous with crowds though kind almost to a fault with being trusting unless given a reason not to though when someone she veiws as a friend is in trouble she will fight till the last breath to help them
    History:At a young age when she was first learning to fly, Fira damaged her wing due to a freak gust of wind, slamming her into a tree. Waking up she found herself being cared for by the local children and teenagers of a nearby town. Feeling that she owed them her life for caring for her and the fact that back in the coven she was just one of thousands and wouldn’t be missed, decided to stay and protect the human town while learning human etiquette.</SPAN>
    After saving the town from a particular nasty orc raiding party, she got the notice of the capital city, which decided to send this invite as thanks for looking after a town in there kingdom. Fira herself is hoping to use this party to show that she isn’t a dark evil creature most people think she is.</SPAN>
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