Do YOU know about them yet?

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  1. Like the C-box?
    (Certainly hope so. We're wearing it just for the occassion.)

    Like roleplaying?

    (Me neither, but they won't let me go. There's a word for inescapable places of torment like these, but I'm not allowed to say it.)

    Want to combine both?

    (Or maybe you tire of the hustle and bustle of the main channel, and you'd like to take your discussions to somewhere a little more quiet or sidestep the confusion of ten simultaneous, laggy conversations about fifty disparate topics).

    Don't forget about the other chat channels!
    Try clicking them sometime. Try inviting some friends.

    It's here for all of you. Plan a game, run a game, reminisce about a game, et cet'. You don't need any special credentials to use them. They're for your use. So grab those chat channels by their rainbow-splendored balls and take charge!

    (Or we'll take them away without warning and laugh at your suffering while pretending to work on it.)

    Enjoy your optional freedom-type thingies, or have them ripped away from your weathered proletariat hands. :)

    It is my humbar (u)wish that you prease enjoy!

    Q:Why did you post this in General instead of a more relevant section?
    Show Spoiler
    Not everyone reads the relevant sections, and we'd really like everybody to know about this feature. Also, we suspect an evil wizard may be exacerbating this with some infernal glamour of obfuscation. I have been chosen to assist the other Overlords in combating this unseen and unsightly assailant. I remain optimistic. Clap your hands and say "yo, baby, yo" if you believe. Thank you for your time.
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  2. So you can get version exclusives by adding players with the exclusives you want as VIP?

    And there was a massive amount of bashing in the video comments, haha. Seems people agree X/Y customization was superior.
  3. Kunari kiss him back softly.
  4. WIth the holidays, its a little crazy
  5. That makes sense, the protagonists are 11yo in sumo but were 15 iirc in X/Y
  6. -_-
    Yo, baby Coffee, yo!
  7. Thank you so much Fee-kun <3 <3 <3
  8. Tyler & Christian Haak

    Tyler crashed to the floor in the mass of bodies that toppled through the door. Somehow, she had ended up going down first which put her on the bottom of this devastatingly large pile of people. However, Christian had lucked out somehow and landed somewhere nearer to the top. It took only a split second to start feeling guilty about smashing the others beneath him. Despite her usual strength, Tyler was no doubt unable to crawl out from under this many individuals and instead just laid there in silent, crushing agony until they finally started to get up and move away from the door. When she was finally able to breathe and move again, the woman pushed herself to her feet and took a look around.

    The first noticeable thing in the room was actually the people. Not only were the founders there, and Tyler oddly enough didn’t want to kill them, her brother was there too. Eyes wide, she rushed him and tackled him in a hug. This was the biggest show of emotion any of the others had probably ever seen with exception to her anger outburst on that poor, unsuspecting camera in North Korea. So the biggest show of positive emotion then. Christian didn’t seem at all surprised to be hugged so forcefully and so suddenly, and gave his little sister a hug right back and a big smile. He felt like he hadn’t seen her in forever – why was that again?

    The strangeness of this scene was already starting to tug at her practical brain. Tyler stepped away from her brother, thinking the whole situation peculiar now. Before long, that sensation was gone and there was nothing but the dreamy compliance left that pushed her through. The fog persisted and the young woman moved on as if unable to control her actions entirely or even understand why she was doing them.

  9. I appreciate the thanks and "Yo, baby!"s.

    (They keep me from having to resort to unnatural bumping ^_^!)

    I hope so, Diana.

    (If not, we can have fun taking away their freedom. (^_^) [/Asian-Wallace warpaint smiley])