Do you join roleplays that have already started? Community POLL!

Do you join roleplays that have already started?

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This poll is simply for statistical reasons and help improve the availability of roleplays on Iwaku. :D Please vote and comment!

Do you join roleplays that have already started?
As long as I can see an opening to fit my character in that'll work with the GM I'll join in. As long as it isn't the finale I'll join whenever!
I put yes, because I have done it several times before. But I usually won't unless a player in the game or the GM invites me in. I like to get involved from the ground floor!
Yeppers. If there's still an open spot and they aren't more then 5 pages into the rp I'll join. :D
Yes, but only when it hasn't gotten farther than a page.

I'm a tl;dr kind of person. I sometimes have to struggle with my attention span just to read one person's post. For this reason, I normally only join small group roleplay and usually won't join if it's gotten too far along. Also, I hate feeling overwhelmed because then I start getting anxiety and when that happens, I lose interest and any confidence I might have had.
As long as there aren't pages upon pages of writing for me to catch up on, I'll join in. Though, if the GM is willing to summarize what all has happened, that helps and I'll join without question.
I can't really say that I have, and to be honest it's not something that would come to me to do, unless I was specifically invited and could easily slip into the RP. There's not a "Yes if invited" option on the poll. :T
On very rare occasions when I'm psyched about the idea. But usually I see some kind of rut has been reached or some kind of character dynamic that is beyond repair, and in those cases I would rather raze the roleplay, slaughter the livestock and rape its firstborn.
I personally won't join an RP already a few pages in or started a bit unless the plot is highly interesting and the RP'ers haven't done anything exciting yet. I prefer joining fresh roleplays with fresh ideas I haven't particularly seen too much of. So my vote is, it depends.
With the rate of attrition we have here its hard to hind the chance.
If it's still in the stage where everyone's making their first/second post, maybe I would (that is, if I really liked the plot, although that's the case anyway haha), but if everyone's already written several posts, it's just not worth it to me haha
If it interests me and I don't feel like I'm intruding, of course.
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