Do you have special ringtones for certain people?

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  1. It took me a bazillion years to actually get a phone that COULD do ring tones, and now I am too lazy to set them up. .__.;


    My Mom's is Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You (whyyyyy do iiiii loove yooooou~)

    My grandmother's is The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Cause, SHE DID.

    And I haven't really set one for anyone else, cause making ringtones is a lot of work. >>;; My generic one is Let It go, though.
  2. Oh that is perfect. I have the wicked witch of the west for my mother. And I have thunder for all my alerts. It is so fun to watch people jump when it goes off and the sky is cloudy.

    My sweetie set up an ap called Zedge on my phone, it comes with tons of ringtones you can download and I seem to recall having made one at some point and it not being to hard. I do like knowing who is caling before I even pull the phone out of my purse etc.
  3. Wife - Bloodborne Beckoning Bell.
    Everyone else - Bloodborne small beckoning bell.
    Boss - Bloodborne silencing blank.
    Those are for texts only.

    Ringtone is EVA001 roaring as it rips out of an angel. It creeps people out because of how loud it is.
  4. I use the default phone ring tones, but the members of my family each have a different one.
  5. My phone is on silent. Everyone is the same vibration.

    inb4 sound is vibration.
  6. If you consider "forward to voicemail" a special ringtone, then yes. :3 Unwanted calls get forwarded there. The robots that phone me never leave a message, so I guess the call wasn't that important, after all.
  7. I would if my phone allowed it, but it doesn't so I don't. :(
  8. I mostly text rather than call people. Cheaper on my plan. So no, I don't have special ringtones. However, I enjoy having a very obnoxious notification sound, so every time I receive a text message, you will hear:

    Navi's "HEY! LISTEN!" just wasn't obnoxious enough.
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  9. I've set up a few.

    1. Mom - Nuclear Alarm
    It's a joke because my Dad did something similar with his phone whenever she texts/calls him.
    It also means if she texts me while we're both in the house she knows for sure I got it because she then hears an Alarm sound.

    2. Sister - Doctor Who Theme
    Because she's also a Whoovian, which is probably the only interest that we share with one another.

    3. High School Friends (I'll use their general online Persona's here)

    -> Ender Vargas - "I like Trains" from ASDF.
    Because he loves trains.

    -> Zukaro Travon: Fox noises.
    Because he loves foxes. Like to the point he is fully convinced he's a fox in a human body.
    And has hundreds of stuffed foxes.
    And is in college with the goal of learning to invent AI, and then using said AI to create a race of Robot Foxes (or "Robawt Foxes" as he spells it) to colonize Mars with.
    Only to then create a Robot Fox body for himself, and them download himself into it.

    And that's it so far.
    I should probably go make some more though. :P
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  10. >____> Damn. I should set that as my ringtone just for shits and giggles.
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  11. Despite having my phone for about a year and a half I still barely know how to use it. Everyone gets "Squirrels in My Pants" (from the Phineas and Ferb cartoon) as their ringtone. Somehow managed to figure out how to record that and save it.

    Except for Peter, he gets some kind of sci-fi music for his ringtone. I make sure only his is different so I can be sure I answer it more swiftly than I do others. About 98% of the time I let calls go to voicemail because of phone anxiety.
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  12. Mom - The Arkham Asylum PA System's jingle from Batman: Arkham Asylum. 'Cause she cray-cray.
    Dad - Bob Page saying "OLD MEN: WARNING WARNING" from Deus Ex: the Recut. 'Cause he's a crotchety old man.
    One friend - The Power Rangers theme, 'cause he loves him some Power Rangers.
    My other friend - Naked Snake's radio ringtone from MGS3.
    Everybody else - This. It's from Call of Duty 2, or so I've been told.
  13. I keep meaning to personalize more and personalize them with meaning! Right now the only one who has a personal ringtone is my boyfriend, and it's just a random clip from a song I have on my phone.
  14. My current phone won't let me do it, but when I had my first phone I had each of my friends record a ringtone (they ended up anywhere along the lines of shouting at me to answer the phone to little greeting messages) and then if there were any contacts that I didn't want my dad to hear my talking to, I would give them a different tone than I had for the rest. I had one friend who would call me in the morning sometimes to wake me up early on weekends--I had a different tone for that number, too, so I wouldn't end up hanging up on an important call.
  15. Everyone abd everything just sounds like a gunshot. I rather not use songs because I suspect I would grow to hate them.
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  16. Of fucking course it is.

    I don't have any custom ringtones set up on my iphone, I keep meaning to, though.
  17. I just use this for all calls.
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  18. Mother- the Doctor Who theme from 2005, she's been obsessed with 9 ever since I got her hooked on the reboot Davies era. It used to be the Imperial March, because she's a little bit like Darth Vader.

    Father- Combine radio chatter from HL2, used to be crowbar noises. He looks like an older, angrier Gordon Freeman, and both me and my brother find it extremely fitting. His contact is even named Gordon Freeman, and complete with a picture and everything.

    Younger brother- the Trolololol song, because he's the biggest shit-talking RL troll I've ever seen.

    Everybody else gets the Pixel Peeker Polka, because I find it extremely amusing. The tone for text messages is the Space Core from Portal 2 screaming about space, for obvious reasons. The wakeup call is a Dalek screaming (it proved to be more effective than the nuclear meltdown one) and everything else is the Tardis materialisation grind, the Oblivion theme or some other awful fandom tune.

    In short, I'm a fandom-loving fuck.
  19. My Dad's is the theme from The Exorcist, because he's always angry when he has to call me.

    My Mom's is Bad Boys, because she's always angry when she has to call me.

    All my friends are Kaneda from the Akira Soundtrack.

    My Best friend is Winds over Neo-Tokyo from the Akira Soundtrack.

    My text tone is the windows *error* sound

    Oh, yeah, and my tone for everyone else is "Code Monkey"
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  20. I change my default a lot, but it's been Shake That Ass, by Booty Bass for a few months. My text/alert tone is an autotuned recording of me saying text message. Don't have any tones for specific people, but mom's was Left 4 Dead's witch theme on my old flip-phone.
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