Do you have an inspiring role model in your life?

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  1. Today, I was out shopping with my mom, sister, grandmother, and cousin. It was a little sad because my grandmother had to use a cane today so she could get around because her leg was hurting her. This was the first time I've seen her have to use one. But, after thinking about it, I found this to be quite inspiring to me. My grandma has worked hard all of her life and kept herself going even with pain and old age thrown at her. I'm proud of her that she is so determined to keep going, and for many other good examples she has set for me all throughout my life growing up. ^_^

    Do any of you have a role model in your life? Either a family member, friend, or even someone you don't know but look up to?
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  2. My grandmother too was an inspiration. She was all grace and graciousness and I aspire to be even a fraction of the lady she was. She always had something nice to say (I struggle with this) and made a point of giving compliments to people if she noted something nice. She'd walk up to strangers and tell them she liked their hats, their earnings, or that their children were wonderfully behaved. I try to do this in honor of her. She also wouldn't take no for an answer when you came to her house and she offered you something to eat or drink. It was so important to her to be a good hostess. Even accepting a glass of water would settle her on this matter and I try to uphold this. My friends are well fed as a result.
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  3. I was always that kid that whenever the subject of "role models" came up in school I just kind of scoffed and made something up because there was nobody I ever really looked up to. There still really isn't, no one ever took that role in my life, but there's one person that I guess got pretty damn close. Monty Oum inspired me a lot as a kid (his work was one of two things that introduced me to/got me obsessed with the career path I hope to pursue) and still does, even though he's passed away.

    One of the most inspiring things about Monty Oum though wasn't his incredibly work but the passion he had for his work. Like, that shit is crazy. He lived for his work. It drove him. I wish I could feel that way.

    So... only real role model for mee.

    Feels like a jerk because I can't cite my grandparent/relative
  4. One of my friends, who's a few years older and got me into medicine.

    I first met him at a summer camp we were both working at. Although it wasn't his official role, he was pretty much the first aid guy, as he had more medical training than anyone else at the camp. He has that trait noticeable among every even slightly experienced medical practicioner; an unflappable calm and resolve, even when someone is laying on the ground going into hypovolemic shock and about to die if not for him (this never actually happened, though, thankfully). I really admired that trait, and as I got to know him, I found him to be this patient, trustworthy, accepting individual I really grew to like.

    I wasn't quite sure at the time what I wanted to do (profession wise), and he indirectly convinced me to go into medicine. I didn't know quite what at first, but I settled on emergency medical technician, as I don't have the mentality or head to be a physician. This year we were both staff again, and I learned a lot from him (he has several years more training than I do still, obviously). I've actively attempted to gain that same kind of patience and resolve he has, and I think I'm better than I used to be, at least.

    We also both like guns. There's that.

    Honestly he's probably more of a close friend than a role model anymore, but I probably look up to him more than anyone else I personally know.

    The only other person I could think of is lacigreen, who is awesome. <3
  5. One of my sisters and a very close friend.

    My friend who has been a mother figure to me has been one of the biggest role models for me because she understands what I am going through and has guided me on how to deal with my biological mom. She's a very strong woman, smart, and loving. I don't think I have ever met someone as caring as her.

    My sister because in our childhood we only had one another to lean on, and instead of crippling under the weight of the issues we faced, she always managed to help me keep my head above water, and to excel. she's the smartest person I know and has a very strong will. I really look up to her even to this day.
  6. Omg Nichelle Nichols.
  7. When I was a teen and young adult, I'd sass these topics saying I didn't really have any role models I respected, emulated or looked up to. o__o In these past couple years, I realized I DID and DO have people that have influenced the way I think and how I try to live my life now. It was a surprise but also very cool. O__O

    Grandmothers seems to be a common one, and even though mine might be the devil, she influenced me A LOT more than I ever realized. >> She is the one that taught me how to be both a "Strong Independent Woman Who Don't Need No Man" while also being a "Feminine Lady Who Takes Care of Her Husband Right". That I can be sugar and spice, wear glitter and skirts, but still kick your goddamned ass if you disrespect me. That I should never be subservient to any guy or person, and never allow people to treat me like one. BUT, how to also be courteous, a good host, and make people feel like I am there to support them.

    Then there is my mom who is also a devil and crazy. But she taught me how to THINK. How to question things and not take them at face value. She had me reading and creating and using my imagination, and talking and discussing and using my brain. o__o Somehow through all her nonsense, she made sure I knew how important it was to be educated both emotionally and mentally about the world.

    Aside from that, I look up to people that seem to NEVER EVER EVER EVER say negative things about others. Somehow, no matter what happens, they always say nice things or find the positive side to stuff. They never gossip or trash talk others, even when somebody screwed them over. And I have A LOOOOT of respect for that. O__O That's the kind of person I really want to be too.
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  8. I can appreciate or admire traits in people, don't get me wrong, but I'm very stubborn about doing things my way or letting experience be my primary teacher. It's more of a "I want to achieve the same ability in X category" than it is "I want to be more like this person."
  9. Ron Swanson.
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  10. My mother is my role model. She was an english teacher here, and seeing her ability to communicate outside of her profession, with foreigners in english, inspired me to try my best to be like her and have that dual capability myself. I am not as good she is with the language but I was able to find employment in an organization filled with US and other english speaking nationals.
  11. I have no role-model. In fact, it's kinda like what this person said-->

  12. Growing up, I identified way more with Lisa Simpson than any living person or thing.

  13. I want to be Asmodeus. I want to wear his skin.
  14. I'll help you acquire his skin and craft it into a wearable suit if you promise to reenact a certain iconic scene from The Silence of the Lambs with it.
  15. my reflection
  16. There were this brother and sister in my school whose mother worked there. They were awkward, to say the least. But they were nice.

    Their mother was a special education teacher and she got breast cancer and died from it.

    Every day she had a smile on her face, even as she was deteriorating. She never got mad, she never raised her voice, and she didn't blame the world or life or anything for how she was. She rolled with the punches and smiled til the very end.

    I remember just sitting and speaking with her for a while and I realized how beautiful her soul was.

    Her daily goal was always, "Make someone smile everyday because someone is always having a worse day than you are."

    When she passed away, I remember I bawled and cried my heart out. I made it my goal to do that also. Make someone smile everyday.

    God rest her soul. I hope other people were inspired by her life and even her death.
  17. My mom.

    I always say "if I could be half the mother to my children that my mom was to me, I'd be thankful". She is the strongest, kindest, funniest person I've ever met and I couldn't live a day without her. After leaving my abusive father, we grew very close. She is essentially a single parent, working a nursing job full time, taking care of two daughters, raised us right, and still manages to have fun and be funny. She is such an amazing mother and I feel so blessed to have her. Through my anxiety, seizures, and bad relationships, she's always been my number one.
  18. Never had a role model to look up to, male or otherwise. My father and his brothers are like overgrown children, one of them is an alcoholic, pretty much everyone around here are extremely racist and queerphobic. My mother is okay, but still not somebody I felt I could look up to. Her side of the family is pretty much nonexistent up here.

    Nobody else I've met through my life struck me like a role model. So, I decided to be the man I wished I could look up to when I was growing up. Kind, compassionate, understanding, and charismatic. It's pretty much the exact opposite of the local culture around here.
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