Do you have a signature clothing item?

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It seems that ever since I've been in high school there have been certain clothing items I would wear. In high school, I always wore fingerless gloves. In college, I wore scarves often. Now, it's hats. I'm always wearing fedoras or other kinds of hats. Do you have a signature clothing item or color of clothing you wear a lot? :)
I have a red velvet scarf that I've worn for over a decade. It is soft and bright, bright red and somehow still looks brand-new which is a little unsettling since it spends many months around my neck. But I don't think I'd get through winter without it.
I wear masks and hoodies quite a bit. Also, black, black, and darker black.
A St Louis Cardinals Baseball Cap.

It was given to me when We moved to around the St Louis area. It's my and my mom's favorite baseball team.

The cap is a bit worn, but still recognizable. I wear it everywhere I go.

Except Chicago.
Comfort and form over fashion. Always.

Otherwise no. Does a wallet count? I've got a WoW Horde wallet that's seen better days.
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For roughly 7 or 8 years, I had a thing where I always wore a beanie. Even during summer and inside, it was always present. Dropped the habit when long hair finally got too irritating, and was cut much shorter.

Now it's jeans and checked shirts. Grey faded jeans and a dark red checked dress shirt with rolled up sleeves is my favourite combo. It could very well be considered my signature look.


My signature look is pretty much Fancy Ass Blouse + Jeans, add accessories as needed. O__O
Maybe? I always wear plain pants and a plain color t-shirt and plain black tennis shoes. No fancy designs, no images or words, no accessories.

If the concept of soulless utilitarianism could count as a signature item, then that would be it.
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I have an eagle necklace I've worn almost everyday since the middle school years.
During middle school I always wore a black and white pladded sweatshirt.

And then in 7th grade, sun glasses on my forehead (It was stupid XD I kinda knew it too, but I thought it looked loads better than all the acne on mah forehead so I mainly did it to cover those up.)

This is basically what I looked like for all of middle school (The one on the right)

(Front view... With my TERRIBLE Iphone 4 camera. My new phone has a MUCH better camera :D)

And then when I realized "This looks kinda stupid" and my sweatshirt was getting old, I got a new jacket :D
(I had it all the way zipped up, not a bit fan of the half way zipped up style)

Problem is though, lately it's either been WAY too hot, or WAY too cold for this light jacket, so now I basically have a plain grey jacket. But I do have this same exact shirt in 4 colors. (My favorite being the blue version)

I also wear this black/brown thin leather bracelet but I can't seem to find a picture of that.
My fedora.

I always wear my fedora.

When I order my bracelets, probably those too.

Although I usually leave it in the car, does my trauma kit count? If it's not on my back I at least have it with me.

Yes, I really do wear these things! Even though I never liked hats when I was younger.
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I have a long black coat that I wear. Usually on top of a leather jacket with the hood up.

I'm not big on the whole "natural light" thing.
In colder weather a light shirt, unbuttoned, over a T-shirt. It's like a really thin jacket for me.

My head does not feel without one of these on backwards because I am trash lmao

Sports shorts which referee socks are the usual aswell. So I basically am always ready for some bball lmao
It depends on the season.

Spring/Summer: Nothing specific, just expect me to wear some kind of geek related T-Shirt.
Fall: N7 Hoodie + Spring/Summer Apparel
Winter: Firefly Jane's Hat, 4th Doctors Scarf + Apparel from the other seasons.
I fold up my bandanas so that they can be worn like headbands. That's all I can think of.
I have a ring I never take off (unless I'm doing something really mess), so much so there's a callous on my finger. Otherwise scarves and fancy-ass earrings.