Do you guys ever show pictures of your faces here?

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  1. Just curious if anyone here wants to know how everyone else looks like? I mean, I just... I mean, idk man. I'm just, CURIOUS! o.o
  2. I do! 8D I show my pictures! I've got no fear. o____o And no sense of shame.

    .....but I don't really care as much to see other people. XD We have the picture thread up, but I so rarely look in there. So even for the people that have spammed their pictures, I might not know what they look like stuff, cause I just never bothered to look. O___O

    Pictures totally get in the way of my awesome imagination!
  3. Not until you show yours. XD
  4. *frantically searches for the picture thread*

  5. *Whispers* It's a sticky!
  6. I POSTED MY FACE! I POSTED MY FACE! ERMERGAAARDDD. what have i done?! I AM SO SORRY WORLD OF IWAKU... now my real face is out there... O.O
  7. Pictures are for dummkopfs.
  8. buuuut. Pictures are fuuuun. Sometimes.

    wait. you german or you just know how to speak german? >.>
  9. dumhugu

  10. I have a paper bag for times such as these.
  11. I love posting pics of my face.

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  12. When I posted pictures, I did. I'm quite proud of my face.
  13. Uhm.
    My face.
    It makes faces.
    And thus I have many grand-faces.
    And great grand-faces.
    And great-great grand-faces.

    It never ends. ; ___;
  14. faces. making faces. my faces. can't make face. it has one boring face. where can i get faces that make other faces?
  15. its an exercise - like yoga, my friend. haha
  16. Yoga. Yoga. Yoga. I don't do that. No. I just... no. one time... in yoga. I .. I farted. never again. HAHAHAHAH