Do you go to work or school when you're sick?

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Do you go to work or school when you're sick?

  1. Yeah :(

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  2. Nope :)

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  3. I don't go to school and I don't have a job.

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  4. Sometimes

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  1. Today is my second day staying home sick from work. I went to the doctor yesterday and found out I have a sinus infection. Yuck. >.<

    I don't like it, but I've been getting sick a lot over the past 2 years. I catch colds because my immune system is getting used to the germy school I'm working at.

    Fortunately, I'm only a sub and I don't have a limited amount of sick days so staying home when I'm sick isn't a big deal. Only reason I feel bad about it is that me staying home leaves work short staffed. So I try not to be absent too often, but sometimes it just can't be helped.

    What do you guys do when you're sick?
  2. curl up into a ball, snuggle under the covers, and sleep it off
  3. Depends on how sick I am, if it's just a common cold or allergies, then there's no point in staying home. However, if I happen to get seriously sick, with the flu or whatever, (which hasn't happened in forever) then of course I'm gonna stay home. I'd rather not risk spreading something like that to the people around me.
  4. I have sick time. I use my sick time when it suits me, sick or otherwise. Always have a large reserve in case of actual sickness.

    Or if I'm just not feeling like going in to work that day (and there are no big events that'll screw my co-workers over despite them being massive pricks) I'll call my boss to take the day off. Get paid either way the same amount.

    They don't see it as an issue so long as it's not abused or done just to screw us over on an important day.
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  5. I tend to get told "Go home, you're sick." a lot, so my estimate whether to call in sick or not tends to be making a guess on how likely I am to hear that. And somehow I still managed to almost kill myself. Good fun.
  6. Depends on the severity of the sickness. My job (graveyard shift security in an office building) is pretty low on the effort required, so I can do it even if I feel like shit. I'll only take a sick day if it's bad enough that I would struggle to just walk around for a few minutes, or if it's something that makes me spew nastiness from one orifice or another, or if it's something very contagious and potentially serious like the flu.
  7. Nine times out of ten? I'll go to work.

    I like getting paid, you see.
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  8. I grew up poor. Either you go to work or you die sick and homeless.
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  9. When I did go to school, yes. My mother didn't care if I had an arm missing. I went to school. If the nurse sent me home, I'd get punished.

    I don't really get the luxury of sick time now though. I've got kids that need to be fed and taken to school. A husband that's spoiled and needs me to play maid, and animals that will starve if I'm not feeding them. Occasionally my family will be nice enough to give me an hour or two to nap, but usually it doesn't matter if I'm near collapsing of perfectly healthy. If I'm not moving, the house falls apart. =/
  10. I work at a hospital and there are cases where I am not actually allowed to come into work when I'm sick. Cases where I am not allowed:

    - If I have a fever, I must wait 48 hours after the fever ends before I'm allowed to come in.
    - If I'm having gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea, vomiting), I must wait 48 hours after I last spewed from an orifice before I'm allowed to come in.

    Otherwise I try my best to come in. If I just have a cold but I'm still so sick I can barely get out of bed, obviously I am not going into work.
  11. It's either die working or die starving. Might as well go out swinging if ya can.
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  12. That's the manly way, my fellow proletariat.
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  13. I have to be feeling pretty sick to call into work. Though since going to university I tend to not go to class if when i would go to work. Not really sure why but it happens. When I didn't realize I had insomnia yet I was on early morning shifts at work and was calling in every other weeks because I wasn't sleeping enough, once I got that all sorted out though I maybe call in every few months?
  14. Technically my current answer is "I don't go to school and I don't have a job" given my current situation.

    But I voted yes because it's the philosophy I was raised by my whole life, and have kept up when in College.
    When I was a kid my parents reasoning was a combination of sympathy for us kids and the sickness still being contagious a bit after you feel better, and the last thing they wanted as to send me back to school early, get other kids sick, and then have that make it's cycle around and hit us a second time.

    Though when I reached the age I could start to determine such sick days for myself (which was high school) I looked at it from a 'How well can I focus and stay together while moving?'.
    If it's just something annoying like a sore throat but liveable, I'll go to school/work. If it's something like the flu, where I feel 100% fine IF I sit still, but the second I walk around I feel awful? I'm staying home.

    Though with that general ruling there are two clauses/exceptions to the rule:

    1. Am I around children at School/Work? If so, my criteria of staying home lowers to a "is there a reasonable chance the kids could catch this from me?"
    2. Is this something that lasts a prolonged period of time? For example back in High School headaches were a very consistent problem, it would often lead to me getting a slow start and being late, but this wasn't something that I could just rest up on and have vanish so it was either go to school or drop out.

    That all being said though, I have yet to deal with the "Stay home = Less money for bills" scenario yet, so my approach to this could end up changing rapidly once I move out.
  15. If I ever took a sick day off, then I was clearly dying from something. Yet I do go to work sick, the place would erupt in flames if I didn't. Hell having a day off is almost impossible cause everyone is like nah
  16. I work for my parents.

    I can't stay home from work unless I'm fucking bedridden.
  17. Same. But I guess that's just the workaholic in me.

    It depends on how sick I am and how much it's affecting my ability to function. If it's something minor like a cold, then I probably won't be happy about it and I probably won't be able to focus quite as well, but it would still be the sort of thing where I'm like "I can't afford to take a day off -- I got things to do" and I'll go to school anyway.

    Aaaand sometimes I underestimate how sick I really am. I can recall a number of days back in high school when I'd be sick, but thought I could still handle school, until I got there and all my friends were like "dude, you look awful, you should go home and rest" -- and, often times, it only took a couple class periods before I realized that they were completely right and I was feeling absolutely miserable, and then went home early. :/ So the only days when I stayed home right from the start were the days when I felt absolutely awful to start with. >_>

    As for college, I think I've actually been lucky enough to have not needed a single sick day so far. The only day (I can recall) where I was sick enough to justify not going to class happened to land on a weekend, anyway.

    But I do know I tend not to regret the few sick days that I do take -- because those are usually times when I really needed a break anyway. XD
  18. Depends on what it is and how bad.
    I work in food service so there are certain things I'm required to call them about (like a fever) to see if I need to stay home.
    I have powered through a shift with a migraine though.
  19. depends on how bad really
  20. Yes. It doesn't matter what I have. Diarrhea? Go to school. A fever? Go to school.

    I usually get sent home because of the school nurse and whoever has to pick me up gets angry at me for 'not being tough enough to take it and push through the day'.
    And I'm like "if i push more i'll shit everywhere goddamit"

    I have NEVER stayed home all day from being sick without going to school to first.

    Asian parents.
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