Do you get along better with the same sex or opposite sex?


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The topic came up recently and got me curious! Back before the internets, I usually hung out with guys the most. D: Not because I wanted to get my flirt on, but because other girls intimidated the hell out of me! They were always cranky and bitchy and I never had anything in common with them. t___t I only ever had one girlfriend at a time, but lots of dude friends.

On the internet I didn't have the problem anymore. Most of my best buddies are girls, with a couple guys scattered around here and there. XD

What about you! Do you get along better with same sex or opposite sex peoples?
I get along better with females, usually. I do have quite a few male friends, but for some unexplained reason, I tend to make better friends with females, usually because to guys, chicks aren't completely evil. XD
Both! It's all about the individual for me.
I have this problem of wanting to Strangle 95% of the people I encounter within roughly 30 seconds of seeing them.
Though I have the same problem as Kariskan above, I will have to say I get along better with females. I always have really. Only have a few male friends, and they are really good friends, but I seem to socialise more with their opposites.
I don't really get along better with one sex or the other...all just based on personalities. (I grew up mostly around guys but now i'm stuck in a class of 34 other females 5 days a week for upwards of 8 1/2 hours) Sometimes it just happens that there are more guys that I can tolerate, but still. Luckily I've learned over the years to have a decent amount of patience with people (usually...)
I guess it all depends on the person. I can relate better to men because I'm a tomboyish gamer, a nerd, whatever the hell else most guys dig. My best buddies were always dudes, from elementary school to high school. Things got problematic as aging took its course, though. I got more attractive and my fellow nerds were lonely, so every man I was friends with wanted to bone me. :| So I've since lost interest in befriending yucky boys.

I can't hold many conversations with women because IDGAF about makeup, cute clothes and how hawt your boyfriend looks. I feel more secure around girls, though. So since getting into college, I've gotten acquainted with them. My biology lab group is actually all girls, which I am so thankful for, especially since they're all sweeties. XD I look forward to getting to know them.
I get along better with women. Most guys I've met want to dick fence. So long as they don't want to dick fence, I get along well with them, too. Generally though, the ones that don't want to dick fence are more likely to be of the nerdier variety. Very rarely will you have a well-adjusted male who doesn't want to dick fence!

neutral ground for me... not sure why...

Can't really say, I tend to hang out with older adults more than I do people of my own age because I don't like most people in their 20s.
I get along with more females than I do males. Mostly because I'm sexist.
Alarice doesn't like the pen15.

Also, I agree with Seiji. Most guys are too busy trying to measure each other's cocks to be able to actually be of interest. The male friends I have that are actual friends aren't those kinds of guys, and I'm too laid back to give a damn. So most guys leave me alone when I don't take the bait.
Isabellas get along with girls better online and guys hate Isabellas.. but off line it is the other way around..
I used to only get along with guys when I grew up, but slowly I'm befriending more girls...

But it's still easier to talk to guys than girls to me.
Girls = Awesomesauce

I would rather talk then like rough house or whatever.
I get along with both, less if it's a girl that I am trying to get into a relation with then I get a little uneasy. If she's just a friend then I have no problem