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Full name
Junsu Kim

Nick Name(s)


Chinese food delivery boy

Younger Brother
Friends with Malachi and Eunji
Best Friends with Eva.

Physical Appearance
Junsu's height hits just above average at 5'11" and weighs in around 160lbs. His hair dark brown, sometimes black, and often styled down. He typically wears comfortable clothing when at home or in town.

Personality Traits
Junsu is a very odd character. Some days he's extremely confident, arrogant, and obnoxious, sometimes to the point of irritation. Other days he's laid back, sweet, and couldn't care less about life. But to generalize his personality, He is a never ending ball of energy that is loud, rarely focuses, and extremely friendly. He likes to think of himself as cute and knows how to use it to his advantage. Junsu is very active and sporty, he doesn't give up easily, and always tries better others. He is strong willed and can be persistent when something important is at risk. Junsu rarely is found sitting still or doing nothing, which is what gets him in trouble most of the time. However, he does listen surprisingly well and can be quite when needed. For short periods of time. He is quite a sweetie at heart and enjoys pleasing others, though he would never admit it because of his pride.

Cool Weather, Sunny Days, Fruits, Exercising, Sports, Eating, Hanging out with Friends, Playing Guitar, Korean Food, Ice Cream...

Sour Things, Heights, Being Taken Advantage Of, School, Oily Food...

Being loud, Quick Temper, Always Eating, Always Hanging On People...

Junsu is allergic to snails and cabbage.


Eunji jung

Nick Name


Physical Appearance
Eunji stands at 5'4" and weighs about 120lbs. She has light brown, mid length, hair and dark brown eyes.

Dancing, Exercising, Cold/Cloudy Weather, Little things, Dogs, Sweets, Cuddling, Talking, Watermelon, Cucumbers, Olives, Pizza...
Opinionated People, Sunny/Hot Days, Salty Foods, Plain things, Donuts, Long Movies, Squirrels, Fighting/Arguments...

{Wednesday, 5:36am, October 30th}
{Outfit, Location=Fort just off the Train Tracks }

Sitting on the edge of the Fort's Deck, Kyle stared out at the train tracks just below him. He swung his legs back and forth, in effort to try and keep warm, and sighed. "School should be out now." Kyle mumbled, picking up his smartphone and checked to see if Eva had answered his text sent fifteen minutes ago. "Sorry I wasn't at school. Meet me by the train tracks?" Kyle read the text again. Looking back up, then to the sky, he wondered if it were going to rain. Luckily, if it did, he wouldn't have to scurry back home because he and Eva had finished a portion of the roof on the fort. "Blankets." Kyle thought, quickly turning and writing down blankets on a small piece of paper. It was a list of things to bring to the fort to make it more homey. At that moment a cold breeze blew through the fort, giving Kyle chills. "Definitely Blankets." He said, rubbing his arms.
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