MISCELLANEOUS Do you edited(make fan vids) with Disney or Anime?

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  1. Then please check this out. I started a new fandom editors group on youtube.

    ROS is seeking experience editors who edit with Sony Vegas or better. We are looking for committed editors that understand deadlines. (The Studio is well aware of the constraints of 'real life', and therefore, allowances can be made.)

    ROS studios is seeking innovative editors. Those who have a talent for creating something new from something that has been over done... to death. If you believe yourself to be qualified in this area, please post several of your 'personal bests' in links in the comments box.

    Non-Disney & Disney
    Anime & Live Action Anime

    HOWEVER! This group shall NOT BE
    - Non/Disney x Non/Disney
    - Anime x Anime

    - Live Action Anime x Disney/Non (Live Action x Animated
    - Anime x Disney/Non (Animated x Animated)