Do YOU eat new people?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gawk, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. I asked this question in the general chatbox, got mixed reviews. So if you reply to this thread, let me know if you eat new people. :)

    Anyway, I am going to go by Gawk, because its a name I have been labeled with for a while and it fits me in a way. I am a 20 year old female, and I'm stubborn as can be. I can be labeled as awkward but hopefully not hard to handle. I have been roleplaying for around 8 years now, along with it I write poetry and try my hand at short stories. While I prefer a good 1-on-1 detailing, I will hop into a group rp if I feel i can work with it. (They are always hard for me with how other people are with pacing posts.)

    Not sure what else to type, never really been good at this kind of thing. Feel free to ask me questions, of any level, I don't really have many secrets.
  2. Lol, I don't eat new people. I don't think many people watch this board though, so I can't speak for them!
  3. Pff, not before you're nicely cooked. Wait a sec, I just need to draw a demonic sacrifice circle :) DON'T GO ANYWHERE