Do you cry?



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Especially aimed at you male-types out there:

Do you cry? How often do you cry?

Many of us guys were raised with the "Walk it off" mindset, perpetuated by our fathers, peers, and even teachers! How has this affected your ability to "cry it out"?

I can say that I don't cry. Ever. Whether it be simply an inability to, or physically and mentally unwilling to let myself, I just don't cry.

The Butterfly

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Once in awhile. Not just for any old thing, mind you, but it's happened. I don't mind it, as I feel that sometimes it is more dangerous to try and "walk it off".

Fel of the Eternal Forest

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Occasionally. Not often though. I didn't even cry as I watched someone died right before my eyes.

Moonlit Blade

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It's happened. There are times when I feel really, REALLY conflicted about something, and I just can't hold it in anymore.

Only other time was when my thirteen year old brother's eye got hit and he needed surgery. I felt really guilty, because I had been with him when it happened, and there was a chance he wouldn't have ever been able to see out of it. Took me a while, but it kept going through my head, how I'd hate to go blind, even in one eye, and it happened.

But, as these situations are VERY rare, it's rare that I do cry.
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I haven't full on cried in a long time. I get a little teary once in a while though, like when watching a sad movie or reading a sad story. I have to be in a slightly emotional state to begin with though.