Do you crave organization?

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  1. How organized do you need to be?
    Do you keep a little journal for every event or idea?
    Do you need to write down reminders and to-do lists?
    ^ I would love to have something like that!
    I am super organized! My desk and notepad usually look something like this:
    Desk (open)


    Planner Book (open)

  2. I am organized to a point. I keep a planner for my homework just in case I forget, but I tend to just look at the class syllabus. I use post it notes for my desk and I have a post it note program on my computer.

    However my room and my desk are a completely different story. I have a lot of crap on my desk. >.< I have pencils, water bottles, medicine, plates, cups, and other little trinkets on there. I try to clean it up every few days but it always get cluttered. My closest is kinda the same way. I organized it at first but it never stays neat for very long. =P But I tend to know where everything is so I guess it's not all bad.
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  3. Do you crave organization?

    HELL NO O:<
    Not to be rude, im just a messy person... sure ill clean and organize my things if i find it too messy, but i dont crave it, i barely like it.
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  4. I am organized. Just in a way that is complete nonsense to other people. I know where everything in my room is, even though it's not exactly the cleanest.
    Then there are weird, slightly OCD things that I do, like alphabetize my movies and games.
    I'm just weird and random and scattered, I suppose. c:
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  5. I NEED organization, but I have terrible habits. ;_;

    On the one hand, I keep the dates of all my bills like a watchful hawk. Cause if bills don't get paid at the right times, that is not good. o_____o I try to manage the staff with as much organization as possible, and try new things and ways to organize to find the best way to keep things on tract and manageable for everyone.

    And then on the other hand if you looked in my bedroom closet, you would think that thing has never been cleaned out in years. Stuff is scattered around in boxes, laying about in weird places. I don't know where anything is and sometimes dun remember what is even in there. @___@

    I'm trrrrrying to get more organized, though. I've been attempting to improve my household habits so I am on a schedule and keep things picked up. And have been grabbing good organizational tools for storing stuff. 8D
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  6. Diana doesn't need to be orginized. That's why she's had a secretary for fifteen years.... And now two!
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  7. I have to keep things I like organized. I just can't stand it otherwise. My closet is in strict sections, my bookshelf is alphabetized by author's last name, and I keep my makeup lined up.
    Things I hate, such as my physics binder, are a warzone. No organization at all.
    I would keep a really neat schedule, but I hate paper schedules and my school doesn't allow any electronics. >_< and I don't do enough stuff in the summer to justify it.
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  8. I'm obsessed with organization. Some people even joke that I get off on it. .__.; I get way too excited about planners with lots of places to write appointments/schedules/etc., sticky notes, memo pads... It's all just so wonderful.

    It drives me nuts everyday when I see my bedroom. I'm forced to live in my boyfriend's family's home until we can find our own place. He, our son and I are crammed in this tiny space that has no room for things we need to be organized, like shelves... All I can do really is organize the clutter. >< Bleh.
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  9. I think I've become so accustomed to the chaos that is my room that to see it de-cluttered and cleaned would send me into a state of shock. It's happened before. Eventually, some will tell me enough is enough and the room MUST be cleaned. After I clean it, it's so alien that I avoid being in my room as much as possible.

    Which just means I retreat to the basement. Cause it's just as messy ( if not worse )

    At work I'm the exact opposite. I'm constantly cleaning and organizing everything, but I think it's more due to boredom than any real desire to have things clean.
  10. I'm pretty tidy but not quite OCD organised. I have a touch of OCD tendencies in my ADD but it's not too bad - just enough to annoy my friends apparently when I frequently tweak something they've just touched/moved/set down. xD I can't stand not being able to find things; I always know exactly where I left things, even if I put it there years ago and haven't touched it since. I hate chores left half done like dishes filling the sink, junk all over the counters, closet half-organised, etc. I hate stuff on my bed, all my college papers are fairly organised, and on shelves I always have things arranged nicely and accessibly. I'm CLEAN as well as tidy, you could say, actually. The only problem is that whenever I tackle a larger project (like a closet) I start looking through stuff, then realise the huge mess it all is, and get entirely overwhelmed and panic and go to bed.

    My boyfriend likes to dump laundry and junk on the bed, lets the sink fill up with dishes ALL the time, lets the fridge get all dirty, etc. He CAN organise and fit things in the closet really well, he just... doesn't. He occasionally gets into a cleaning spree and does everything really thoroughly but all the time in between makes me want to just do it all myself! I HAVE to have clean surfaces SOMEWHERE to set things down and I have to have counter space to work with in the kitchen. (In his defense, he hates doing laundry and he can grill awesome meats so I don't mind helping) All my desk supplies are tidily in little plastic drawers, drawing things in a shoe box, current semester coursework in a binder, notecards tidily stacked and separated, etc.

    My friend pays me to organise her life sometimes, whether it's her room, closet, all of her teaching crap, etc.
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  11. Does the pile system count as organized?

    It might look like a mess to everybody else, but I know exactly where everything is :)
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  12. I tend to be a very chaotic person who really does not organise anything, and likes to keep everything in their head, which has got me into trouble on multiple occasions, such as forgetting important information. However, if I am dealing with something that is important to me, then I will likely keep my things connected to it organised. Also, despite me calling my room "chaos" whenever everything is in order and exchange the two definitions for giggles, I cannot focus if I am not tidy. Seriously, a messy place just ruins my focus, so when I want to do something important, I usually have to organise at least a little bit lest I sit there and do nothing.

    It is an interesting clash, really.
  13. I make lists.