Do you break phones?

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  1. I have my Samsung Galaxy Note II since like...September of last year or so. I've broken it twice, got it replaced twice.

    The most recent time I broke it was last month. I just broke it this morning. It was in its case, it fell on its corner, and now the entire screen has been blackout.

    I'm ready to cry. WHERE IS MY MONEY GONNA COME FROM TO GET THIS?? AGHHHHHH. I don't know how many more repairs/replacements before I it's maxed out. TT_TT
  2. I once dropped a $300 dollar HTC Evo into the trash bins and before I realized it was totted away to some far away landfill


    what a depression that caused.
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  3. I broke one phone by water damage, but I've been careful since. I'm honestly surprised my iphone hasn't broken yet. I drop, step on, splash and spill on that thing so much - hooray lifeproof case!
  4. I drove off with a nokia on top my car once. It was an old school phone though so I didn't really care.
  5. I've only ever broken my phone once, but mostly they get stolen. I remember I was trying to get on a bus once when some jerk decided it would be nice to pickpocket me, I ended up breaking the wrong guy's nose. The plus side is me and him are good friends now.
  6. I used to smash the damn things up left, right and centre, but I've kinda learned from my mistakes and started investing in protective cases and shit like that.

    It's a little extra that goes a long way to ensuring you're not having to shell out for another fucking phone.
  7. The idea of breaking a phone is kind of odd to me. What kind of phones do people buy where they break all the time? Granted, I've only had three cell phones in my life and only one was a smart phone, but they all lasted for years through pocketfuls of scratchy keys, entire bags of semolina at work, being thrown against walls even. I simply can't fathom a phone breaking from dropping it a few feet.
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    It's not the "drove with the phone of top of my car and it hit the ground with a smash," or the "used the phone while leaning on stairwell and dropped it one story" or the "accidentally stepped on my phone" issue.

    It fell off my bed, which sits about two feet / sixty centimeters off the ground. It hit the corner JUUUUUST RIGHT.

    I have a case on it and everything. UGH.
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  9. The phones I've had have been complete beasts. My iPhone 3GS doesn't work any longer, but it's also a few years old, has been dropped and stepped on, and worked through a cracked screen for a good solid year before it finally decided not to turn on anymore. I think it got sick of the abuse.

    But even more impressive is the phone I had before! I can't remember the make or model, but this phone survived being dunked into a lake. It was in my pocket when I fell in. I took out the battery, let it all dry out overnight, and all was good in the morning. It probably still works, too, or at least turns on. Its not on a plan or anything. I just don't know where it is anymore ^^;;
  10. My friend got a lifeproof case for her new iphone (I recommended it to her because I love mine). The next time I saw her her phone was out of it's case and had a huge spiderweb crack across the back of it. I asked her what happened to her case, and she said she lost the screw that goes in the headphone jack to waterproof-it so she took it out of the case.

    I stared at her for like twenty minutes, she's lucky I love her or I woulda smacked her.

    She's only owned brickphones before that so I guess she didn't realise how easy they break if they don't have a good case on them, but still, it dumbfounds me that people discard their phone protection because it's the wrong colour, or it got a scuff on it, or they lost a piece.

    If you own a smartphone (especially iphones, they're notorious for their fragile screens) get a good case and keep it in the damn case!
  11. I only have a brick phone.

    It's been:

    -Submerged in water for over 5 minutes twice
    -Baked just under 420 degrees
    -Dropped off a third story balcony three times
    -Run over
    -Chewed on
    -Dropped in wine

    Still the bastard is living.
  12. I have a phone, which just won't break. I've accidently thrown it in the middle of a road. Thrown it at walls, thrown it down the stairs, dropped it down the stairs, accidently thrown it at someone, stepped on it, had someone else step on it, spilt things on it, and dropped it in a toilet... but for some reason it still works! I just can't break that thing...
  13. I kinda miss my old brick. You could walk that fucking thing through hell and it'd still take a call or send a text.
  14. I've never used a case. I hate them almost as much as I hate wearing socks. Haha. It's my assumption that unless you have an expensive life-proof case specifically for people that work in phone-hazardous environments, a regular case, even an Otterbox or whatever, is going to actually make your phone break.
  15. My first phone was a Blackberry Curve 8330. It lasted four years. It was replaced with an HTC Evo Shift, which has lasted another two so far. Neither had a case for most of their tenure, and when I took the HTC in last week because it wasn't starting up the guy said it looked pristine. It turned out the battery was just having a simple glitch and was easily remedied. My sister is the polar opposite. She goes through four to five phones a year.
  16. I don't break them necessarily, but I do abuse them. x__x I'm a clumsy person and everything I touch dies. I'm always dropping and throwing my phones. Then I take my frustrations out on the phones by yelling out hurtful phrases. My phones usually need to see a therapist afterwards.
  17. I never broke my phone as in the stories I've been reading here. Though I suppose the current phone I own now is a hybrid between a smart phone and a brick phone. Seeing how I've stepped on it, let it fall and fell with it down the stairs and everything... I do admit, I need a new one, since this 'hybrid' won't take any calls any more.

    Anyway. My siblings managed to break two Nokia brick phones? One coming from the time where there was no colour screen yet and one from the time when you were 'fashionable' the smaller your phone was. I never dared to ask them how they did it, seeing the state it is in now. However, it certainly wasn't done by hand or a simple fall.
  18. Lev. I know that exact feeling! >:[ Surprisingly (or is it a coincidence?) the phone I broke was a Samsung Galaxy Q and it met it's fate one morning nearly as exactly as yours! I was getting ready in the bathroom before work and I was about to answer a text but my hand missed the phone, down it fell and blacked out the screen for all eternity. ._.

    I was so sad. It was the first phone I have ever broken. Granted, it DID survive a few tumbles, drinks spilled on it, and a puddle, so it lived a well tortured life! :D

    Now I have a Samsung S4 Mini and it is adorable, but sadly the back of the case now has a few cracks because I fail at life ._.''' I'm surprised my Tamagachi lived as long as it did :P
  19. Not even once.

    I've had a couple close calls (almost dropped my HTC Amaze 4G into a cup of water I had by my bed), but I've never destroyed a phone.
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