Do you believe in "good luck"?


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Today is... FRIDAY THE 13TH! And many people are crazy superstitious!

Myself, not so much. But it had me wondering! Do you believe in Good/Bad Luck? Do you ever have lucky items, or avoid doing something because it's bad luck?


I don't really believe in luck but I have been know to curse bad luck quite often. There's an old saying in my family "If we didn't have black luck we wouldn't have any luck at all."


This morning I almost walked under a ladder! Luckily I dodged it last minute... HAHA, normally I don't worry about those sorts of things, but seeing as it is my last day at this job and all, I didn't want to start the day off like that.

I mainly believe in karma. Like I won't do something if I believe it is going to give me bad karma. I don't really go out of my way to get good karma, but definitely am scared of doing anything that might come back to haunt me.

Cosmic Orion

Today wasn't lucky in some ways but unexpectedly lucky in others.

So it panned out even SO FAR.


You fall down a flight of stairs, and you break your leg. Good luck? Or bad luck?

Bad luck says, "No shit it's bad luck, I broke my leg!"

Good luck says, "Well ain't I lucky I didn't break my neck?"


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I am superstitious in my own way. Just not in every way.



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I'm not superstitious at all, but once in a while you might catch me saying "Ooh, Lucky!" XD
Lucky charms were fun when I was little. I used to have all sorts of them. One for singing, one for telling stories, one for competitions.
It was hilarious. xD