Do We Need A Kojima Action Figure With Squeezable Boobs???

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  1. These are Boobs people...BOOBS ARE AWESOME, mamories are loooove.

    I want to buy two of these action figure just cause I know I'll wear the first one down!

    All this over sensitive, woman-objectifying, SJW shit is starting to get on my last nerve.

    I LOVE BOOBS, I WANT this Action figure.

    ...And you know what, while we are here, I'd also like to say that I would like to have a Snake Action figure

    WITH A SQUESSABLE BUTT!! I don't discriminate!

    If you have a problem with this Aciton figure, don't buy it.

    Do we need it? no, but who NEEEEEEEDS any action figure ever created??? is this happening? is this real life? are we being for reals?

    ITS JAPAN!!!


    Fijo <3 you
    ...and still wants that squeezable snake butt

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  2. Won't lie, I hate that character design, and not for the "OMG IT OBJECTIFIES WOMEN" perspective, more "How am I supposed to take this story and character seriously or connect emotionally with them when they're wearing the most ridiculous outfit ever?" Seriously, super lethal assassin sniper lady is running around in a bikini in the middle of the fucking desert. The baffling thing is Kojima wanted her to be a sexy character, but it just comes across as trashy.

    I mean, usually Metal Gear's great for character design, and I'll go on record as saying I absolutely loved Sniper Wolf, and she was boobage galore, but even she managed to find herself a goddamn coat when she went outside and I actually gave a shit about her story.

    I mean, shit, with Quiet or whatever her name is, give her a tight jumpsuit or some open fatigues or whatever if you want to go for the whole sexy military look. This just looks ridiculous.

    As for there being a squishy boobed action figure, I have no problem with it. It actually looks like it's a pretty high quality and good looking action figure, even. If anyone seriously has a complaint about it, girls have boobs. Get over it.
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  4. Capitalism at work. I have absolutely no interest in this product, but I'm sure someone does.
  5. Nothing will make me feel guilty about filling my garbage with used tissues.

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  6. Go to church holy shit
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  7. The Big Boss figure has the same material for his butt.

    Also, it's metal gear solid. Shits always over the top. Why is this one suddenly an issue with the overly-sensitive-looking-for-anything-to-offend-them crowd?

    Also, wolf-dog with an eye patch.

    @govangogh lol church fixing anything
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  8. Fijoil, your posts looks like a weboo wrote it. God, chill out.

    It's just a doll, that's from Japan. I don't understand why people are getting butthurt/defending the doll. Plus, it was made in Japan, I am such that there are other squeezable boobs on dolls of favorite female anime characters.
  9. I would, but then the Bible's pages would get stuck.
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  10. My drink. All over the floor.

    Glad my mop is next to me.

    Of all the flavors of the rainbow.. You chose to be salty. :(
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  11. If I'm in the mood to play with boobs, I have the set I was born with. So I'm not all that interested.

    I wouldn't be opposed to figures with squeezable butts, though. That, I could get into. /Groans like Tina Belcher while she imagines the possibilities
  12. Squish that firm tort snake ass mmmphf
  13. Wait was that title even a question? Seems rhetorical to me. YES.
  14. I'll let you squeeze my firm mutton chop spheres, bby.

    Even let you ram in a Jackhammer Jesus, if need be.
  15. I heard boobs. So now i'm here.
  16. You can't hear boobs. They are silent, like a rabbit's tears.
  17. I don't need an action figure with boobs. I have a pair of my own to play with.
    I don't need an action figure with a squeezable butt. That's what my husband's butt is for. It's more than a pinch full, and I get to squeeze it all night when he sleeps. =D
  18. Not sure on the boobs, but I definately want the Snake butt. Pls yes.
  19. "Science isn't about why! Science is about why not!"

    - Cave Johnson, or something like that. Basically yes though it's a little cringy.
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