Do these thoughts ever occur to you?

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  1. Before I start off, I'm Agnostic.
    And this is not to start any type of religious fight.
    This is just to share my thoughts, and see if others think this way.

    I find myself thinking about a lot of things that make no sense.
    Such as: How did words come to be? I'm sure the words we use today weren't always around,
    and same with the grammar and punctuation we use.
    So, how did the very first words come to be?
    And who taught them to humans, who made them up?
    And, if you honestly think about it, words are just letters put together to make a sound-
    we're taught what they mean, and how they sound,
    but in reality they mean nothing, because they are nothing.
    If words were never created, how would we communicate? Or would we communicate at all?
    The English language is very complicated in the first place, of course,
    words sounding the same, but meaning different things, and being spelled differently.
    How did anyone come up with any of these ideas?

    Not just words even, but everything and anything?
    And how did anything even come to be?
    The universe, space, planets, animals, how were the first ones ever made?
    Some people use science, some use religion, but it doesn't explain it, at least not to me.
    I honestly want to know- how the fuck did the universe come to be?
    I imagine the world as a blank piece of paper,
    and someone starts drawing, and shit all comes together.
    But that is ridiculous.

    What if we're all actually just, dreaming, or, this is all an illusion,
    and we're not even real?
    We're all just- nothing at all, and , it doesn't even matter, or make sense.

    Also, I wonder what happens when you die-
    sometimes, I become happy and inspired, and I think, there's got to be a Heaven.
    I want to see my family/pets/friends again.
    And then I think, but what if there's not?
    What if it's a giant nothing- a blank, a void?
    You wouldn't know, because you'd be dead.
    But wouldn't it be scary? Doesn't that thought scare you?
    Just the idea of not existing at all, no brain, no thoughts, just pure nothing.
    It scares the hell out of me.

    And good lord, I could just keep these thoughts coming-
    but I must sound insane/ridiculously stupid by now,
    so, I'll quit here.

    Like I said before, this is not to fight about anything,
    but just trying to see what people's thoughts are.
  2. The first form of written language were drawings. Drawings were created to keep logs, stories, etc. of the people in the beginning. Words were eventually made to form a bit of a rift between people as in educated, rich or high in religious ranks vs. the uneducated, poor, etc. Words became a form of power over people.

    Least this is the gist of what I understood from Art history class which is an interesting class to have that dabbles in art, prehistoric times, religion, etc.

    What happens after life? Who knows. I like to believe in reincarnation. Things often seem familiar, memories tend to appear in dreams and so on. Least that's what I like to believe.

    How were we born? I like the scientific approach. Water, germs, bacteria forming what we are now =D. Is there a God? Gods? Goddesses? Maybe. A form of faith in something is often inspiring even if I don't want to believe it in the way that "man" wants us too. I like to believe there is something other than just us, :).
  3. I also have strange thoughts, but most of them I don't think normal people have.

    Just a couple days ago I was walking back from campus at about 8pm and I was wondering what I would do if someone jumped out and stabbed me in the right upper quadrant of my abdomen. I figured I would probably stumble back to my house and then tell me roommate to drive me to the hospital. Because ambulance rides cost a lot of money and I should be able to make it to the ER fast enough to avoid bleeding out or dieing. But I guess it just depends on where I get stabbed, and whether it nicks any major veins or arteries. At the same time I also wondered what it would feel like to be stabbed. Not just a slice or anything, but a stab with 3-4 inches of metal going into you. Other times I wonder what I would if I got shot, and pretty much go through the about the same thought process as above. Except depending on where I got shot I may do a few different interventions first.

    Anyways I attribute most of my curiosity about these things to my being a medic. But anyways that isn't relevant at all so onwards now!

    I don't think words mean nothing. Going by the logic that you stated there, everything has no meaning at all. But I think that is false. We are conscious beings and as such we are able to attach meaning to anything we desire. If your significant other died in your arms, their last words being "Je t'aime." (Meaning I love you in french.) as they handed you a small blue ribbon. I bet that every time you heard the phrase "Je t'aime." it would bring back a rush of memories and meaning, the same thing would happen whenever you looked at the ribbon. So it really just depends on the person and what they value.

    I would feel like a douchebag saying "I'm not afraid to die." Because I definitely don't want to die, and I will prolong that inevitability as long as possible. But the thought of not being around anymore, and not existing doesn't really scare me. At least not right now. Life is what you make it and I only have one life. So why would I waste time worrying about being dead? Because once I am dead and not existing anymore I sure as hell won't care anymore. So while I am alive I will enjoy my life and do whatever I want to. Perhaps I am just strange and different from other people. I've been deployed to Iraq and been out on missions and I was never really afraid of dieing. The thought never really crossed my mind. The only terrifying thought I had was what if one of the guys in my platoon got injured? Whether it was from an IED, gunshot, or he was just retarded and smashed his fingers in a door. What if I wasn't there to help him? What if I couldn't save him and he died?

    Those were the thoughts that kept me vigilant and ready to spring into action if needed.

    So maybe there is some kind of afterlife. I would definitely choose that over not existing again. But I don't believe there is one and without valid proof why should I believe in such a thing?


    I just remembered an experience I had while taking Salvia before. I used a fair amount of drugs before I joined the military but haven't done anything for the past three years. Anyways I had a bad trip one time. Bear in mind this was a trip so it may seem a bit odd and weird. But it is relevant.

    I took a bigger hit than ever before and held it in longer than ever before. When I exhaled I sat back down on my couch, and I sort of became the couch. But what happened was that my being began to split apart. As if I was losing parts of my soul for lack of a better word or description. I tried desperately to keep this from happening but it was out of my control. Soon I was going to be left utterly alone, no person to talk to again, no soul, nothing just me in emptiness. It was quite terrifying at the moment. But eventually it changed and the trip went on into less relevant areas.

    I finally came back to and only about 7 minutes had passed but I had felt like I was left alone for an eternity. I believe that experience changed me though, and perhaps that is why I am not as afraid of not existing anymore. Because I had already experienced something like it.
  4. I'm kinda lame about the subject of religion, gods, etc. I'm Atheist and Empiricist. All that I believe in is from scientific facts, and events that I was directly involved with. If there is no proof, it doesn't exist. Since I do have a creative mind often under the influence of cannabis, I of course sit here and think: "What if vampires did exist? What if there was a god? What if that picture in the newspaper IS a UFO? What if there really are ghosts?" I'll imagine as many things as I can for these questions, but it's all to amuse me, mostly. In the end, I still don't think any of that is real.

    Thoughts on death scare me, too. I've convinced myself that death is just the end of everything. Your brain shuts off and there's nothing but darkness. Once your flame burns out, you don't physically or mentally exist anymore... I believe all you become is a corpse, nothing more or less. I know that's dark and depressing, but that's how my brain is, I guess. >>; I often assume the worst. Then if I'm right I won't be devastated, and if I'm wrong...I'm pleasantly surprised.
    When I die, I just want to be cremated so my ashes can be put in one of those biodegradable urns that get buried in the ground to become a plant. At least then, I'm giving back to the planet and I'm not just rotting away in a box. I'll 'become' a new form of life that humans and animals can appreciate in their own ways. Family can leave their gifts at the tree I've become, instead of my ugly tombstone. xD

    I could be wrong, of course! No one knows what happens 'cause, like you said, you're dead. The dead can't tell us their experiences since they ain't coming back to life. (Or ARE they? O:)

    When I have questions about subjects like how something came to be, who invented whatever, etc... I just look it It feels like a waste of energy for me to just sit here making guesses when I can get to the internet or library for instant answers. >>; I love to research, so I'll usually just get on a search engine on impulse. I grew up believing there could be an answer for everything and if there's no answer, then my brain defaults to: "Scientists just haven't figured it out yet."

    So yeah, I'm boring. Haha.

    There is one thought my boyfriend and I love playing with, though: "What if wizards really did exist before? What if the reason we can't cast magic is because as we evolved, we lost all our mana?" And then we go on this whole ridiculous chat about how maybe our grandchildren will be born with a little bit of mana in their bodies, allowing low level spells that will help them become more successful. Or more dangerous.
  5. I've had a lot of these types of thoughts before. Especially about death, as of late. Personally, one of my thoughts on death related to one of your theories on our existence- that we're dreaming. I once decided my thoughts on death were that when we 'die', we actually are 'waking up'. Or this world is just a TV show for some other world and doesn't matter in actuality. Not sure. :/ I think there's something after we die...Because I've always believed in spirits. But i just don't know what it is. :/

    In terms of where everything came from...I admit, I believe the big bang theory to some extent more than my religious school teachers explanations about god. Then again, I once asked my religious school teacher, "If god created us, who created god?" <- Not attempting to start a religious argument either, here...Just a memory that came to mind and seemed related.

    Personally, I think all these thoughts you claim are possibly 'insane' or something of the sort are actually quite normal. Then again, I don't count myself as properly sane really, so maybe that means it is insane. But...These deep topics are pretty common and philosophical in reality. They're also really interesting. I don't blame you one bit for thinking on them and contemplating them. And your theories are quite interesting, too. I like them. :)