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  1. it was a fierce war against the zombies and the humans. blood splatters on the walls and floors it was 1976 where all hell broke loose til one man saved history saved the world with just one and only device extremely hi-tech but more of an artifact. the artifact was hidden away in a special vault only to be used when true tragic strikes the world.

    its july.04.2014
    Daniel is a strange creature a neko if you may say hes very cleaver and knows alot about the artifact. he was lost in the woods until a girl saw him he was scared to be discovered so he ran the girl followed him. he had fell and broke his arm from falling down a hill and hitting a stone which stopped him he cried in pain the girl helped him up and went to her camp treating his arm and examining his ears and tail
  2. "Well you seem to be alright" she said intrigued by his ears and tail. "My name is Himeko" she smiled.
  3. "Im Daniel. Thak you.." he siad softly
  4. "Your welcome" she smiled "do you have a home?" she asked looking sad
  5. "A-a dont..." he said slowly about to cry
  6. "You can come live with me you poor thing" Himeko smiled.
  7. Daniel smiled and hugged her unhappily. "Thank you thank you so much!" He said happily
  8. She then went to many stores to pick out new clothes for him then took him home. "You need a bath your filthy" she chuckled.
  9. "Hmm? Whats a bath??" He cocks his head sideways
  10. "Its where we get you cleaned up, now don't be alarmed" she said and stripped him, placing him in the tub. She then turned on the water. At first it was cold but then the bath water became warm. She started lathering him with soap.
  11. He felt weird naked ariund her as he.began to have a boner without worrying since he thinks its normal to have a boner. "Whats these white thingies" he asked
  12. "What white thingies?" she asked without looking at him
  13. She looked at him and blushed. She explained the birds and the bees to him in every detail
  14. "Thats so weird" he said looking a. Her blushing. He got up as his dick was facing iin front of her. "Im hungry"
  15. "Here I will give you some clothes and feed you" she said getting brand new clothes for the creature . "Here put this on and I will cook you up a good meal" she kissed him on the cheek then left.
  16. He blushed. "T-thank you" hevsaid smiling as he put the clothes she gave him. He felt strange wearing it. "This feels weird" he said whining
  17. "you don't have to wear it if you don't want to" Himeko smiled
  18. "Ok " he smiled and went naked his dick dangling around as so his balls. "Im hungry"
  19. "Here you go" she smiled and handed him a bowl of roast beef
  20. "Food!" He began to eat the beef. He smiled big. "Mmmmm"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.