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    "It is a part of our lives... perhaps one of the most cliche parts... and definitely the part with the most cliche sayings, like 'opposites attract'. Well, maybe that's true, but what if it isn't? Do opposites always attract? Nope! Sometimes the rules switch and the same attract instead, so maybe there could be a new cliche saying, something a little more broad perhaps, something simple like Love Lives or Love attracts? Whatever your opinion on the matter is or whatever other sayings you have in mind I'm sure are great, but for now let's delve into our lifes" ~ Dr. Moltamor, Philosophy teacher at Cambridge High.


    Yes, Welcome to Cambridge, Maryland. A small town with that rustic charm of both the rural feel of way back when and the more modern feel of today. It is right on the coast of the Chesapeake Bay and is one of the border towns of Delaware. Like most other places on this wonderful Earth it goes through all 4 seasons, all 12 months, all types of weather and is home to all types of people. With a population around 12,500 and roughly 12.7miles, Cambridge is an awfully small town where everyone knows the other, and nothing stays quiet for long. If you're new to town, welcome! You won't be new for long!

    Now, back to reality and why all of you are reading this post. Obviously this is a romance based rp (aren't almost all of mine?), it does have limited spots since it is about pairs (they are pre-set pairs), but there are a lot of pairs and I may add more from time to time if they all fill up. This could basically be your typical high-school romance rp... except it isn't focused on high school, it's focused on relationships... actually, school and work won't play too big of a part unless that is where you want to rp your character (which will probably happen with a few pairs). Anyway, keep on reading for more info, but I do have a few key things to ask before I end this post.


    Please Don't beg me for things like more spots to a certain set of pairs when we have several other pairs open
    Don't ask to be a Co-GM. I usually don't need one, however if it arises that I end up needing one I will choose by my own free will
    Please DO ask questions if you are confused or curious about anything
    No roleplaying is to be done here, just out-of-character stuff like chatting (mostly about the rp), planning, and submitting forms.
    This should make at least 2 of you users who avoid my rps because I don't allow any lgbt+ stuff a little happier. There are 2 (only two) couples in this rp for your enjoyment. One gay, One lesbian. I have nothing against any gender type or anything like that, it just makes me uncomfortable to have it in rps (this is a big step for me). I'm still not allowing bi or anything, only those 4 characters have the O.K. to be anything but straight.​
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    The Basics :=>: All of the site rules Apply. I won't tell you to break a site rule, Ever. If you haven't gone over those please go do that now, they can be found pretty much anywhere in the forums. Follow them, I don't want to get in trouble and I don't want this thread locked until it is "good and dead" ... or until I have to make a new one. *Crosses fingers and hopes for second option*

    My Forms :=>: My forms are here for a reason, please use them. I find it rather rude when people use their own forms and someone has worked hard to supply you with one (unless of course the rules state to use your own, or that you don't have to use the provided one). Plus, I also tend to get very confused. Please PM them to me, after I accept you, you can post it.

    Role-Playing :=>: First off, you need to wait until you are accepted before you can RP. Please, by all means, PM me for any reason, anything At.All. I love PMs! I'm a human too, and sometimes I forget to update something, or I just might not have had the time. Secondly, please try to limit the cussing (and star out any vowels) and NO text talk. Oh Puh-lease! NOOO TEXT TALK! USE YOUR WORDS. Third, I don't mind kissing and some stuff, but please use Fade-to-Blacks and Timeskips as you need(whenever things go more toward bedroom things). However, with that said, I don't want you to skip several days ahead in the RP if it will affect all (or most) of the RP characters (ie: A fair is coming, two rpers skip several days to the fair when everyone else is still a week away) If you're skipping days but it will only affect the people rping together (ie: two rpers skip a few days because their characters made plans to hang out) then it's fine. Fourth, Please don't go over two pages without me. I don't mind if it goes over a Little. on accident once in a while, but going Five+ pages over every time is not an accident. It is pure carelessness. Finally Fifth, You CAN NOT be your own crush or boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse or fiance, and I'm sorry, but I only allow straight romantic relationships (except for the 4 specific spots in this rp)... Oh, and one last thing, any children born in rp are played by the person who rps the mother, unless otherwise decided.

    Characters :=>: You can have as many characters as your heart desires, so long as you can [1]Keep track of all of them and [2]keep them all active. I would greatly appreciate if you could keep the genders somewhat even as well. I don't want twenty girls to three boys (or vice versa). On the topic of looks, only use real life, HUMAN pictures. Not Anime or Cartoons or Sims or anything else... this isn't the RP for them. Lastly, as I stated above you can not be your own crush, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse or fiance. If you were to be your own it would sort of negate the whole idea of role-playing.

    Literacy :=>: I would like to see at least 2-3+ lines... at a normal font size or smaller. I don't really want to see a post that says 'He looked around' or 'She slept', but as long as you don't use text speak and can give a sentence someone can reply to I don't really care how lengthy your post is. I don't mind if you role-play in first person or third person, but please put the name of the person you are posting for somewhere in the post if you choose to rp in first person (i.e: Samantha - I look around the park trying to find something to do. As I spot him I blush heavily and stand up. Walking over I run a hand through my hair nervously, I can't help but think of how cute he is. Walking up behind him I tapped his shoulder "Hey" I greeted with a warm smile.). As far as grammar and spelling go, please, please, please try to be accurate. I can understand the mistakes here and there but I don't want a post that reads: .Trailr stod in barns loking at the hoses ate the hae nosily" ... No ... jut no. Preferably it would read: Taylor stood in the barn looking at the horses eat the hay noisily.

    Have Fun :=>: I"m pretty sure that I've typed everything that I had in mind, but I will add more rules if I find it necessary, so please, don't hesitate to check this post often. Now, without further ado, my last and final rule: HAVE FUN!!! (<= this is by far the most critical rule there is).


    Username 'Nickname' Here ... just something to call you so I don't have to change the username on the underneath post if you change your name
    Picture Here {no anime/cartoons... real, realistic looking humans only}
    Pair & Position
    Full Name Here
    Age & Birthday Here (just need day and month for birthday, keep the age roughly between 14 and 24)
    Address Here (make something up, include a house/apartment #. Hint, Hint, if you can't think of a street name look at other characters... maybe they can be neighbors XP)
    Nationality{ies} Here
    Eye Description Here
    Hair Description Here
    Height Here
    Weight Here
    Piercings Here
    Markings Here (includes tattoos)
    Health Ailments Here
    Personality Here (I need listed traits at the minimum)
    History Here (optional)
    Likes Here (at least 3)
    Dislikes Here (at least 1)
    Hobby{ies} Here (at least 1)
    Talent{s} Here (optional)
    Job Here (only if they have one)
    Grade Here (only if they are still in school)
    Family Here
    Pets Here
    Other Here (anything else you want to add)
  3. [​IMG]
    ❥ Couple 1 ❥ Cowboy & Equestrian
    You both love horses, you probably own at least one horse, neither of you are afraid of falling or taking some risks, but he is a daredevil beyond belief who often competes in some of the most dangerous Rodeo events like Broncs and Bull Riding. She is a competitive Equestrian, training all year long for the A circuit in her discipline{s} of choice.
    ❥ Cowboy ♡ Elliot Owen Lewis Bray {Eli} ; ♂ ; 18 {Mar. 4} ; 84 Lincoln Pl. ; Welsh|French ; Happily
    ❥ Equestrian ♡ Phoebe Reese Johnson {Pheebs, Bee} ; ♀ ; 18 {Apr. 5} ; 145 Rosebud Ln. ; Irish|German|French|Italian ; Felilla

    ❥ Couple 2 ❥ Cowgirl & Equestrian
    She's grown up the country girl through and through. She dabbled in equitation and jumping a bit when she was younger, but her heart lay in the fast paced life of a cowgirl, just like the rest of the family. Of course, that doesn't mean she can't hold her own in the other style of course. He took an interest in the english style instead of the western. Competitive? Probably. Familiar with western? Perhaps he's western gone english..
    ❥ Cowgirl ♡ Kelsey Allison Cooper {Kels} ; ♀ ; 16 {Dec. 7} ; 120 Rosebud Ln. ; German|English ; Happily
    ❥ Equestrian ♡ OPEN {♂}

    ❥ Couple 3 & 4 ❥ Dog Lover & Cat Lover
    Maybe all animals are your thing, great! But dogs will always hold a special place in your heart. Given the choice over any animal in the world, One of you is a die-hard dog lover. On the other paw, the other person prefers their felines. Is the other person scared of dogs, or allergic, maybe they like dogs too but prefer cats. Can you work through your differences if you have any?
    ❥ Dog Lover ♡ Ashia Thalia Brooke ; ♀ ; 18 {Apr. 17} ; 220 Mountain View Ave. ; African|Haitian ; Happily
    ❥ Cat Lover ♡ Evander Gerard Bast {Ev, Ander, E.G.} ; ♂ ; 17 {Jun. 1} ; 214 South Rhode Ave. ; Italian|Spanish|English ; Felilla
    ❥ Dog Lover ♡ Mikael Peter Tael {Mike} ; ♂ ; 22 {Aug. 28} ; 33 Chesapeake Bay Rd. ; Scandinavian|Swedish|Greek ; Happily
    ❥ Cat Lover ♡ Amelia Jade Clearwater {Amy, AJ} ; ♀ ; 21 {Jul. 12} ; 34 Chesapeake Bay Rd. ; Irish|German|Greek|English ; Rose

    ❥ Couple 5 ❥ Rich Girl & Poor Boy
    She is from a wealthy family. She could get whatever her heart desired and still have money left over to spend at the end of the day. He doesn't come from any money. His folks are completely broke, always thankful for the little they have.
    ❥ Rich Girl ♡ Harper Madeline Salazar {Harp, Harpie, Haddie} ; ♀ ; 16 {Nov. 18} ; 203 Mountain View Ave. ; Spanish|French|Russian ; Felilla
    ❥ Poor Boy ♡ Logan Hunter Jackson ; ♂ ; 16 {Jul. 4} ; 108C Hampton St. ; Scottish|English ; Happily

    ❥ Couple 6 ❥ Rich Boy & Poor Girl
    Remember hearing the story of the Prince and the Pauper when you were younger? Good, because you are basically living it now. He is from a wealthy family, always been able to have whatever he wanted. She is from a pretty poor family, money is tight and they do what they can to scrape by while keeping their pride intact.
    ❥ Rich Boy ♡ Zachary Brendan Knightley {Zach} ; ♂ ; 15 {Feb. 14} ; 201 Mountain View Ave. ; English ; Happily
    ❥ Poor Girl ♡ Fallon Sera Andrews {Fal, Lonnie} ; ♀ ; 15 {Jan. 8} ; 104C Hampton St. ; German|Dutch|Mexican|Native American ; Felilla

    ❥ Couple 7 ❥ Best Friends to Lovers
    You've known each other for what seems like forever. You went to elementary and middle school together at the very least. Everyone around you always thought something was going on with you two, but neither of you ever acknowledged it. Did you friendzone yourselves without realizing it? Or could there be a deeper love there than the 'Best Friend Forever' kind of love you've always known?
    ❥ Best Friend ♡ Melody Mara Cee {Mel, Princess} ; ♀ ; 15 {Jul. 8} ; 28 Chesapeake Bay Rd. ; Spanish|Portuguese ; Happily
    ❥ Best Friend ♡ Kaden Septimus Kilpatrick ; ♂ ; 15 {May. 4} ; 196 West Atlantic St. ; Australian|Irish|Polish|German ; Felilla

    ❥ Couple 8 ❥ Enemies to Lovers
    You have suffered through your child hood, trying to ignore, be-little, and down-right loathe this person, but here they are. Still bugging you. But, what happens if you could find some common ground? Could you create a truce and form something even deeper with your 'mortal enemy'?
    ❥ Enemy ♡ Bree Alison Kyle {Breezy, B} ; ♀ ; 16 {Jun. 26} ; 24 Ocean View Dr. ; Italian|English|Native American<Cherokee> ; Rieezy
    ❥ Enemy ♡ Greg Stoviak {The Stove} ; ♂ ; 16 {Jun. 26} ; 26 Sycamore Ln. ; French|Polish ; Harland

    ❥ Couple 9 ❥ Outgoing Girl & Shy Boy
    She is loud-mouthed, fun loving, usually surrounded by people and not afraid to speak her mind. He is very much the opposite. Always keeping to himself, sticking to the shadows and trying not to be noticed, it's a miracle these two would ever get along... isn't it?
    ❥ Outgoing Girl ♡ Giovanna Jackson {Geo} ; ♀ ; 22 {Nov. 15} ; 2045-1645 Ocean Ave. ; English ; Ice
    ❥ Shy Boy ♡ Alexander Jarod Jameson {Alex, Xander} ; ♂ ; 23 {Apr. 21} ; 27 Rosebrook Ln. ; French|German|Italian ; Rose

    ❥ Couple 10 ❥ Outgoing Boy & Shy Girl
    He's the class clown, a goof-ball. He isn't afraid to be himself, talk, laugh, yell down a hallway or even go to parties. She is a loner, the type of girl who would rather curl up with a good book and never say anything unless necessary... and don't even think of dragging her to a party!
    ❥ Outgoing Boy ♡ Edmund Shiloh Calloway {Ed, Eddie} ; ♂ ; 15 {Jul. 7} ; 700 North Day Ave. ; English|Greek|Norwegian|Italian ; Felilla
    ❥ Shy Girl ♡ Sidney Sophia Leanna Addison {Sid} ; ♀ ; 15 {Nov. 18} ; 82 Lincoln Pl. ; French|Greek|English ; Happily​
  4. [​IMG]
    ❥ Couple 11 & 12 ❥ Athlete & Thespian
    If you're looking to create your own High School Musical then look no further. One of you is an athlete, the other is a thespian, a theater person, drama nut, whatever you want to call a person involved with the theater. Don't worry though, I'm sure you could find something similar between your sports and your theater.
    ❥ Thespian ♡ Thomas Matthew Campbell {Tom, Tommy} ; ♂ ; 20 {Sept. 12} ; 7 Honeydew Rd. ; Norwegian|Swedish ; Happily
    ❥ Athlete ♡ Viviane Dawn Mortimer {Vivi, Viv, Anne} ; ♀ ; 20 {Dec. 27} ; 829 Swan Dr. ; German|Polish|Russian|English|Dutch ; Felilla
    ❥ Thespian ♡ Juliette Celia Kameron Monteith {Julie, Jules, JC} ; ♀ ; 19 {May 22} ; 228 Mountain View Rd. ; French ; Happily
    ❥ Athlete ♡ OPEN {♂}

    ❥ Couple 13 & 14 ❥ Popular & Outcast
    One is the popular kid, the one everyone else wants to be like, be friends with. The other is the outcast, the rebel, possibly the bully. Basically the one that everyone wants to stay away from at all costs. How the heck did you end up together?
    ❥ Popular ♡ Tessa Christine Elison {Tess} ; ♀ ; 16 {Jun. 24} ; 24 Ocean View Dr. ; English|French ; Rieezy
    ❥ Outcast ♡ Enrique Armando Ortiz {Ricky, Rick, Pup} ; ♂ ; 17 {Jan. 29} ; 36 Chesapeake Bay Rd. ; Puerto Rican ; HellHoundWoof
    ❥ Popular ♡ OPEN {♂}
    ❥ Outcast ♡ Roselynn Rain Roberts {Rose} ; ♀ ; 18 {Jun. 2} ; 13 Windmaker Dr. ; Irish|Native American<Cherokee>|German ; Rose

    ❥ Couple 15 ❥ Good Girl & Bad Boy
    She is the goody goody two shoes who nearly never does anything wrong. He is the Bad boy with the attitude that pushes the limits and tries to get away with anything he can, not caring about the consequences if he accomplished his goal.
    ❥ Good Girl ♡ Mara Anastasia Argyris {Mar, Nene, Silver, Precious} ; ♀ ; 17 {Dec. 25} ; 33 Chesapeake Bay Rd. ; Russian|Greek ; Happily
    ❥ Bad Boy ♡ Wesley Elias Carson ; ♂ ; 17 {Oct. 28} ; 109B Hampton St. ; French|Austrian|English|German ; Felilla

    ❥ Couple 16 ❥ Good Boy & Bad Girl
    He helps out with things, doesn't push boundaries too much, basically follows the rules and is overall a decent young man. She comes around and things get sketchy. She's trouble and everyone is sure to know it once she's accomplished whatever needed accomplishing in her mind.
    ❥ Good Boy ♡ OPEN {♂}
    ❥ Bad Girl ♡ Yui Kashino {Pierce, Fang, Speed} ; ♀ ; 22 {Oct. 15} ; 16687 Caring St. ; American ; Ice

    ❥ Couple 17 ❥ Lady Lovers
    You're girls, you're in love, who cares! Where you friends before? What about best friends trying something new? Whatever you're history, you're you and you have each other.
    ❥ Lady Lover ♡ OPEN {♀}
    ❥ Lady Lover ♡ OPEN {♀}

    ❥ Couple 18 ❥ Gayly Guys
    So what if you're dating another guy. As long as you're both in gayly(cheerful) spirits no one else could say anything. However you end up together, that's your story and have fun with it.
    ❥ Gayly Guy ♡ Connor L. Ryde ; ♂ ; 23 {Jun. 15} ; 3961 Alkins Ln. ; English|Irish|Puerto Rican ; Forgo
    ❥ Gayly Guy ♡ Felix Delafox {Ace} ; ♂ ; 21 {Nov. 24} ; 4 Brookwelle Dr. ; French ; Silver

    ❥ Couple 19 & 20 ❥ Athlete & Nerd
    Football, Baseball, Softball, Cheer, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Swimming, you name it and you have probably done it... if it's a sport that is. Unfortunately, opening our books and studying doesn't appear to be a competitive sport you want to try. The other person however, well, they might not know the difference between a football and a soccerball, but they could help you understand trigonometry and chemistry. Will you use each other, or will you let something real develop between the both of you?
    ❥ Athlete Girl ♡ Alexandra Cross {Alex} ; ♀ ; 20 {Dec. 15} ; 3056-1645 Ocean Ave. ; English|American ; Ice
    ❥ Nerd Boy ♡ OPEN {♂}
    ❥ Athlete Boy ♡ Kyle James Knicll ; ♂ ; 17 {Sept. 1} ; 100A Hampton St. ; Scottish ; Happily
    ❥ Nerd Girl ♡ Cordelia Violet Carson {Cordie, Cor, Deli, Del} ; ♀ ; 17 {Feb. 8} ; 109B Hampton St. ; French|Austrian|German|English ; Felilla​
  5. [​IMG]
    ❥ Couple 21 & 22 ❥ Cheerleader/Gymnast & Jock
    You are expected to be together. The rulers of the school, the most popular duo every. No one cares if you really like each other or not, but you have an expectation to live up to Mr. Captain of the best team(s) and Ms. flexible, spirit cheer person!
    ❥ Jock ♡ OPEN {♂} ; Please note:: should be high school aged {14ish-18ish}
    ❥ Cheerleader ♡ OPEN {♀} ; Please note:: should be high school aged {14ish-18ish}
    ❥ Jock ♡ OPEN {♂} ; Please note:: should be high school aged {14ish-18ish}
    ❥ Gymnast ♡ OPEN {♀} ; Please note:: should be high school aged {14ish-18ish}

    ❥ Couple 23 & 24 ❥ Country Grown & City Spoiled
    You are rough and tough and home grown, not afraid to get down to your roots. You aren't afraid to work for what you want. You're used to getting things done the hard way. They are the complete opposite. They snap their fingers and get a new pair of jimmy choos to wear because they got a speck of dirt on the heel of their left shoe. They only know how to pout and get whatever they want at the drop of a dime. Good luck getting along.
    ❥ Country ♡ Lyra Carson Dunlop ; ♀ ; 20 {Jun. 15} ; 113 Calimine Rd. ; Irish|Native American <Cherokee> ; Rose
    ❥ City ♡ OPEN {♂}
    ❥ Country ♡ OPEN {♂}
    ❥ City ♡ Kat Winters ; ♀ ; 20 {Jun. 13} ; 1315 Wonder Way ; Italian|English|German|French ; Winter

    ❥ Couple 25 & 26 ❥ Musician & Artist
    You two belong together, you are both artistically inclined, perhaps in more ways than 1? You can complement each other without even trying too.
    ❥ Musician ♡ Amber Jane Parker {Amby} ; ♀ ; 16 {Jun. 5} ; 13874 Brooklyn Way ; American|German ; Ookami
    ❥ Artist ♡ OPEN {♂}
    ❥ Artist ♡ Akiko Tonome {Aki, Aiko} ; ♀ ; 22 {Dec. 4} ; 567 Doodle St. ; American|Japanese ; Ice
    ❥ Musician ♡ Oli White {Olipop} ; ♂ ; 23 {Jul. 4} ; 3409 Deklen St. ; American|Puerto Rican ; Forgo


    ❥ Couple 27 & 28 ❥ Writer & Photographer
    You can write your heart out, they express themselves through pictures. Both are wonderful forms of art, are they not? You probably get along well, heck, you could work together if you wanted as an Author and Illustrator couple!
    ❥ Writer ♡ Sierra James Hunter {Si} ; ♀ ; 17 {Mar. 6} ; 15469 Vixen Way ; American|French ; Ookami
    ❥ Photographer ♡ Maverick Avery Matthius {Mav, Rick} ; ♂ ; 19 {Oct. 31} ; 403 Mozart Dr. ; Irish|English|Native American <Shawnee> ; Rose
    ❥ Photographer ♡ Calliope Jean Matthius {Cally, CJ} ; ♀ ; 20 {Apr. 6} ; 403 Mozart Dr. ; Irish|English|Native American <Shawnee> ; Rose
    ❥ Writer ♡ Reserved for IceQueen {♂}

    [BCOLOR=#008000]2ish more pairs to come once I think of them [/BCOLOR]
  6. Username 'Nickname' :: Happily

    Pair 1 & Cowboy
    Full Name Elliot Owen Lewis Bray
    Age & Birthday 18 {March 4th}
    Address 84 Lincoln Pl.
    Nationality{ies} Welsh <mom>. French <dad>
    Eye Description Pale Blue
    Hair Description medium length and neat kept sandy blonde hair
    Height 6'0", just above average
    Weight 153, pretty thin but strong
    Piercings None
    Markings None really, just the occasional scar from doing anything.
    Health Ailments None
    Personality Eli is most definitely a cowboy, but he may not be your typical cowboy. He thinks everything through and is much more cautious than his brothers and father. He believes he got his wary trait from his granddad, but who knows. Eli is just a quirky guy in general. Sure, he's sweet and understanding, but he has odd ways of doing things, such as trying to comfort people in not very typical ways.
    History There hasn't been too much significance in his life. Eli grew up on the same ranch that he lives on now. His mother passed away from cancer just after his little sister, Carly, was born and his father remarried a childhood friend of theirs. The sad event in his life was the most expansive thing that happened. Sure, he's won rodeos and such but that just normal history for this cowboy.
    Likes penning, roping, cutting, rodeos, horses, cowgirls, going fast, pickup trucks, motorcycles, dogs, farms, ranches, nature
    Dislikes put him in the city or someplace without open space and you've pretty well put him in Hell.
    Hobby{ies} Being himself, Rodeoing
    Talent{s} Roping, cutting, being understanding {so he's told}
    Job Works on family ranch
    Grade 12
    Family Stefanie (45) {step mom}, Luca (48) {dad}, Elizabeth-Marie (15) {sister}, Carly-Jean (8) {little sister}, Ash (21) {older brother}, Daniel (21) {older brother}, Stephan (19) {brother}, Nicholas (10) {little brother}, Grace-Annamarie (72) {grandma}, Georgio (80) {granddad}, Stella (33) {aunt}, Kari (5) {cousin}
    Pets Mars:: 16yr old, female, Tabby cat || Pearl {black} & Rootbeer {tan}:: 4 & 6yr old, female & male, Norse Elk Shepherd-German Shepherd mix & Lab-Pitbull mix || Blazing Freedom:: {AKA: Blaze} 9yr old, stallion, chestnut Quarter Horse cross, 15.3hh horse || Drifter:: 7yr old, stallion, black and white paint Gypsy Vanner-Quarter Horse cross, 16.1hh horse || Topaz {grey} & Harley {chestnut}:: 8 & 10 yr old, mare (expecting his foal) & stallion, flea-bitten grey Quarter Horse & Chestnut Quarter Horse, 15hh & 16hh horses
    Other nope

    Pair 2 & Cowgirl

    Full Name Kelsey Allison Cooper
    Age & Birthday 16 {December 7th}
    Address 120 Rosebud Ln.
    Nationality{ies} German <mom>. English <both>
    Eye Description Dark Chocolate brown
    Hair Description Rather long and naturally pin straight sandy blonde hair
    Height 5'5", about average
    Weight 131, about average
    Piercings ears pierced once each
    Markings None
    Health Ailments she was diagnosed with stage I Acute Myeloid Leukemia when she was a few months old. She relapsed once when she was about seven, but has been in remission for almost six years now... She will be considered cured after 10 years in remission.
    Personality Kelsey is a relatively gentle soul. She isn't nearly as competetive as her older brothers, or even her parents... but she has always been a relatively dosile person. Having had an extremely soft spot for animals since practically the day she was born, Kels can often be found spending time in the nature and even helping little wild animals who are injured. Sometimes she has just brought new pets home... something she has been doing since she was ten. Kelsey is a rather happy-go-lucky soul who enjoys almost anything and everything. She can easily spend a day in the city with friends just as easily as she could spend the day out and about with her animals, especially her horses.
    History WIP
    Likes Nature, boys, horses, animals, cats, dogs, family, helpful people, kindness, lilacs, holidays, shopping, practically any living organism, making youtube videos.
    Dislikes rude people, snobs, people who dislike nature, medicine, shots, needles
    Hobby{ies} Riding, helping animals, pole-bending, obedience training
    Talent{s} patience, 'being optimist', riding
    Job Volunteer at Only Hope Animal Shelter
    Grade 11
    Family Eliza (50) {mom}, Karl (50) {dad}, Aiden (20) {older brother}, Bentley (20) {older brother}
    Pets Baloo{Black ౡ Chow=Lab Mix ౡ Male ౡ 1 Year Old ౡ 22in ౡ 60lbs ౡ Used For: Pet} Mopsy{Dun ౡ Welsh Pony ౡ Mare ౡ 6 Years Old ౡ 13.2hh (54in) ౡ Used For: Western & English Dressage & Hunter Jumping} Poppy{Tortoiseshell ౡ Female ౡ 10 Years Old} Clyde{Chestnut ౡ Clydesdale ౡ Gelding ౡ 10 Years Old ౡ 17.2hh (68.8in) ౡ Used For: Farm Work & Cross Country}
    Other nope

    Pair 3 & Dog Lover
    Full Name Ashia Thalia Brooke
    Age & Birthday 18 {April 17th}
    Address 220 Mountain View Ave.
    Nationality{ies} African (dad) | Haitian (mom)
    Eye Description very dark chocolate brown
    Hair Description long very dark brown hair that has a few loose curls and ends between upper and lower mid back when natural or straightened
    Height 5'3", shorty
    Weight 120lbs, a bit thin
    Piercings ears pierced twice each, belly button pierced once
    Markings None
    Health Ailments Allergic to cats, rabbits, chinchillas, freshly cut grass, hay and bees. She wears contacts but has a spare pair of glasses as well.
    Personality I love to help people and I really love to teach things, especially to children. I've always been the 'nerdy nice girl who tries to help everyone'... though I think my little sister is more of a nerd than I am. Whatever, being a nerd is cool... besides, I don't think I'm a nerd
    History When Ashia was about ten years old her parents got divorced after years of fighting. Most people think her dad just walked out, but her mom was the one that left with the five children in the middle of the night and filed for a divorce while they all took a 'temporary' residence with her mom's old friend who is now Ashia's step-father. Step-father or not this guy is much better than her abusive father.
    Likes purple, boys, friends, family, children, most animals, being herself, being comfortable, dogs
    Dislikes the dark, spiders, cats, being uncomfortable, deep water, pink
    Hobby{ies} Teaching
    Talent{s} quick learner
    Job babysitter
    Grade 12
    Family Denise (55, mom), Adrian (58, step-dad), Andre (60, dad), Jade (20,sister), Kaylyn (16, sister), Tyler (14, brother), Markus (12, brother), flinnigan (8, step-brother), Jeremiah (5, half brother), Kylie (2, half sister)
    Pets Guardian (back) & King (front) & Journey (middle) ~ maleX2-female, 8 Year old-1 year old-3 year old, cane corsos ొ Cyclops ~ male, 2yr old, dumbo rat ొ Zest ~ female, 4yr old, siberian husky-golden retriever mix
    Other nope

    Pair 4 & Dog Lover
    Full Name Mikael Peter Tael
    Age & Birthday 22 {August 28th}
    Address 33 Chesapeake Bay Rd.
    Nationality{ies} scandinavian {mom} | swedish {mom} | greek {dad}
    Eye Description mossy green
    Hair Description very dark brown, almost black. It is kept short and neat.
    Height 6'4", tall
    Weight 185, average, muscular
    Piercings None
    Markings This on his right side ribcage, This on his left side ribcage
    Health Ailments Minor trust & violence issues
    Personality I have a short fuse and tend to be quite blunt. I can be violent, mostly physically, but I also tend to care deeply about things. Usually I only become violent when I am provoked.
    History I was born in Sweden and lived there with my mum and her parents until I was about seven, then she married my dad and we moved to Russia. Contrary to what many people believe, Russia really isn't that terrible. I like it a bit... then again, I've always really liked traveling and haven't had a problem with most changes. As far as my real dad goes, my mum met him on holiday in Greece. It was a summer fling and he doesn't even know I exist. Now I've lived here with my parents and siblings for about three years.
    Likes traveling, friends, girls, dogs, his grandparents, new experiences, Thai Food, Spicy food, the cold
    Dislikes being violent, being bored, the heat
    Hobby{ies} traveling
    Talent{s} uhhh....I don't think getting on my sister's nerves couns... right?
    Job International affairs person in training... technically no job, but he helps at the bakery from time to time
    Grade in college (International affairs major)
    Family Ralph (71, grandfather), Gerda (65, grandmother), Julia (37, mom), Pelias (42, biological father), Maksimillian (45, step-dad), Mara (17, step-sister), Marina (15, step-sister), Brody (11, half-brother), Natalia (6, half-sister)
    Pets Yippee: female,10month old, Jack Russell
    Other nope

    Pair 5 & Poor Boy

    Full Name Logan Hunter Jackson
    Age & Birthday 16 {July 4th}
    Address 108C. Hampton St.
    Nationality{ies} Scottish {dad} | English (mom)
    Eye Description green-grey
    Hair Description short dark brown
    Height 5'10", average
    Weight 160, normal
    Piercings None
    Markings This ... it's literally a picture of him, no need to explain the whereabouts. a couple of scars from 'unidentified circumstances'
    Health Ailments ADHD
    Personality I don't like to sit still... in fact I really can't sit still... It just doesn't work for me. I have to be doing something... whatever it is... well... not sitting at a desk in school... that doesn't work so well either.
    History Let's see, well... I was born on Long Island, New York ... In a small town ... correction, a VERY small town, called Bethpage. I never knew my real father as he left before I was born... We moved to Southold when I was four, and we were in Manhattan by the time I was seven. For my eleventh birthday my mom married the most horrible man on the planet.. and two years later he unexpectedly disappeared off the face of the Earth. Just last year my mom, Leila Jackson, got married to my former Science Teacher, Potter Blowfish. Although I think my step-dads last name is hilarious, I kept my moms maiden name of Jackson. Oh, I guess I should mention these last two things: My family is by no means rich. Up until we moved my mom and I lived in a small apartment. After she married Potter we moved into his slightly bigger apartment which is where we lived until moving here for his job relocation roughly one month ago. Needless to say I don't know anyone just yet, and this apartment is about the same size as the last one... maybe so square feet or so bigger... not much difference.
    Likes girls, riding, animals, swimming, water, water-skiing, wind surfing, wake-boarding, jet-skiing, surfing, football, horses, and the color blue
    Dislikes sitting still, school work, and being forced into things.
    Hobby{ies} anything to do with the water, swimming
    Talent{s} surfing, swimming
    Job Lifeguard during the year, camp counselor over the summer
    Grade 11
    Family Leila (47) {mom}, Potter (50) {step-dad}
    Pets Mr. Meow:: 6yr old > male > Maine Coon > Cat <=mom's cat || Squeaky:: 3yr old > female > Standard Poodle > dog
    Other nope

    Pair 6 & Rich Boy
    Full Name Zachary Brendan Knightley
    Age & Birthday 15 {February 14th}
    Address 201 Mountain View Ave.
    Nationality{ies} English <both>
    Eye Description bright green
    Hair Description medium length, very dark brownish-black hair
    Height 6'2", pretty tall
    Weight 184lbs, pure muscle
    Piercings None
    Markings None
    Health Ailments None
    Personality Zach is a relaxed person. Not much will upset him. Being so laid back has both, it's challenges and it's benefits. It's easy for Zach to get along with people, and he is most definitely a people person, but his easygoing attitude towards practically everything also tends to make people think he is lazy, especially when it comes to group activities in school.
    History Born in Hollywood, Florida, Zach has always been a well off city kid who also happens to rodeo. When he was about five years old his dad taught him how to compete in motocross. Ever since then he has been involved in competitions. He even managed to get his little sister to start competing a bit... though she still enjoys equitation much more. As he grew up Zachary continued to compete and took up other hobbies of his. He was his middle schools star football and baseball player, and currently still participates in the sports when he has time (though usually as a coach for younger kids.) Nonetheless, it should be rather apparent that Zach had a fairly normal child... at least, it was as normal as a rich city kids life could get, even when he moved 'up north' almost nine years ago.
    Likes Skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, roping, weight lifting, football, baseball, friends, parties, motorcycles, motocross
    Dislikes Studying, School
    Hobby{ies} Sports, skateboarding, motocross, partying
    Talent{s} motocross, snowboarding, skateboarding
    Job no job
    Grade 10
    Family Jennifer (39) {mom}, Thomas (41) {dad}, Alisha (9) {little sister}
    Pets Jupiter {big} & Pluto {small}:: 8 & 3yr old, male, Lab-Mastiff mix & Jack Russell Terrier || Barney:: 14yr old, gelding, dark roan buckskin Quarter Horse, 16hh horse
    Other nope

    Pair 7 & Best Friend
    Full Name Melody Mara Cee
    Nickname{s}Mel, Princess {by her parents}
    Age & Birthday 15 {July 8th}
    Address 28 Chesapeake Bay Rd.
    Nationality{ies} Spanish <both>, Portuguese <dad>
    Eye Description super light blue/baby blue
    Hair Description really long and black with some natural reddish auburn highlights
    Height 5 foot and three quarters of one inch (5ft .075in)
    Weight roughly 98.7lbs
    Piercings just my ears once, I want to get my belly button pierced too though
    Markings None
    Health Ailments besides being a tempermental teenager? none
    Personality Spunky, Sarcastic, easily frustrated and flustered, tries to please, gullable, friendly, flirty, caring, helpful, tries to be graceful <WIP>
    History WIP
    Likes the ocean, beaches, animals, friends, family, boys, the color yellow, sunsets, sunrises, flowers, summer, heat, singing
    Dislikes winter, cold, getting sick, snakes, eels, the color hot pink.
    Hobby{ies} swimming, singing, being around animals
    Talent{s} swimming, singing
    Job None
    Grade 10
    Family Ariel <40, mom>, Eric <45, dad>
    Pets Max III, male, 7, old english sheepdog. Squish,male, 1, crab. Simon, Lys and Neek, three guppies, 4months, ... kind of guessed on the gender.. Laros, male, around 2, a seagull I helped when it was a baby... he's stuck around since
    Other nope

    Pair 10 & Shy Girl

    Full Name Sidney Sophia Leanna Addison
    Age & Birthday 15 {November 18th}
    Address 82 Lincoln Pl.
    Nationality{ies} French<both> Greek<mom> English<both>
    Eye Description silvery blue
    Hair Description strawberry blonde hair that reaches mid-back and has a slight curl to it
    Height 5'4", just under average
    Weight 110, very thin
    Piercings ears pierced twice, right cartilage pierced once
    Markings covered in freckles
    Health Ailments she burns easily & may faint if she gets too warm.
    Personality A calm, quiet girl with a rather shy disposition. Sidney rarely feels like she belongs because of her history and she tends to have a hard time trusting people and making friends. That is something that just never came easily to her.
    History The younger middle child of her family and the youngest completely biological child of her birth parents. Sidney was born on the 18th of November, making her one of the youngest people in her year. Her mother, Leah, and her biological father got divorced when Sidney was only four years old. Her mother remarried Paul just last year. Paul's daughter from a previous relationship also joined their family making Sidney the younger middle child. Backtracking a bit, Sidney and her family move around quite often, they've never stayed in one place for more than a few years after the divorce. Her brother, Mike, and Sister, Summer, had been born in the same place as Sidney, Crowley, Louisiana. Her favorite place to live so far, has been Hawaii. Sid moved to Palm Coast, Florida when she was four, only days after the divorce was finalized. Austin, Texas by the time she was six. She has also lived in Kihei, Hawaii and Sunshine, Montana. Her mother and step-father got married in Hawaii. She is alright with moving so frequently, mostly because she has never really known any other way of living. She just knows that simply, she can't get too attached to anyone, because most likely, they won't be permanent friends after she leaves. She has been here for a few months.
    Likes Show jumping, cross country, barrel racing, bole pending, trail riding, animals, family, friends, boys, being outside, swimming, skateboarding, traveling, surfing, reading, Pokemon, movies, singing
    Dislikes death, fighting, unfairness, disadvantages, the color pink, being inside too long, and enclosed spaces
    Hobby{ies} Riding, Surfing, Reading
    Talent{s} surfing, cross country riding, singing
    Job none, just helps with her younger sister and her family pets
    Grade 10
    Family Mike (19) {older brother}, Leah (50) {mom}, Paul (47) {step dad}, Giovanna (6) {little step sister}, Summer (17) {Older sister}, Clark (51) {Dad}
    Dolly:: 3yr old, female, red Tabby cat || Freckles:: 5yr old, female, light brown ferret || Ace:: 8 month old, male, King Shepherd, dog || Scooter:: 9yr old, male, Mastiff mix, dog || Magic:: 7yr old, female, Akita-Border Collie mix, dog || Wildfire:: 4yr old, gelding, light bay Arabian, 14hh pony || Tinkerbell:: {AKA: Tink} 5yr old, mare, palomino British Riding Pony, 12.2hh pony
    Other nope

    Pair 11 & Thespian
    Full Name Thomas Matthew Campbell
    Nickname{s}Tom, Tommy
    Age & Birthday 20 {September 12th}
    Address 7 Honeydew Rd.
    Nationality{ies} Norwegian <both>, Swedish <mom>
    Eye Description Pale mossy green
    Hair Description Short and neat sandy dirty blonde hair
    Height 6'0", slightly tall
    Weight 178lbs, almost all muscle
    Piercings None
    Markings none except the occasional stubble
    Health Ailments mildly allergic to cats
    Personality I'm a rather peaceful guy. I tolerate a lot of things and have been told I'm pretty understanding and a good listener
    History We were born and raised in Härnösand, Sweden. MY mom was ... technically she still is, a famous author. She visited Ohio on a few of her tours and fell in love, so we just up and moved there for a few years but moved back to Sweden just before Remi was born. Piper was born in Ohio... and she doesn't have as thick of a Swedish accent as the rest of us. It's a bit weird, and I still have an accent but it tends to mix with the Ohioan accent with which gets me looked at like I have four heads... but it's not as thick as my parents, Olly has a mixed one two. Piper seems like a normal Swedish little girls with blonde curls and bright blue eyes... until you hear her speak. Remi doesn't have much of an accent either. I guess family's always been extremely important to me. We moved back here just after Remi turned one almost 3 years ago.
    Likes girls, nature, horses, hiking, the water, dogs, cows, farms, books, writing, music, the cold, tom boys, sweet girls, theater
    Dislikes the heat, cats, stuck-up girly girls
    Hobby{ies} Reading, Hiking, Writing and Composing
    Talent{s} Composition
    Job aspiring to be a music composer & children's author
    Grade college (studying writing & music)
    Family Kirstine (54) {mom}, Lucas (57) {dad}, Oleysia (14) {sister}, Piper (9) {little sister}, Remi (4) {little sister}
    Pets Tallah:: 9month old > female > Nork Elk Shepherd > dog || Patchwork:: 4yr old > male> Norweigan Water Dog > dog || Wrinkles:: 7yr old > female > Norweigan Mastiff > dog
    Other nope

    Pair 12 & Thespian
    Full Name Juliette Celia Kameron Monteith
    Nickname{s}Julie, Jules, JC
    Age & Birthday 19 {May 22nd}
    Address 228 Mountain View Rd.
    Nationality{ies} French <both>
    Eye Description light blue green eyes that seem to have a silvery glow
    Hair Description bouncing auburn curls that go a few inches past her shoulder blades when straightened, and stay just past her shoulders when curled
    Height 4'9'', legally a midget
    Weight 82lbs, very, very petite
    Piercings ears pierced once each, belly button pierced
    Markings none
    Health Ailments She has re-occurring Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML). currently she has been in remission for just over three years, it is likely she will relapse again though. Not exactly a health issue, but Julie is legally a midget.
    Personality Although she is a girl, and she does do many girly things, she also has quite the Tomboy side. Her love for animals and music often rules her passion for everything. Julie tends to be a kind-hearted girl, but she has her morals and will not hesitate to speak her mind or do what she believes is the right thing. While normally level-headed, she does snap, and she does have her breaking point. Julie sees nothing wrong with being friends with anybody, rich or poor. The only difference between her and many is that she is extremely wealthy. However, this is only a glimpse into Julie's complete character. She has a relatively thick French Accent, seeing as most of her entire life has been spent there. When she speaks to quickly or is heavily plagued with certain emotions she will start to vocalize in French. I say vocalize because it's not always talking. Sometimes it is also singing.
    History She's a relative of royalty in France... what more is there to know. Okay, so maybe there is a lot more, but she doesn't have such a different history from everyone else, at least that is what she believes. Since she was born, Julie has been around music. She hated it, found it revolting at first, but through patience, and being a sickly child who could not go out much when it got too cold or too hot and someone who often got hurt because of other activities that she did, she learned to love it. The like she had for music began to grow into a love and a passion as she learned to play the piano and sing. Around the age of seven she began to perform publicly. Of course, this made the young curly haired girl fall ever so deeper in love with the trade. Her love of animals has been inspired by the menagerie of those that she owns. With several furry friends to spend time with while she couldn't leave her room because of sickness or such she could pass the time with ease. When she was outside she adored spending time with any of her several horses. She still does, and finds a leisurely trail ride extremely relaxing.
    Likes Boys, horses, castles, france, acting, singing, music, piano, performing, dogs, cats, animals
    Dislikes Her only two dislikes are being out of her comfort zone and being sick
    Hobby{ies} Performing, Riding
    Talent{s} performing, singing, she is virtuoso, piano
    Job the occassional acting/performing gig
    Grade college (studying performing arts)
    Family Pierre (45) {father}, Jeannie (38) {mother}, Jean-Paul (27) {butler}, Giselle (22) {nurse maid}
    Pets Ray:: 12yr old > gelding > palomino quarter horse > 15.1hh horse || Eeyore:: 19yr old > male > donkey || Buddy:: 10yr old > male > mastiff > dog || Dewey, Auburn:: 21yr old, 14yr old > mares > dapple grey quarter horse, bay thoroughbred-quarter horse cross > 15.3hh, 16hh horses || Fluffy, Fleur, Fifi, Faye:: 12yr old, 9yr oldX3 > female > pekingese-maltese mix, pekingese-maltese-shih tzu mixX3 > dogs || Albus, Arlette, Alodie, Alphonse:: 7yr old, 5 yr old, 7yr old, 7yr old > male, female, female, male > poodle, american eskimo, poodle, poodle > dogs || Elroy, Maurice, Bernie:: 10yr old > stallion > chestnut shire-clydesdale cross > 16.1hh, 16.3hh, 17hh horses || Magical Mirage, Marvel Of Magic:: {AKA: Mirage, Marvel} 7yr old, 2yr old > mare, colt > paint pinto, dun pinto- thoroughbred cross > 15.3hh, 15.1hh (still growing) horses || Juneau, Lebeau:: 3month old, 5yr old > filly, mare > palomino cob-shire-clydesdale cross, liver chestnut cob > 12.2hh (still growing), 14.3hh horses || Miki, Chloe:: 2yr old, 4yr old > male, female > australian shepherd, brown tabby > dog, cat || Spooky, Mudball, Snowfall, Licorice, Butterscotch:: 3yr old, 4yr old, 8yr old, 6yr old, 4yr old > female, male, female, female, male > long furred calico, brown tabby, white cat, tuxedo, orange tabby > cats || Aure, Faustine:: 1yr old, 2months old > female > bunny, duck || Burke, Cavalier:: 1yr old, 5months old > male > goldfish, orange tabby > fish, cat || Dawn, Crookeye, Toussaint, Sy, Theoren:: 5months old > female, maleX4 > orange tabbyX4, grey tabby > cats || Papa, Bebe:: 8yr old, 6yr old > male, female > chihuahuas > dogs || Joli, Chéri::
    Other nope

    Pair 15 & Good Girl

    Full Name Mara Anastasia Argyris
    Nickname{s}Mar, Nene {that's what Natalia calls her}, Silver {her last name means silver in greek}, Precious {because silver is a 'precious metal'}
    Age & Birthday 17 {December 25th}
    Address 33 Chesapeake Bay Rd.
    Nationality{ies} Russian <mom>, Greek <dad>
    Eye Description Very bright and light golden/amber in color.
    Hair Description Long and loosely curly light brown hair with natural light auburn and darker golden blonde highlights
    Height 5'0", very short, super petite
    Weight 105, very thin
    Piercings ears are pierced once each, belly button is also pierced
    Markings A few minor, insignificant scars from various things, a heart-shaped birthmark over her belly button, and a tattoo of Her mother's name: Anastasia Lilyia Pavlov-Argyris, date of death 22-11-2002 surrounded by a pair of wings and a halo on her left shoulder blade.
    Health Ailments none... though she had braces when she was twelve until she was fifteen
    Personality Mara tends to be slightly timid but also slightly rebellious. She has a brain of her own and she isn't afraid to use it. While she is careful about things, Mara usually manages to do whatever she wants, even if it sometimes means paying the price... which is usually extra chores or her parents getting angry. She would never do anything illegal. Like everyone, Mara has her fears, such as being alone in the dark. She doesn't mind the dark when people are with her, but 'bad things happen in the dark'. She tends to be humble, though not as much so as her sister, and somehow is usually able to calm people down, including her irrational, hot-headed, older step-brother. She can be a very caring person, but Mara can also come off as selfish and once in a while greedy even. Once people get to know her though they will realize just how loyal and understanding she can be... even if she does seem to bee a walking contradiction every so often.
    History she was born in St. Petersburg, the eldest child, to the 'two most wonderful parents in the world'. Of course, "nothing gold can stay", and sooner or later things began to fall apart. Her parents really did try to make it work, but just a few moths after her little sister was born their mother fell extremely ill. Her father tried to cope, he honestly did, but things went from bad to worse. In the beginning it wasn't terribly, her father was irritable and best left alone, but it was tolerable. As her mother slowly got sicker and closer to death her father would disappear more, with him the few funds the family had. When he would come home he would be so far from sober he couldn't even say hello coherently. He started leaving for days at a time, then weeks, then a month, and by the time the girls mother had died nearly two years later, Mara and her sister, Marina, hadn't seen their father in almost a year. After the passing of their mother they were shipped to their only living family, in Ithaca... Greece. Marina was too young to remember much, but Mara, being roughly two years older had a few more memories. By the time their father was well enough to be a dad again he was already engaged to Mikael's mom and the girls were moved immediately to Sweden, then back to Russia seven months later when Mara was five. One year later the girls half-brother Brody was born, and five years after that Natalia, the families 'pride and joy' was born when Mara was eleven. She moved here when she was about fourteen. At first she kind of resented her step-mom, now she loves her and wants to continue doing the performing work with voice-overs she has been doing, but also wants to own the her 'moms' bakery one day: Angel's Sweet Tooth Treats
    Likes singing, making youtube videos, doing voice-overs, baking, people, family, friends, boys, sweets
    Dislikes idiots, jerks, snobs
    Hobby{ies} making youtube videos, baking, acting
    Talent{s} acting/voice work, baking, her outgoing-ness
    Job She helps out at her step-mom's bakery daily, but she also participates in many auditions and performances, usually for voice-overs, but she has been in a few live performances
    Grade 12
    Family Ralph (71, grandfather), Gerda (65, grandmother), Julia (37, mom), Anastasia (32 at time of death, biological mother), Maksimillian (45, step-dad), Mikael (22, step-brother), Marina (15, sister), Brody (11, half-brother), Natalia (6, half-sister)
    Pets Hansel: male,4 Year old, black russian terrier || Gretel: female, 3 Year Old, giant schnoodle || Sky (blue), Midnight (black), Star (white): male, female, female > 8month old >russian blue, russian black, russian white >cat
    Other nope

    Pair 20 & Athlete
    Full Name Kyle James Knicll
    Age & Birthday 17 {September 1st}
    Address 100A Hampton St.
    Nationality{ies} Scottish <both>
    Eye Description dark brown
    Hair Description short & brown
    Height 5'10", average
    Weight 148lbs, lean & muscled
    Piercings None
    Markings a few minor, insignificant scars from fights and other things
    Health Ailments None
    Personality short fused, violent, can be tolerant and protective <still figuring this 'kid' out>
    History RP
    Likes girls, fast vehicles, motorcycles, sports, wrestling, football, hockey, lacrosse
    Dislikes shopping, goody-two-shoes', being bored, his brother
    Hobby{ies} sports, going fast
    Talent{s} bending (& occasionally breaking) rules, getting out of trouble, sports
    Job Pizza delivery boy
    Grade 11
    Family Ryan (8){brother}, Ashlyn (would be 32. 28 at time of death), father unknown but definitely dead.
    Pets none
    Other nope
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  7. I'm not going to make the CSes yet, but I would like to reserve these before they're gone:
    Couple One|Equestrian
    Couple Six|Poor Girl
    Couple Five|Rich Girl
    Couple Seven|Best Friend
    Couple Three|Cat Lover
    Couple Ten|Outgoing Boy
    Couple 11|Athlete
    Couple Twenty|Nerd Girl
    Couple Fifteen|Bad Boy
    Total: 4 Boys & 5 Girls

    Thanks. ^.^​
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  8. I'd like to reserve:
    Couple 8: enemies to lovers girl
    Couple 13: popular girl

    If that's okay with you.
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  9. Is it okay if i have coupless:
    18 and 12 for now?
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  10. Felilla's Characters
    ❦ Couple One & Equestrian ❦
    ❦ Full Name ❦
    Phoebe Reese Johnson
    ❦ Nickname{s} ❦
    ❦ Age & Birthday ❦
    18~April 5th
    ❦ Address ❦
    145 Rosebud Lane
    ❦ Nationalities ❦
    Irish~German <Father> French~Italian <Mother>
    ❦ Eye Description ❦
    ❦ Hair Description ❦
    Auburn~Shoulder Blade Length~Curly
    ❦ Height ❦
    ❦ Weight ❦
    ❦ Piercings ❦
    ❦ Markings ❦
    A large multitude of freckles
    ❦ Health Ailments ❦
    Poor Immune System
    ❦ Personality ❦
    In a word, Phoebe is eccentric. She is bubbly and kind, always willing to lend a helping hand and thoroughly enjoys being around people. She can seem a bit reckless when it comes to most things and is a bit of a scatterbrain at times. However, she has found that equestrianism is one of the few things she can fully focus on. She is optimistic and always tries to be there to pick people up when they fall.
    ❦ History ❦
    Phoebe was born premature and grew up as a feeble girl. Her parents were never ridiculously rich, but they were fairly well off. Unfortunately, they had high expectations for her and she never seemed to be able to meet them and her drifting mind never seemed to help nor did her poor health. She had to work extremely hard in school and most other things. To be honest, her parents probably tried everything to find something that would hold her attention. Art took too long. Violin made her fingers hurt too much. Softball was too confusing. In fifth grade, she stumbled upon a stable when she was taking a new way home from school. She watched a woman practicing showjumping and fell in love. Of course, her parents were reluctant at first because horses seemed like such a big investment, but it seemed to be the right decision.
    ❦ Likes ❦
    ~Horses~Scented Candles~People~Competing~Bright Colors~Riding~Eli {Don't tell him!}~Animals~Potato Chips
    ❦ Dislikes ❦
    ~Heights~Apple Pie~Limes~School~Cleaning
    ❦ Hobbies ❦
    ❦ Talent{s} ❦
    ❦ Job ❦
    ❦ Grade ❦
    ❦ Family ❦
    Belle Johnson: Mother~49~Alive
    Franklin Johnson: Father~52~Alive
    Heath Johnson: Younger Brother~13~Alive
    ❦ Pets ❦
    Natalie: 5 Years Old~Mare~Chestnut Arabian Horse~15.2hh~Show Jumping Horse
    Celia: 6 Years Old~Mare~Clydesdale~17.3hh~Dressage Horse
    Bonnie: 2 Years Old~Female~German Shepherd
    ❦ Other ❦
    Um... I don't think so...

    ♫ Couple 6 & Poor Girl ♫
    ♫ Full Name ♫
    Fallon Sera Andrews
    ♫ Nickname{s} ♫
    ♫ Age & Birthday ♫
    15~January 8th
    ♫ Address ♫
    104C Hampton Street
    ♫ Nationalities ♫
    German~Dutch <Biological Father> Mexican~Native American <Biological Mother>
    ♫ Eye Description ♫
    Baby Blue
    ♫ Hair Description ♫
    Mousy Brown~Mid-Chest Length~Straight
    ♫ Height ♫
    ♫ Weight ♫
    ♫ Piercings ♫
    ♫ Markings ♫
    A birthmark shaped like a diamond on her left thigh
    ♫ Health Ailments ♫
    ♫ Personality ♫
    Fallon comes off as very uptight and rational. She thinks things through and never jumps in head first. Most find her a bit of a control freak, but that's only because she prefers to control the situation she's in. However, Fallon is also mature and calm in seemingly hopeless situations. She is usually the most levelheaded person in a group, but also the quietest, seeing as she only puts in her thoughts when she feels it's necessary. However, she is a good listener and a relatively good friend.
    ♫ History ♫
    Fallon was adopted when she was six months old by the Andrews family. They were very loving and the parents were madly in love, so conflict rarely arose in the family. Not long after Fallon's adoption came the four separate adoptions of her siblings. Previously, Fallon's family had been pretty well off until her father was laid off and they were forced to move to Cambridge. It wasn't the ideal thing for Fallon and her four siblings, seeing as they were leaving their home and friends behind. It took some time, but she eventually adjusted. Her mother began working as a waitress while her father became a cross country trucker. However, very little of the family's money ever became luxury money and Fallon has been marked as a poor kid since she moved to Cambridge.
    ♫ Likes ♫
    Art~Books~Color~Fantasy~Cats~Dogs~Animals~Cookies~Horror Movies~Planning
    ♫ Dislikes ♫
    Scented Candles~Pumpkin Pie~Oranges~Green Tea~Bullies~Romantic Comedies~Disorganization
    ♫ Hobbies ♫
    ♫ Talent{s} ♫
    ♫ Job ♫
    ♫ Grade ♫
    Tenth Grade
    ♫ Family ♫
    Cord Andrews: Father...46...Alive
    Ivy Andrews: Mother...45...Alive
    Piper Andrews: Sister...13...Alive
    Jamie Andrews: Brother...9...Alive
    Dalton Andrews: Brother...8...Alive
    Sterling Andrews: Sister...8...Alive
    ♫ Pets ♫
    Alyce: 2 Years Old... Female... Doberman Pinscher...
    Baloo: Five Months Old... Male... Rottweiler...
    ♫ Other ♫

    ❀ Couple 5 & Rich Girl ❀
    ❀ Full Name ❀
    Harper Madeline Salazar
    ❀ Nicknames ❀
    ❀ Age & Birthday ❀
    16~November 18th
    ❀ Address ❀
    203 Mountain View Ave.
    ❀ Nationalities ❀
    Spanish <Father> French~Russian <Mother>
    ❀ Eye Description ❀
    Chocolate Brown
    ❀ Hair Description ❀
    Ash Blonde~Dirty Blonde Highlights~Waist-Length~Straight
    ❀ Height ❀
    ❀ Weight ❀
    ❀ Piercings ❀
    Both of her ears are pierced once on the lobe, but she has a tendency to wear cuff earrings.
    ❀ Markings ❀
    I love tattoos so: Right Shoulder Blade~Both Wrists
    ❀ Health Ailments ❀
    ❀ Personality ❀
    Harper is as far from a stereotypical rich kid as you can get. She hates flaunting her money and is thoroughly against bullying. She is actually pretty generous with her money and always remembers to buy presents for her friends. Harper is naturally talented when it comes to selecting friends and she knows who actually likes her for her. If she does encounter someone that only wants to be friends with her for her money, she tries very hard to get them to like her as an actual friend. However, Harper has a hard time talking about how she feels and has a tendency to wear a mask of happiness when something could be seriously wrong.
    ❀ History ❀
    Harper was born to two wealthy business tycoons who had also been the product of old money, only to later expand their empire. Originally, they had wanted a boy and they were even expecting one. Of course, Harper had been born a girl and that was the end of that. Harper's parents were always busy with their various businesses, but they tried their hardest to make time for her. She was resentful when she was younger, but became a bit more understanding when she was older. On her thirteenth birthday, her parents set up a business in America, centered in Maryland. They let her choose where they would live and her favorite was in the small town of Cambridge.
    ❀ Likes ❀
    Dogs~Water~Music~Her Parents~Cambrige~Cuff Earrings~Books
    ❀ Dislikes ❀
    Sticky Food~Grapes~Bugs~Big Cities~Parties~Greed~Junk Food
    ❀ Hobbies ❀
    Swimming~Playing the Violin~Playing the Piano
    ❀ Talent{s} ❀
    Musically Talented~Swimming
    ❀ Job ❀
    ❀ Grade ❀
    ❀ Family ❀
    Simon Salazar: Father...52...Alive
    Adelaide Salazar: Mother...48...Alive
    ❀ Pets ❀
    Napoleon: 1 Year Old...Male...Shih Tzu...
    Dorothy: 3 Years Old...Female...Munchkin Cat...
    Elephant: 6 Months Old...Female...Bengal Cat...
    ❀ Other ❀
    She is fluent in Spanish, French, and Russian because that along with English are the languages most often spoken by her parents.

    ✰ Couple 11 & Athlete ✰
    ✰ Full Name ✰
    Viviane Dawn Mortimer
    ✰ Nickname{s} ✰
    ✰ Age & Birthday ✰
    20~December 27th
    ✰ Address ✰
    829 Swan Drive
    ✰ Nationalities ✰
    German~Polish <Father> Russian~English~Dutch <Mother>
    ✰ Eye Description ✰
    Cornflower Blue
    ✰ Hair Description ✰
    Honey Brown~Blonde Highlights~Pixie Cut~Straight
    ✰ Height ✰
    ✰ Weight ✰
    ✰ Piercings ✰
    ✰ Markings ✰
    ✰ Health Ailments ✰
    I'm probably healthier than the average adult
    ✰ Personality ✰
    Dedicated. There you have it. Viviane is most likely one of the most loyal and dedicated people you will ever meet because once she puts her mind to something, it is almost impossible to stop her. She is stubborn to the point where it probably isn't too good for her. Viviane is very loyal though and cares greatly for her friends. She is joyful, kind, and helpful. However, she can be a bit of a critic at times when she doesn't approve of someone's methods. Some find this a good trait and others find it annoying, but that's just how she is.
    ✰ History ✰
    Viviane's life has been ordinary in most ways. Her father was a stay-at-home dad and her mother owned the local dance studio. From a young age, Viviane showed exceptional physical ability and her parents started enrolling her in any sport she found interesting, starting with dance before moving on to other things. She was offered several scholarships to attend prestigious colleges, but Viviane was forced to decline them when her mother fell ill. After her mother's death, Viviane inherited and has been living a fairly peaceful life since then, visiting her father regularly.
    ✰ Likes ✰
    Sports~Dogs~Animals~Dancing~Music~Blue~Taking Risks
    ✰ Dislikes ✰
    Sitting Still~Enclosed Spaces~Junk Food
    ✰ Hobbies ✰
    Volleyball~Gymnastics~Dance~Swimming~Ice Skating~Reading
    ✰ Talent{s} ✰
    Basically Anything Physical~Dance
    ✰ Job ✰
    Owns Motion Story Dance Studio
    ✰ Family ✰
    Katrina Mortimer: Mother...Would Be 56...Deceased...
    Clarke Mortimer: Father...58...Alive...
    ✰ Pets ✰
    Mona: 1 Year Old...Female...Golden Retriever and Husky Mix...
    Zeus: 2 Years Old...Male...Cocker Spaniel and Beagle Mix...
    Alexander the Great Conqueror: 3 Years Old...Male...Turtle
    ✰ Other ✰

    ♧ Couple 7 & Best Friend ♧
    ♧ Full Name ♧
    Kaden Septimus Kilpatrick
    ♧ Nickname{s} ♧
    ♧ Age & Birthday ♧
    15-May 4th
    ♧ Address ♧
    196 West Atlantic Street
    ♧ Nationalities ♧
    Australian <Father> Irish-Polish-German <Mother>
    ♧ Eye Description ♧
    Dark Brown
    ♧ Hair Description ♧
    Dark Brown-Almost Black
    ♧ Height ♧
    ♧ Weight ♧
    ♧ Piercings ♧
    ♧ Markings ♧
    ♧ Health Ailments ♧
    ♧ Personality ♧
    There isn't really much to say about Kaden. He is actually a pretty simple person. Despite being caring and kind, he is like every other boy. Kaden has a love of pranks and is without a doubt one of the biggest jokesters you will ever meet. He will not bother with homework most of the time, preferring to catch up on the last day possible. Despite trying to seem cool and collected most of the time, he is actually easily startled and embarrassed. He would never admit that though. His slacker attitude hides his true self as he likes to make people underestimate him so the don't expect much of him.
    ♧ History ♧
    Kaden has had a fairly easy life with the biggest event probably being the death of his grandmother, who he was very close to.
    ♧ Likes ♧
    Swimming-Metal Artwork-The Ocean-Fish-Animals-Warm Weather
    ♧ Dislikes ♧
    Heavy Metal-Winter-Red-Wind
    ♧ Hobby{ies} ♧
    ♧ Talent{s} ♧
    Rock Climbing~Welding
    ♧ Job ♧
    ♧ Grade ♧
    ♧ Family ♧
    Blake Kilpatrick: Father...39...Alive...
    Julie Kilpatrick: Mother...36...Alive...
    Ruth Kilpatrick: Grandmother...Would Be 67...Deceased
    ♧ Pets ♧
    Gray: Unknown...Male...Mutt...
    ♧ Other ♧

    ✖ Couple 3 & Cat Lover ✖
    ✖ Full Name ✖
    Evander Gerard Bast
    ✖ Nickname{s} ✖
    ✖ Age & Birthday ✖
    17-June 1st
    ✖ Address ✖
    214 South Rhode Ave.
    ✖ Nationality{ies} ✖
    Italian~Spanish <Father> English <Mother>
    ✖ Eye Description ✖
    ✖ Hair Description ✖
    ✖ Height ✖
    ✖ Weight ✖
    149 lbs
    ✖ Piercings ✖
    ✖ Markings ✖
    ✖ Health Ailments ✖
    Allergic to Citrus
    ✖ Personality ✖
    Evander is quiet, calm, and rational. he rarely speaks unless spoken to, choosing instead to listen. He is also known for being quite a gentleman. He is a good listener and seems to have relatively good advice most of the time. He always tries to help and refuses to turn his back on people.
    ✖ History ✖
    ✖ Likes ✖
    Boxing-Food-Cats-Video Games-Apples-Books
    ✖ Dislikes ✖
    Disrespect-Bullies-Citrus-Cherry Pie
    ✖ Hobby{ies} ✖
    ✖ Talent{s} ✖
    ✖ Job ✖
    Works Part-Time at the Animal Shelter
    ✖ Grade ✖
    ✖ Family ✖
    Liam Bast: Father...58...Alive...
    Hazel Bast: Mother...55...Alive...
    ✖ Pets ✖
    Nile: 2 Years Old...Female...Calico...
    ✖ Other ✖

    ❖ Couple 10 & Outgoing Boy ❖
    ❖ Full Name ❖
    Edmund Shiloh Calloway
    ❖ Nickname{s} ❖
    ❖ Age & Birthday ❖
    15-July 7th
    ❖ Address ❖
    700 North Day Ave.
    ❖ Nationality{ies} ❖
    English-Greek <Father> Norwegian-Italian <Mother>
    ❖ Eye Description ❖
    Stormy Blue
    ❖ Hair Description ❖
    ❖ Height ❖
    ❖ Weight ❖
    ❖ Piercings ❖
    ❖ Markings ❖
    ❖ Health Ailments ❖
    ❖ Personality ❖
    Although he technically isn't the most popular guy at Cambridge High, Edmund is very well-loved. He is charming, funny, and sweet while still being loud and rambunctious. He is known for being a party animal and very flirty, but he never gets into a serious relationship. He greets everybody by name and is never afraid to make his presence known.
    ❖ History ❖
    ❖ Likes ❖
    Music-Video Games-Water-Surfing
    ❖ Dislikes ❖
    Dark Colors-Boring People
    ❖ Hobby{ies} ❖
    Playing the Guitar-Surfing
    ❖ Talent{s} ❖
    Playing the Guitar-Surfing
    ❖ Job ❖
    ❖ Grade ❖
    ❖ Family ❖
    Sawyer Calloway: Father...46...Alive...
    Imogen Calloway: Mother...45...Alive
    Ava Calloway: Sister...13...Alive...
    ❖ Pets ❖
    Liv and Lux: 3 Years Old...Females...Irish Setters...
    Oz: 1 Year Old...Male...Rabbit...
    ❖ Other ❖

    Ψ Couple 20 & Nerd Girl Ψ
    Ψ Full Name Ψ
    Cordelia Violet Carson
    Ψ Nickname{s} Ψ
    Ψ Age & Birthday Ψ
    17-February 8th
    Ψ Address Ψ
    109B Hampton Street
    Ψ Nationality{ies} Ψ
    French~Austrian <Mother> English~German <Father>
    Ψ Eye Description Ψ
    Ψ Hair Description Ψ
    Chestnut Brown-Mid-Chest Length-Straight
    Ψ Height Ψ
    Ψ Weight Ψ
    Ψ Piercings Ψ
    Ψ Markings Ψ
    Ψ Health Ailments Ψ
    Ψ Personality Ψ
    Cordelia is not your typical nerd. She doesn't stumble over her words. She's far from shy and honestly, she could care less what people think of her. Cordelia is known for being eccentric and unusual, loud and obnoxious. Some people find this endearing, but most find it very annoying. However, Cordelia is a good friend and a wonderful listener. She can make people laugh when they're about to cry and genuinely cares about those around her. There are times when her overactive imagination takes over and she spins long-winded stories about the strangest things. Cordelia is active and bubbly, always willing to lend a helping hand. She doesn't care much for people that have a negative outlook on life because she is so positive. At least, that's what it seems like. Cordelia is actually a very stressed individual. She tends to bottle up her emotions and avoiding telling others how she feels. She worries about the future and hates looking back at the past. She actually clings to her brother quite a lot, using him as her shield from the world.
    Ψ History Ψ
    Cordelia spent most of her life with her brother and Nana, rarely seeing her parents. At the time, their father was in prison and their mother was... They didn't know actually. The two of them grew up together in their Nana's small house, content. Cordelia always had an amazing memory and Wes was a talented photograph. Everything was perfect until the sudden death of their Nana. With no record of where their mother was, the two siblings were shipped off to a foster mother in Cambridge. It was difficult to adjust. Wes fell into the wrong crowd and Cordelia drifted off to the nerds. Eventually, Cordelia came out her shell, hiding behind a mask of smiles, while Wes continued to make wrong decisions.
    Ψ Likes Ψ
    Studying~Wes~He Foster Mom~Gymnastics~Novels~World History~English~Biology~Chemistry
    Ψ Dislikes Ψ
    Trashy Novels~Her Mom~Gold Jewelry~Bullies~People that Make Themselves Victims
    Ψ Hobby{ies} Ψ
    Ψ Talent{s} Ψ
    Remembering Facts~Gymnastics~Writing
    Ψ Job Ψ
    Ψ Grade Ψ
    Eleventh {Technically. Most of my classes are senior classes}
    Ψ Family Ψ
    Alice Peters: Foster Mother...36...Alive
    Jude Carson: Father...Unknown...Alive...
    Ruby Carson: Mother...45...Alive...
    Ψ Pets Ψ
    Nene: 6 Months Old...Female...Saint Bernard-Husky Mix...
    Wonderland: Unknown...Female...Stray
    Ψ Other Ψ

    Ω Couple 15 & Bad Boy Ω
    Ω Full Name Ω
    Wesley Elias Carson
    Ω Nickname{s} Ω
    Wes-Wessie {Sister Only}
    Ω Age & Birthday Ω
    18-October 28th
    Ω Address Ω
    Here (make something up, include a house/apartment #. Hint, Hint, if you can't think of a street name look at other characters... maybe they can be neighbors XP)
    Ω Nationality{ies} Ω
    French~Austrian <Mother> English~German <Father>
    Ω Eye Description Ω
    Dark Brown
    Ω Hair Description Ω
    Dark Brown
    Ω Height Ω
    Ω Weight Ω
    Ω Piercings Ω
    Right Ear Lobe
    Ω Markings Ω
    Ω Health Ailments Ω
    Ω Personality Ω
    Wes is cynical and untrusting. He constantly flirts with girls and isn't afraid to be seen doing something against the rules. He won't listen to authority or reason unless it comes from his sister. He is quick to anger and is overprotective. Wes has a "I could care less" attitude, but he is actually a fairly caring individual, but it is a side he rarely shows. He is quick to defend his friends and lives up to his threats and reputation. Despite his seeming stupidity, Wes is actually a very intelligent individual and has a very logical outlook on life.
    Ω History Ω
    Wes spent most of his life with his sister and Nana, rarely seeing his parents. At the time, their father was in prison and their mother was... They didn't know actually. The two of them grew up together in their Nana's small house, content. Cordelia always had an amazing memory and Wes was a talented photograph. Everything was perfect until the sudden death of their Nana. With no record of where their mother was, the two siblings were shipped off to a foster mother in Cambridge. It was difficult to adjust. Wes fell into the wrong crowd and Cordelia drifted off to the nerds. Eventually, Cordelia came out her shell, hiding behind a mask of smiles, while Wes continued to make wrong decisions.
    Ω Likes Ω
    Photography-Cordelia-Girls-A Challenge-Music-Cats-Dogs-Animals-Blue-Red-His Foster Mom
    Ω Dislikes Ω
    Jocks-School-Authority-His Mom-Goody-Goodies
    Ω Hobby{ies} Ω
    Photography-Getting Into Fights
    Ω Talent{s} Ω
    Photography {Tell anyone and I will personally throw you out the window}
    Ω Job Ω
    Ω Grade Ω
    Ω Family Ω
    Alice Peters: Foster Mother...36...Alive
    Jude Carson: Father...Unknown...Alive...
    Ruby Carson: Mother...45...Alive...
    Ω Pets Ω
    Enen: 3 Years Old...Male...Great Dane-Irish Wolfhound Mix...
    Ω Other Ω

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  11. I will reserve those for all of you :) ... I was holding off on actually posting until I was able to finish my forms.
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  12. I'll have mine up soon. Sorry it has taken me a bit longer then I planed.
  13. @~Happily.Ever.After~ Phoebe, Fallon, Viviane, and Harper are all done. ^.^ I'll finish the rest either today or in the next couple days.
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  14. I hope you don't mind them being step sisters. If they can't be, just let me know and I'll fix them. :)

    Couple 13: popular girl
    Name: Tessa Christine Elison
    Age: 16
    Address: 24 Ocean view dr
    : Father (English), mother(French)
    Nicknames: Tess
    Birthday: June 24
    Eye description: blue green eyes
    Hair description: dark brown, falling just below her shoulders
    Piercing: two in each ear, but barely wears earrings in them
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Health ailments: none
    Personality: Tessa has a mind of her own. She can be very stubborn and moody. But mostly she's a sweetheart, ready to help out anybody. She's out going around people she know, yet can be shy around a big group of people she doesn't know.
    History: Tessa and Bree have been best friends from birth. But turned into step sister when they were thirteen. Tessa's dad and Bree's mother worked for the same company. Both went on a out of town trip. Ending in a horrible plane crash taking them both from the girls when they were only eleven. As time went on their remaining parents fell for each other. Be it because the girls would cry until they were both in the same house cuddled up in the same bed. Or they just found the strength to go on with each other. But whatever the reason it never mattered to Bree and Tessa. Good came from a horrible time.
    Likes: movies, reading, singing, dance.
    Dislikes: people with way to big ego.
    Hobbies: YouTube channel she shares with her sister. Singing, dance, and crafts
    Talents: she has the voice of an angel most would say, plays piano
    Grade: 10 grade
    Pets: hound dog names copper, orange tabby named Todd
    Family: Jason (step dad, 50), Jessica (mother, 48), Bree ( step sister, 16)
    Other: while Bree's father was more then willing to adopt Tessa, she chose to decline and keep her fathers last name.

    Couple 8: enemies turned lovers
    Name: Bree Alison Kyle
    Age: 16
    Address: 24 Ocean view dr
    : Father (Italian ), mother(English/Cherokee )
    Nicknames: Breezy, B
    Birthday: June 26
    Eye description: brown eye
    Hair description: brown hair with blond highlights falling just below her shoulders
    Markings: a mole just about her lip on the right side
    Piercing: two in each ear, belly button
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Health ailments: none
    Personality: Bree has always been very out going and has never had a filter. If she's thinking it, most likely you will hear it. She stands up for those she loves and cares about. Even tho she likes to wear a hard exterior, she can be a real softie inside.
    History: Tessa and Bree have been best friends from birth. But turned into step sister when they were thirteen. Tessa's dad and Bree's mother worked for the same company. Both went on a out of town trip. Ending in a horrible plane crash taking them both from the girls when they were only eleven. As time went on their remaining parents fell for each other. Be it because the girls would cry until they were both in the same house cuddled up in the same bed. Or they just found the strength to go on with each other. But whatever the reason it never mattered to Bree and Tessa. Good came from a horrible time.
    Likes: parties, friends, having fun ,singing, dance.
    Dislikes: bullies, people going out of their way to be rude
    Hobbies: YouTube channel she shares with her sister. Singing, dance, playing her guitar
    Talents: singing, guitar,
    Grade: 10th grade
    Pets: hound dog names copper, orange tabby named Todd
    Family: Jason (step dad, 50), Jessica (mother, 48), Tessa ( step sister, 16)
    Other: ???
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  15. Um which one is for which pair @Rieezy ?
  16. I move the couples they are in above their names. Sorry I had them above the photos.
    Tessa Is couple 13 ( popular girl)
    Bree is enemies turned lovers ,girl, couple 8.
  17. Once @Felilla 's characters are finished I will add all eleven of the new characters. I set up the IC yesterday-ish, so we can start then.

    Does anyone want to work out friendships/enemyships/decide wether characters are already dating/etc, and does anyone want their characters to be interacting in the first post? (I put all of the season/day/time stuff on the second post of the IC thread)
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