Do not open. Evil is inside.

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  1. You find a box.

    On the box is written: "Do not open. Evil is inside."

    ....So what is in the box?
  2. Nuh uh! No way! I know how this goes!

    I saw Time Bandits! D:<
  3. Seven deadly sins, sealed in there by the Gods.

    But there's one other thing in there, too.

  4. Ready your spear and open the box. You'll die first and worry least.
  5. Sell it on e-bay. A week later sell the key for tipple the price.
  6. A Best Of collection of disco hits from the 70s.
  7. The box is from a time and place when/where porn was considered evil. Inside the box is porn.
  8. So why's my mother in law in a box?
  9. I kinda feel like chuck norris is in the box. That or someone divided by zero and trapped it inside waiting to end the world with it.
  10. There can only be one thing in that box. And only one way for that thing to be in there. You see, the box is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. And when you open it?

    An army of Daleks.
  11. I know how this works! I open the box from the bottom and let hope out first, then close it before the rest can escape! :D
  12. Letting things out from the bottom first...

    Is that all you ever think about, pervert? :p
  13. . . . . All of Hell in one box.
  14. Does no one here watch The Twilight Zone? They covered what absolute evil was. The man even said it himself. "I AM DARKNESS!"

    Hitler's in the box.

  15. A mirror.
  16. Nuh uh!!! I know how this goes! I saw how "The Box" went.....totally not related but still, NO WAY! I shall not press any buttons or open any box!!!!
  17. What is its The Wrong Box?
  18. Probably a giant ugly spider.

    A box with a live tarantula was given to me once. So very evil. ;__;