Do Fairies Have Tails?

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    The Mark of Fairy Tail has been claimed by many.

    Those chosen to be in this Guild must always prove themselves worthy to wear that mark with pride.

    * _ * _ * _ *

    Introducing the Guild's newest member...

    Morticia "Morta" Ryder

    Seventeen | Human - Wizard | Magic - Reaper's Soul | Fairy Tail Tattoo - Inside of Right Hand

    Type of Magic:
    Taught only to a select few individuals that show the required qualities of disassociation, emotional restraint and Magical Energy of 80% or more. This branch of Magic is extremely rare. Those that master this field of Magic are often known to be called Necromancers or Wizards of Death. Despite the name, these Wizards do not dabble in resurrection. They respect the laws of Death. They manipulate the essence of Life.

    Morticia's Magic, Reaper's Soul, is very dangerous to both the user and their opponents. Morticia is able to control the very essence of life itself: Blood. Information, emotions, and someone's very soul can be discovered by a single droplet of blood. However, the downside to this Magic is the reason why Morticia prefers to avoid battle. Those that use Reaper's Soul are haunted by the memories of everyone that has been subjected to their powers. She adopts aspects of their personalities and sometimes even their own Magic, but this is an extremely painful process and she is damaged every time she uses Magic outside of her own.

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  2. Three days ago Lucy and Natsu decided to accept an S-class mission to GaLuna Island, choosing to ignore the restrictions set in place by the Guild. Once the master got news of this treason, he immediately sent Gray and Ezra to collect their delinquent teammates and return them to Fairy Tail. Shortly after the recovery pair was sent out, Fairy Tail welcomed a new member. A female with hair colored to a dark shade of crimson that it seemed to dull Ezra's by comparison. This mysterious recruit seated herself at the bar where Mirajane happily served her a tall glass of Whiskey.

    Members of the Guild consumed by their curiosity overlooked the silent woman several times, surveying her overall appearance and trying to collect information from their observations. Aside from her hair, this woman seemed to convey very little about herself. Eyes downcast towards the table, thickly lined with dark lashes and her brilliant blue orbs hidden from sight. Although appearing free of injuries, blood stains were visible on her denim pants. The black t-shirt she wore was free of blood, but it appeared torn at the sleeves and frayed from the missing fabric. The back was sliced by four sharp claws, obviously caused during a battle. As she reached for the goblet of Whiskey, she hesitated for a moment and slowly tugged both gloves from her hands. The mark of Fairy Tail now openly visible to everyone and anyone that happened to see the palm of her right hand. It was gold. The tail wrapped partly around her thumb.

    "How was the mission?" Mirajane asked politely, drying a freshly cleaned goblet.

    The younger female just smirked, lifting her goblet and took a greedily long sip. "It was enjoyable. I'll need to repair my shirt, though."

    Mirajane giggled, "I think it looks better like this, Morta."

    (Sorry it's short. I wanted a simple introduction.)
  3. "Mira's right you know. It definitely suits you." says a voice nearby.

    The owner of that voice appearing shortly after. It was Loki, wearing his usual smile but without the pair of girls under his arms. He smiled then stood next to Morta while leaning on the counter of the bar. "What kind of scrap did you get into that could've possibly ruined your shirt?" he asked then sat on the stool next to hers. Loki was a known flirt and sweet talker but he never meant any harm by any of it. He had his reasons for doing so but never really told anyone since it was his business after all.

    He looked at Mira and ordered a goblet of Whiskey himself then turned back to Morta. "So Morta, tell me about this mission you went on. What happened out there that allowed whatever it was to lay a hand, or rather claw, on you?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. Loki took another look at the sliced shirt and wondered what could've done such a thing. She was free of injuries but that blood on her said that whoever got into a fight with her was clearly out of luck when they attacked her.
  4. Morticia turned her attention to Loke, the ginger-haired male had invited himself into the conversation. "I fought against a few creatures in order to return this man's kidnapped daughter. I underestimated the monster's strength. They were incapable of Magic, but their sheer physical force alone was quite difficult to manage." Obviously she hadn't died, though. Morticia's shirt may have been shredded by their claws, but she had escaped without any injury. The blood stained onto her pants was not her own. It belonged to those creatures.

    "You really haven't introduced yourself to the Guild yet, Morta." Mirajane had just finished serving Loke a Whiskey when she commented. "I know that you only joined yesterday and immediately set out on a mission, but the Guild is your family now."

    Morticia frowned, hand dropping from the goblet and fell back down beside her. "I'm not really interested in making friends within the Guild, Mira." No offense was intended, but it was the truth. Friendships did not prove beneficial to her. Morticia paid for her Whiskey and rose from the bar, "I'm going to speak with the Master." She excused herself and began walking the staircase to the Master's office.
  5. Loke watched her as she left then turned back to Mira. "Any info on her Mira? I feel like she's purposely avoiding the others members and me like we have a disease or something. Sure she's strong but at this point she could be in danger if she keeps going on jobs alone like that." he says then gets up form the stool and looks down at his hands, a memory from his past playing in his mind for a split second.

    When he finally snapped out of it he looked up and sighed. He just hoped that he wouldn't have a repeat of what had happened back then happen in the present. It wouldn't be under the same circumstances but he'd still feel horrible that it happened especially since he's a member of the guild now and they never turn their backs on one another.
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