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  1. ~Jade's POV~

    I sat at the back of the classroom in my usual seat, avoiding everyone’s gaze, because I already knew what they were thinking - lesbo, gay girl, weirdo; anything and everything along those lines. </SPAN>

    It wasn’t my fault - I never wanted to come out, and when I did come out a fortnight ago, it wasn’t a choice that I was given to make. It’s all because of that girl. She stole my journal from my desk, and spread it around the entire school, and now everyone knows. </SPAN>

    I pulled out my notebook and went to get a pen from my pencil case, but then-</SPAN>

    My head snapped up as Iheard a sweet voice, and I watched as a blonde girl entered the classroom, chatting with her mates. Instantly my insides turned to jelly, and my cheeks grew warm.</SPAN>

    Perrie Edwards. She was gorgeous and funny - even though she had only spoken to me once before in passing - and if I was being totally honest with myself, I had a massive full-blown crush on her. I blushed and looked down at my notebook as I recalled the day I had first set eyes on the stunning blonde….</SPAN>

    I entered the school building, my brand new school books huddled to my chest as I looked around. Marden High School was large and modern, and it was just what I needed after having to move from my last school.

    As I walked into the main hall, my eyes scanned the corridor for any sort of teacher to direct me towards my first class. However, instead my eyes lighted upon a girl standing by the doors on the opposite side of the passageway, talking animatedly to two other girls.

    My heart skipped a beat, and my mouth went dry all of a sudden. This girl was beautiful, with shoulder-length, white-blonde hair which was tied back in a sort of hippy hairband, and sparkling blue eyes….I shook my head quickly, berating myself for allowing myself this weakness. This was had forced me to leave my last school.

    Nonetheless, my heart broke a little when the nameless girl turned and hurried over to a tall, tanned boy with a black quiff, who then heaped coals onto the injury by kissing her. Biting my lip, I looked away, feeling sick to my stomach.

    Soon I found a teacher, who showed me around, and then to my first class.

    Over the course of that day, I discovered that the blonde girl was called Perrie, the guy with the quiff was called Zayn, her boyfriend, and the two girls were her friends, Jesy Nelson and Leigh-Anne Pinnock. I also learned that it was wise to stay away from these four. They were part of that popular clique which every school has.

    However, I still held a secret spot in my heart for Perrie, even now.

    “Hey Thirlwall!” I internally winced at hearing that voice, and reluctantly lifted my gaze.
    Louis Tomlinson and his partner-in-crime, Harry Styles. They made my life a living hell since I accidentally came out a month ago, and I hated them. I looked at their sneering faces, and timidly asked, “Yeah?”
    Harry leered at me, and leaned over so he was almost touching my face. “I bet I could turn you straight, don’t you think so, Lou?”
    “Yeah, Haz. All she needs is two guys like us to…straighten her out.” Louis shifted seats so he was sitting in the seat just in front of me, leaning over the back of his seat. I instantly felt scared, and I shrank back into my seat, too petrified to make a sound as Harry’s hand started inching its way up my thigh, and my eyes shut tightly, unable to see what was impending-</SPAN>

    A sudden voice cut in, Irish accent strong, “Leave her alone, Styles.” My eyes snapped open, and I was too shocked to do anything.
    Niall Horan was another one of the populars, and usually he didn’t associate with people like me. That’s why it was so shocking that he was actually sticking up for me? Ok, the world had seriously went topsy turvy.
    “And why should we? Do you want a piece of her as well?” Harry grinned, but Niall just glared.</SPAN>

    “No, but you are clearly terrifying her, and she is a human being with feelings and emotions as well.” My mouth nearly dropped open with shock, but he continued curtly, “Just fuck off.”</SPAN>
  2. Perrie Edwards had just gotten to school and made her way into the hallway with Jesy and Leigh-Anne as they went to their first class together and talking about random things together and raised an eyebrow as she was dared

    "Wait you want me to flirt with Jade? guys you know i'm going out with Zayn yet you want me to do that dare and flirt with Jade, who was forced to come out" she said and sighed but nodded "Okay, i will do it" she said with a smile before walking into the classroom with the girls "But i will have to talk to Zayn about the dare" she said as she went into the classroom and had remembered the first time she had met Jade or not really met her because she has only just said a hi in the hallway and that was about it and a reason she never spoke to her was because she was in the popular group with her boyfriend, Jesy and Leigh-Anne.

    Perrie knew that a new girl was starting but that was all she knew, at the time she was in the main hall and talking with Jesy and Leigh-Anne, she was wearing a nice outfit and her hair with a hippy hairband around it and smiled as she talked with her two besties and laughed at what one of them said to her

    She didn't even see the new girl at all as her eyes where focused on her boyfriend that was tall fark and handsome and went over to him quickly and kissed him back with a smile, wrapping her arms around Zayn's neck

    Perrie did find Jade's name and who she was by her being in the same classes as her and she did smile at her in the hallways as she passed sometimes and a quick hi to her.

    Perrie sat down in her seat but she did hear Louis and Harry talking to Jade and being horriable to her, yeah she may be popular but she actually felt sorry for Jade with what had happened with her recently because she had nothing wrong with a girl being a lesbian or bisexual, she was fine with it completely.

    She heard Niall step in to help Jade and rolled her eyes and turned around in her seat "Louis, Harry just leave her alone okay, Jade doesn't deserve to be treated the way you are treating her and to be honest, with you two i don't blame her for being a lesbian, instead of teasing her about it, respect it instead because i so know you two have a thing for each other" she said and gave Jade a smile
  3. I had been sinking even further into my seat, but then I heard that angelic voice, and my heart raced. Perrie was actually sticking up for me? I blushed at the smile, and ran a hand nervously through my hair.

    Harry and Louis scowled, but they moved away, leaving me with Niall and Perrie. Niall sat down beside me and smiled. "You ok? Just ignore those two, they are just homophobic jerks. I'm Niall by the way." He extended his hand to me with a friendly smile and I shyly took it.

    "I'm J-Jade." I murmured, still in a state of shock. "Thanks for helping me there - you really didn't need to."
  4. Perrie noticed Jade's blush and the hand running through her hair but she didn't say anything about it and watched as the two boys scowled and moved her hand to them to tell them to go away and watched them leave before she looked at Niall and Jade and nodded at what Niall said "Jade, Niall is right they are just some homophobic jerks, don't let them get to you at all because if i'm being honest they have a thing for each other anyway so please don't be scared of them, stick up for yourself" she said softly

    "You will love Niall, trust me there isn't anything you can't love about this Irish guy, he's just so loving" she said with a smile "And i will get Zayn to talk with Louis and Harry and get them to leave you alone" she said and moved some of Jade's hair away from her face "You don't need to thank us at all"
  5. I glanced at her, and my blush deepened when she moved some of my hair away from my face. "Thanks anyway." I softly said, and looked down at my journal notebook on the desk in front of me. I couldn't believe that Perrie Edwards had actually spoken to me, and touched me like that.

    Niall smiled, and then whispered in my ear, "I know you fancy Perrie, but it's ok, because...I kinda have a thing for her boyfriend." He smiled and I looked at him with a growing smile in return. If Niall could hide his crush, and deal with it, then I could try and do the same as well.
  6. Perrie in her mind couldn't help but think it looked cute when Jade blushed but she quickly shook the thought out of her head and nodded at her "No problem at all Jade" she said softly and decided giving Jade her number wouldn't hurt and it could be the start of this dare she had to do so wrote it on some paper and handed it to Jade "Text or call me if you ever need me and if you want to talk during school then just come over to me, don't be scared of Jesy, Leigh-Anne or even Zayn" she said before turning back around in her seat
  7. I took the bit of paper, and looked at the number on it. My smile grew, and it was hard to stop from jumping out of my seat with my growing excitement. Maybe Perrie did feel something for me... I glanced at Niall, and showed him the bit of paper.

    He smiled, "That's great. So, I usually eat lunch with Zayn and the girls, but you and I could maybe head out for lunch, and talk?" I nodded in response and pulled out my pen from my pencil case. This would be something new, to actually have a friend, but I was actually quite excited for it, especially since Niall was so different than to how I had thought I knew him before. He was actually friendly, and warm, and really nice, and he could sympathise with me, since he liked another guy, just like I liked Perrie.
  8. Perrie gave Jade a smile as she noticed her smile grow and she just turned around in her seat as she started to write down on other paper infront of her what the teacher had just put on the board and twirled some of her white blond hair in her fingers and nearly screamed when she felt arms wrap around her and heard the familiar laugh that belong to Zayn

    "Seriously Zayn you had to scare me like that" she said and shoved him in the seat next to her "Sorry babe, i had to do it, you was so in your own little world" he said and Perrie rolled her eyes as she handed him his cigarette box and lighter "You left them at my house"
  9. After class, I gathered up my stiff and stood up. I glanced at Niall with a smile, "See you later." With a wave, I started to leave the classroom, but then Niall caught up with me. "Hey Jadey - what's your shoe size by the way?" When I raised a questioning eyebrow at him, he laughed. "Because you and I are going to skip last three periods after lunch, and head out, because I am going to give you a makeover." His eyes suddenly lit up, and I could tell he had just had another idea. "And I know just the person to help." Before I could respond, he turned and headed back into the classroom.

    ~Niall's POV~

    I had just had the most amazing idea ever, and as I headed over to Perrie, I was going to put that idea into action. I approached the blonde girl with a huge smile, "Hey Per - Jade and I are going to skip last three periods, because I am going to give her a makeover; wanna come and help?" I grinned at her.
  10. Perrie laughed as she packed her things up into her bag as she spoke with Zayn and leaned into his side as she put her things into her bag but turned when she heard Niall and she smiled back at him "Hey Niall" she said and raised an eyebrow and looked at the time and shrugged "Ah why not, i'll skip the last three periods with you to give her a make-over, i didn't do someones homeowork anyway that's due in becaue of Zayn here so i'll come with you" she said smiling and put her bag on her shoulder
  11. I smiled, and glanced over at the girl who stood just outside the door. "I think Jade's adorable, don't you? She seems like the type of girl you could easily be friends with. I don't know why I haven't spoken to her before now."

    I then heard Jesy Nelson spitefully say from behind me, "Niall, don't waste your time on her - she's a total gay girl, and she is the only girl in school that you can't flirt with." I turned and glared at her. I was just too furious to say anything
  12. Perrie glanced at Jade and shrugged "I'm not into girls so i'm not saying anything than yeah she is a pretty girl but that doesn't mean anything because i'm straight" she said and nodded "She does seem easy to get on with" she said and frowned at what Jesy said about her to Niall.

    "Jesy it's Niall's choice in who he spends his time with and wants to be with, just because she is a lesbian that doesn't mean anything and you want me to do this dare right?" she whispered to Jesy so Niall couldn't hear "then don't say anything about her, call me later yeah" she said before giving Zayn's lips a kiss and taking a hold of Niall's hand and bringing him out of the classroom
  13. ~Jade's POV~

    My eyes widened, and I quickly looked down after spotting who Niall was walking out of the classroom with. Oh My God. Perrie fricking Edwards! Even after a quick glance at her, my heart raced like a speeding bullet, and my head felt kinda dizzy. Was this what it felt like to be in love?

    "Hey Jadey - Perrie's coming with us to help with your makeover, since this girl knows more about style than any other girl I know." Niall chirpily said to me, and I nodded shyly, brushing my hair back from my face. After a misfortunate dying incident a few months ago, my hair had been a lilac colour, but I don't mind. It looks cute, I think.
  14. Perrie smiled at Jade when she noticed her eyes widened when she saw her and she gave her a wave with a smile "Yeah i sure am coming to help you with a make-over, i can make you looking even more beautiful than what you are and get you some new clothes as well that will suit you" she said smiling a wide grin at her before looking at Niall "We can't let her pay for all the new thing we buy her, i've got money on me and my card, well Zayn's card that i can give him money back for" she said smiling
  15. I blushed a deep red when she called me beautiful - was she being serious? Next to her, I felt about as beautiful as a goblin. I smiled though, but shook my head in protest. "No way - I can't let you pay for them!"

    Niall however shook his head as well, smiling widely as we headed out to the car park. "No way, Jadey. You need some good old-fashioned pamper time and that involves letting your friends pay for you." He smiled, and held open the door of his retro convertible. "After you, ladies."
  16. Perrie laughed at her blushing "Is someone blushing from a compliment? but really you are beautiful Jade" she said smiling and then rolled her eyes "Seriously, you can let me and Niall pay for it, you not notice that the Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn all have money and so do i, Me and Niall are treating you to a make-over and you can't stop us at all, he's right friends do pay for friends" she said smiling and kissed Niall's cheek as a thank you before getting into his car with a smile.
  17. I got in beside her, and fastened the seatbelt before sitting back in my seat. Inside I was freaking out - I was going shopping with the sexiest girl alive, and she had insisted that she was paying for me. This was probably- no, definitely - the best day ever! I smiled and glanced at her, "So, you aren't meeting up with your boyfriend today? I would have thought that you would be, considering you are never apart." I tried to keep the jealousy out of my voice.
  18. Perrie put her own seatbelt on and looked at Jade next to her and couldn't believe she agreed to a dare where she would in the end be hurting Jades feelings because from when she had started to talk to her she realised what a really nice and sweet girl Jade was. She looked back at Jade and shrugged "I might meet up with Zayn later on when we get back but yeah we are always together" she said with a smile "But then again i think he is going to a party tonight with his friends" she said with a smile.
  19. I smiled, but then heard Niall say back from the front seat of the car, "Maybe you two could hang out together tonight then if Zayn is busy." I caught his eye in the rear-view mirror, and he winked. I tried not to blush at this, and glanced at Perrie to see what she would think. Hanging out with her would be amazing, and maybe I might get up the courage to make a move on her, judging from what Niall had told me earlier on - that Perrie may be at least bi.
  20. Perrie was looking at her phone and raised an eyebrow when Niall talked and she looked up at him "Well i don't know for sure i just said that maybe he is going to that party but i er guess if he is out tonight she could come to mine" she said with a shrug before looking back at her phone again "But it would have to be when Zayn's actually gone because i will be seeing him before he goes but if you want to Jade, then i don't mind" she said before looking at Jade and giving her a smile.
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