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  1. Various messages will appear in the chatbox throughout the game. One such message is:

    To request guidance, type !guide.

    Upon doing so, the following message will appear in different window.

    Starting off
    To start off with, you'll want to find some tools to gather resources, or you'll want to kill some animals for some raw meat. Animals can be found all over the place, but are most abundant in meadows and fields, near water. Axes and picks can be found as drops from undead lumberjacks and undead miners respectively. From there, use your resources to build better items, or upgrade existing ones. Or you can build a shelter to stay in.

    There are various terms that will see frequent use throughout the RP - use this as a reference if you don't know what someone means.

    Resource Points: Points gained by collecting resources. By using these, you can upgrade or craft items. If you want to place it as a block for building, five points spawns a 30cmX30cmX30cm cube.

    Blocks: When you place a cube made from resources in the world, it becomes a "block." you can pick it up and store it, break it back into resource points, or attach it to another block. Blocks will automatically attach when placed, and will align themselves automaticlly. Blocks will only move when broken, picked up by the person who put them there, or when there are no blocks available for it to be attached to automatically.

    Furnace: Pay resource points into it to receive the corresponding amount of pure metal.

    Crafting Station: Contains everything from a workbench to an anvil. It's actually a pot that you pay resource points into. Depending on what you put in, you'll get something else out. Everyone starts out with one, and it's impossible to lose it - if it breaks, a new one appears in your inventory. If you are unable to reach it without difficulty for five minutes, it returns to your inventory.