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  1. Its only been 1 hour since the world leaders have let us the citizens know that holes in the ground 1 in each continent, have opened up. And out of them the ugliest of creatures came and began to tear humans to shreds. and that's all the message keeps playing over TV's and radios. have they left us behind and went to hiding. that's the only thing you can think besides not trying to die. no military aid nothing then the tv flashes. "everyman for himself.

    as you take a look out side you see people running wild trying to gather supplies for what in 1 hour we call the end of the world.

    Arron was only 25 but having lived among the monks for 5 and other trainings of the sort he knew he was destined to be an astronaut well at least he thought. so he was taking a plane to Florida for training, and then it happened. the ringing sound which usually went of signaling a war. the entire plane went in to an uproar people trying to get to the cockpit to question the captain. ... its just a noise I thought nothing major right its a drill. Soon a man read us the news from his laptop... i sank into my seat and thought about all of my family with no cell phone id never be able to contact them and worst news of all the whole is in Florida. I couldn't feel anything it was too much to take in all I could do is wait the next 2 hours and see what happens. wen we land
  2. Elie sat in a chair, waiting for someone to let her out; staring at the white walls that surrounded her. Where was she at you might ask? A insane asylum. She had been quite strange even from childhood, her parents unsure of what to make of their child sent her to get help. There were days were she seemed almost normal but others; well you will see how she really is later. She is a 20 year old single woman stuck in a place for crazies. It wasn't until the alarms went off, the screams and panic of the people's voice that Elie found the nerve to break open the door with objects she had collected over the years; never really having a reason to use them. As she made her way out, she found the truth of what was going on. Because of the chaos the doctors left the patients there to fend for themselves. It was then that Elie realized she wanted to get out of that place, it was then that she did.
  3. the time came. over the loud speaker a sad and scratchy voice sounded off. "we will be landing soon all passengers remain seated until told to me thank you"
    many of the passengers screamed in outrage "why land " this made me laugh. I responded to them "would you like to run out of fuel 30thousand feet in the air. " dirty looks are aimed toward me from all directions. with every one in seats we land the plane in the instant we stop I grab a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. opening the door I step from the plane not caring if anyone follows I head for the nearest hotel by foot not moving too fast
  4. Once Elie was out of the institute she decided to get out of the rags they had given her. Through all the commotion she went shopping. When she was done she was now wears skinny jeans, a dark blue bathing suit bikini top; boots and a trench coat. She had a part of her long black air in a small ponytail on one side; however most of it was still down as well as her bangs. You could tell by her style she was a little off. She took a walk down the streets watching people run around in fear. She had heard the reasons but it didn't seem to really bother her yet. She had not seen any yet.
  5. arriving at the hotel all of my teachings kicked in. I found a secure room ion the second floor of three. I went out and gathered pots and extra metal objects I was making something big.. I took my shirt and jacket off so they wouldn't get musty and I I went out scavenging what I could once back at the room I turned on the radio to see what was going on.. I began to pray as I worked /.... I began to feel something .. like I had to go somewhere
  6. Elie continued to walk down a sidewalk. She didn't know where she was going, only that she was going somewhere. Her hands were in her pockets as she walked, just like she was taking a stroll for fun. None of the people running around in a panic bothered her. Usually at the mental hospital certain patients would get out and cause a ruckus; she was used to the insanity. She began to hum a bit.
  7. the radio speaker spoke words that made Arron drop everything he was doing. "why why " he began to cry like never before "it should have been me .. why'd you have to take her" his sister who was a body guard for the president was shot and killed by a gunmen trying to get to him through the commotion ........ the beast was seen by my eye for the first time and to my surprise it was dead ... [​IMG]the beast had bullet wounds all through its form .. this scared me . reality just kicked in .. the world is over every man for himself kill or be killed .../ had I gone crazy I finished my project in 1 hour after seeing the beast. it was only 4ft tall. but who knew what else was there.. before I left I got in a meditation sitting position .. the was an uneasy feeling about my body.
  8. Elie had turned into an alleyway, seeing a street on the other side. The people running a muck had started to bother her, they kept getting in her way. She was now trying to use areas that see figured no one would be at. She heard a sound, a growl of some sort coming from the direction she had just left. Seconds after she heard an agonizing scream. The demon must have killed someone, she thought to herself. It would be bad if they came after me. Perhaps I need something to defend myself from these creatures.
  9. with his newly built weapons and a fresh mind I headed out the door thinking only the worst is coming. I herd a noise behind me like someone was killed but when I checked no one was there. I left the hotel with a book bag a set of daggers .(in the link not that well put together . I start off with a medium jog nort trying to make my way to master fu who is in Atlanta Georgia. which by foot is 1 days journey
  10. Elie made her way to a gun shop. The door had been left unlock, as the owner fled. She walked in a looked at the guns. I am not that knowledgeable on these things but...she grabbed a two hand guns and ammo. She placed the holsters on her tights and put the gums in. She put the ammo into a pack she found that attacked to her waist. This should be good for now, she thought. She headed out of the shop. Where to next?
  11. (are we letting the demons talkon not?
    "grahhhhhhhhhhhh ) im hit at the knee with a hammer from the dog like demon .. I buckle down falling to that knee. "that's it. " a women runs by not seeing the creature jumps swinging the hammer it connects with her face then following threw her head being smashed to bits. I stand back to my feet.. "okay bring it on " the beast charges forward I notice its movements fast swings but a slow runner and jumper. with 6 feet between us it quickly get to me it swings I cross my arms the hammer connecting and deflecting backwards.. an opening if I don't act now I may not have another chance ... I swing as if I were in a boxing match. right left right uppercut.. its face was totally dismembered but it continued for me I caut at the joints in its arms and lege. once it couldn't walk I darted awayfrom there
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    Elie looked around as she walked. People lying on the ground motionless. The demons must have already past this area. She continued on, unsure of where she was really walking to. Moments later she came face to face with one of the demons. He was a large dark shadow looking thing. Lucky Elie knew how to use the guns. Her father was a police officer; he taught her how to shoot the guns but never got to explaining what type each was. Her mother made him stop when they noticed her mental illness. She pulled out the guns, pointed at the monster and shot at it. Hitting him directing, piercing through it. It's dark blood spilling out as it fell limp onto the ground. Elie smiled, "Don't mess with me." She said out loud to no one.
  13. (okay)

    night was rolling in and i could hear the screams getting nearer with ever step i stepped in to a walmart and went to the bathroom after grabbing some canned fruit. i locked myself in for the night. thinking of a plan for the next day . i began to meditate . I began to feel an emptiness about myself what was missing. i couldn't completely think straight . slowly i faded to a sleep.
  14. With it getting darker, Elie had decided to go into a house that was vacant. It seemed the attendants had left through all the commotion. She looked through the refrigerator, grabbing some food and something to drink it down with. When she finished she went up stairs to one of the rooms. She lay down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. She began to dose off slowly, feeling sort of strange. A feeling she couldn't explain.
  15. arghhhhh there were 3 ten foot creatures and a normal sized man . it seemed as if the man was controlling them. they all lunged at me it was mid day. i dodged and evaded them for a while but then i was hit my arm began to bleed . with my back against the wall i thought i was going to die.. then gunshots sounded one beast fell and the others looked toward the gunshot sounds.. due to the glare of the sun on my eyes i couldnt mack out the figure but as i looked to my right i saw a female figure. ....and then i woke up......

    was i to believe that to have been a nightmare or a sign ... was i scared or happy that i wont die soon by the hand of one of those things.
    .... i popped open a can of the food and began to eat. .... after grooming y self i would meditate seeing that my watch was at 10:00Am ... once done it had been 11:00am .. i head out going north... by the end of the days journey i should be at the tip of florida.
  16. Elie awoke by the sound of an alarm clock going off. She picked it up and through it into the wall, causing a dent but at least it made the alarm fade off and then stop. She got up and looked out the window. There wasn't anyone, just some cars that were stuck in the road. She figured their sound would be like pointing a flashing neon sign saying come get me I'm right here. She walked down the steps and got some breakfast. She then made her way outside. She started down the sidewalk, passing a dead demon on the way. She poked it with a stick to make sure it was dead.
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  19. (if you'd like us to meet up faster just let me also open for a plot change if you feel like adding to it.. go for it.. .. :) )

    It was quiet like something out of a movie right when a scary part comes up. as i walk i see little people hiding under cars in alleyways. nonsense is what i called it. if it really is what the radio called it. "demon rising from the ground then that means that we have a chance at destroying them. so why hide. for the whole day it was quiet then .....

    i don't even know if i was knocked out or fainted. when i woke up i was in a dark room the lights cut on ..... " So he's awake" "yes should we give him a moment" "no ill tell him before he gains full consciousness .." on man leaves amd the other looks at me... "what is this" "listen don't speak i got you some new arm weapons that give more freedom to your hands you will also be given 1 katana blade and a pack of daggers and throwing knives. i know you the champion of the sang monk championship the youngets to ever win ... i am grandmaster wu ... the prophAcy tells of the youngest to meet with a female ... you will know and you two will protect America.." with that im am put outside with a time watch counting down 1 days tim i keep moving forward trying to figure out what just happened.
  20. (ooc: What's your idea for meeting faster...Curious. I'll add things as we go but I like it so far. I do feel like they should meet up soon.)

    Elie had been walking for a while, not knowing where see was going. She felt like she was going somewhere but she had no idea where that was. She remembered her dream from last night. Something about meeting someone. It was a crazy dream, who would she meet up with. She didn't know anyone she was locked away for a long time. She never had any friends and she had no idea where her family was now. She had run into some demons before, killed them all with her gun.
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