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  1. Do It Yourself projects are one of my favourite things; the problem is I take on too many at once and don't finish any of them @.@

    do you guys like to do/make your own stuff, or do you usually buy the thing or pay a service?

    I love handmade things, almost as much as I love being able to point at the handmade thing and say "Hey. Me. I made that."
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  2. I would like to do a lot more DIY stuff than I do currently, but due to school I'm not really motivated to pick up such a hobby. I cook and bake though, but that doesn't really count in the DIY category(?). Oh, and I put together an IKEA chair a couple of days ago.

    I'd like to learn knitting, crocheting, sowing,
    and pottery.
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  3. I'm guilty of being lazy so I end up buying stuff and doing a service instead of doing and/or making my own things.
  4. I LOVE IT

    But I am also lazy. o_o

    And I don't exactly have a lot of crafty shit lying around cause I don't collect random things hoping to reuse them. My mom was a hoarder, so I religiously make sure we get rid of things we're not regularly using or WILL use within the year. @__@

    So if I am gonna be crafty or DIY I have to plan ahead!
  5. Especially now with the forced health care act in america, I've been opting to fix things rather than pay someone else to. I bought a diagnostic tool and have started working my truck rather than pay 100$ per/hr for a mechanic. It's really not that hard if you have the tools.

    Like Diana, I am also lazy, but I really do like saving money on shit I can do myself.
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