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    With the invention of cheap slave labor, it makes almost no sense to repair most electronics. The time and effort and part hunting involved is just not worth it. However, many things, from cars to furniture, can be fixed very easily at a fraction of the price. Especially with youtube. I swear there is a "how to" vid for everything.

    So tell me Iwaku. Do you fix your own things or do you pay to have them fixed or just straight up replace them?
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  2. I break more things than I fix. I have had to straighten a table leg after falling off it, causing it to fall and the leg bending. Also, is that you in the pic, October? XD
  3. Fix it myself whenever that's possible, pay for someone else to do repairs if it's significantly cheaper than a replacement, replace as a last option.
  4. I try to mend whatever I fuck up and sometimes it works, mostly I have to replace said item. Depending how hard I fuck it up, I usually just deal with the damage; my iPod is missing half the screen and the off button doesn't work... Yet it still works!
  5. I try to fix it myself, and when I can't do that, I call a professional.


  6. I fix everything myself, because duct tape or DW40.
    Also, because getting other people to repair stuff for you costs money.
    • Fix it myself.
    • If fails. Ask father.
    • If father has no idea.
    • Ask father's circle of men.
    • If circle of men don't know.
    • Take another hit.
    • Sit back.
    • Cast another line.
    • ????
    • Forget what the problem was in the first place.
  7. If I can fix them, I will. If I can't afford to fix them, I just deal with it. If I don't know how to fix something, but can afford to replace it, I might as well just replace it.

    With the quality of workmanship these days, our products don't last near as long as they once did. Nowadays, some things cost less to replace than they do to repair. Sure, it's a nice pat on the back to repair it, but if it's less expensive to replace it, why not just do that instead?
  8. Fix it if me or a friend knows how.
    If not it's either buy again or hire someone to fix it, whichever is cheaper.
  9. I once pulled approx five pounds of human hair out of a sink drain because my boss was too cheap to call a plumber.
  10. I fix everything that's DIY-able.


    And I can't remember the last time I bought furniture...
  11. I fix things myself, and only get a professional when there's no other option
  12. Depends on the thing in question. Can't fix earbuds. Need to buy new ones. Can't fix a hair tie or bobby pin either. But broken chair leg? I'll probably try to glue it together... Picture frame? Depends on how terribly broken it is and if it's made of glass. But if it can be fixed by hand, it better be done by hand. Ain't got no time or money for professionals. Pah.
  13. Yes, that is me. Risking my life.
  14. After growing up poor as dirt, DIY is the default. Whether it's electrics or furniture or something else, I always try to fix it. If I can't, I ask somebody else. If they can't, I hide the thing away until I can fix it, or afford to have it fixed/replaced.

    A prime example is headphones. Over the past 8 years I've saved all the broken ones, and since I default to Koss PortaPro, there's an infinite amount of spare parts and such. A speaker stopped working? Got six other ones that work perfectly, just exchange them. A cable broke? Chill, I got an infinite supply of them.

    And if something can't be fixed with duct tape or superglue, it ain't supposed to be fixed. This also includes cars.
  15. Holy Shit OctoBro is alive...
  16. I fixed my friends car with ducktape and pcv tubes we had laying around.
  17. I just don't break stuff in the first place. :3
  18. I also try to fix things myself if I think I could learn how to. I'm a really hands on kind of person, and I really enjoy making my own things to. As an artist I love making my own paints and panels/canvas' . I've refurbished my own furniture before and I really want to learn how to make my own paintbrushes since I have access to a nice wood shop now. I tend to also build and repair my own computers as well, but when it comes to stuff like fixing electrical systems, plumping, or more complicated carpentry stuff I need to call someone else in.
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