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  1. Anyone can jump in with however many characters they want, just make sure you can keep them all active. (They also have to be high school age 15-20). Also, please read other people's intros before you post yours because I do not want people to have the same name or the same power. You do not need to provide a picture (animated or real is fine if you do), but please provide a description of your character's appearance.

    The Dixie School for the Gifted is a high school for students with powers. They offer regular high school classes (such as math, science, and art) as well as gifted classes to help the students build and strengthen their powers. It's a boarding school located in the middle of no-where in Alabama. The school has several buildings for different classes and for the cafeteria, the library, dean's office and so on. It also offered individual buildings for dorms that each hold four students. The dorm buildings are relatively small, but they each have a bathroom, a small seating area, closets, and two bunk beds. The dorm buildings make a circle around a larger building that is a lounge with a tv, a small communal kitchen, and several couches and places to hang out. The entire campus is surrounded by swamps and forests, and the nearest store isn't for 20 miles. (This area was chosen on purpose to keep non-gifted people away). Students are allowed to have cars on campus, but they can't leave after 10pm.

    Before starting your intro please include a simple description with the following information:

  2. Name: Rory
    Age: 17
    Orientation: bisexual
    Appearance: 5'5", loosely curled dark brown hair that falls to her waist, fair skin with freckles dotted lightly across her cheeks and nose, bright gold eyes, petite build, and she usually wears sun dresses with combat boots. She's also usually salty and quick tempered, but she'll do anything for her friends.
    Power: She can reanimate the dead (but usually not without negative repercussions)


    Rory grabbed a book from her large collection that she kept under her bed, and headed outside. It was hot and humid and gross as usual so she headed over to a large tree on the edge of campus that was close to the pond. This was one of the few places that had a cool breeze and she sat herself down under the tree to read for the rest of the afternoon.
  3. Name: Emer Ceallach

    Age: 16

    Orientation: Homosexual

    Appearance: Height: 5’ 6”, Hair: Russet brown, short and spiky , Eyes: Leaf green. Runners build. Scars: Deep scar across his back, that starts near his right elbow and ends by his left hip. Lightly tanned skin, showing he stays outside mostly.

    Powers: Speed and agility. Right now he’s faster than even the most athletic normal human, but he practices every day, and desperately wants to be able to break the sound barrier. At the moment he hasn’t yet.

    Other: Has Aquaphobia, he has a deep fear of water and is unable to swim. Loves to run, and travel when he has free time.


    Emer stretched as he glared in an almost defiant way at the race track outside the gym. He dropped his foot and frowned when he realized that his tennis shoes were once again falling apart. He didn’t exactly have enough money to buy new ones, or better ones. He was hard on all his shoes and often had to end up buying new ones every few months. It was the only thing he spent money on; luckily the school provided food and living space. Even if he was always twitching to get outside during class. He set himself in ready position and flickered for a brief moment. It didn’t last long, and when he stopped he pulled out his stop watch. He sighed realizing he hadn’t beaten his last time. He hated to think he was running up against a barrier in his speed. He couldn’t stand the idea.
  4. Name: Lark Oda
    Age: 15
    Orientation: bi-curious. Mostly straight though.
    Appearance: long Brown hair, tied up in one pink bow and she has hazel eyes. She is very short and skinny. She normally wears sleeveless shirts and policy skirts, the one in the link being the one she is wearIng now, with a sash through her waist.(http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net...n/latest/scale-to-width/250?cb=20140918155559)
    Power/gift: being able to use and manipulate music (or essentially any noise) to hypnotize or perform magic. She also has a hobby of drawing magic, though it has very little power for her, but it's enough to pull her out of trouble.

    For hours on end, Lark sat in her tree, drawing the bird that had landed on her shoulder.
    "I'm so bad at animals." She sighed to herself, then sang a bit of a song which explained how she was disappointed with her work. The tiny bird affectionately rubbed against her face. A sudden, quiet crunch of sticks and other woods items was heard. a girl sat at the base, reading.
    "Aha! Inspiration!" Lark whispered to herself. She drew Rory perfectly, reading her book. When finally done, Lark looked at her watch.
    "Man! Gotta get to class! Gonna be laaateee!" She said. She ran from one tree branch to another, making her way through the trees not to be seen. She sounded like a bird taking off. She finally made it to the edge of the track, and saw that the fastest person in the school was there.
    "Well, I'm already late. Might as well watch while I can." She watched him quietly. What he could do was insane. Lark was more of a strategy-stealth person. Speed was okay, but agility was better. Strength sucked. But her talents truly laid in the arts. She was always doing contests without using powers and giving out her drawings.
    Then she saw that Emer' s shoes were falling apart.
    "No one with that talent should have to deal with that." She said, opening her bag. She wasn't rich, but the shoes would be a nice thing to do. She went over to his running bag, and took a 50$ Bill from her purse and put it in.
    She started walking inside, then leaned on the opening door. She stopped.
    "Screw it, I'm not going to class." She sais
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  5. Name: Zaki Hayenkane
    Age: 15
    Orientation: Straight
    Appearance: Zaki is four feet and zero inches tall with blue and blonde hair with mismatch eyes (left is black and right is gold). He is often seen wearing a black kimono but he will occasionally switch to jeans and t-shirt. He also wears bandages on his arms to hide what his arms look like. In his beast form he is the size of a Pitbull. He has red, cream, and black fur. With piercing eyes and razor sharp claws

    Power/gift: Zaki is able to change into a beast though he has yet to gain the ability to change at will. He often isn't able to control his changes especially when he's angry or afraid. And when not in beast form his senses are that equal to that of a dog's.
    Other: He has astraphobia, due to his upbringing the sounds of thunder and lightning scare him for they remind him of what his mother would do to him.

    Zaki wasn't too fond of class. He often found it to be well...pretty boring. He wasn't failing or anything it was just school bored him. He sighed as he exited his room not bothering to lock the door. He knew no one would go in there the people here respected each others space and he liked that.

    Walking outside he was assaulted by many scents. He took a deep breath tasting the air, he could taste the scents of Lark, Rory, and Emer. He could feel the calmness emitting from Rory, the quick change of mind of Lark, and he could feel and sense the energy coming from Emer as he trained.

    Those three he didn't know personally but he has seen them around the school. He tries to think if he has a class with one of them but draws a blank.

    He passes by Rory not wanting to disrupt her reading and settled with the small space between the track and where Rory sat.

    "Might as well practice changing on my own...." He mutters quietly as he drops to all fours.
  6. Rory glanced up at the trees, but quickly went back to her book when she realized it was just some birds. She really liked her power, and she kind of liked this school because it was nice to not have to hide the fact that she had a power, but sometimes it annoyed her. People here could be pretentious. She sighed to herself, well, I guess not pretentious. They just had better powers than her. Reanimating the dead sounds cool, but in actuality the animal (she'd never tried it on a person) isn't the same after she brings them back. They're either very dull, violent, or just act strange in general. She realized that she was reading without really paying attention so she closed her book right as a boy walked by, what was his name? Something weird that she could never remember. He seemed to be practicing his power so she watched him curiously, but didn't say anything.
  7. After running the track a couple more times Emer was bouncing in frustration and excess energy. He hadn’t gotten any faster than the first round. He looked down at his shoes and flopped down onto the grass. He huffed and kicked them off tossing them to his side. He breathed in and looked up at the clouds. Classes would be starting soon, though he couldn’t bring himself to look forward to being cooped up in a cramp classroom. He supposed it was just lucky that most of the teachers understood the side effects to the students powers.

    Even now while he relaxed against the grass his leg was bouncing over his other knee. He sat up and picked up his bag. He began to go through it, and his heart stopped when he felt an unfamiliar piece of paper. He pulled out the fifty and his eyes lit up. How had that gotten in there? His hand shook in excitement. He could get fairly good shoes with this. But, he frowned a bit. “Maybe someone lost it?” he asked out loud. “Or put it in the wrong bag?” He looked around the grounds only seeing a few of the other students out.
  8. Lark decided to take a nap. she had found a place in the shade, and laid down in the soft grass.
    she took out her notebook and was creating sheet music with it. there were tons of scribbles and scratch marks all over the page. To anyone who couldn't read music, it would look really stupid. to musicians, it was a work of art and highly advanced.
    she closed it after writing a few more notes, then closed it. she actually did fall asleep for a little while.
  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Ever Lucifis
    Age: 15
    Orientation: Pansexual and Demisexual
    Power: Fear Manifestation and Reality Manipulation
    Other: Batophobia(fear of heights) mostly because she doesn't trust herself not to jump off.


    Ever woke up from her dorm room. It was specifically placed on the first floor since the school knew of her suicidal tendencies. It wasn't that she was depressed. Okay, she kinda was. But that's not why she was suicidal. She just didn't fear death. Instead, it fascinated her. She wanted to know what it was like and what happened after life. Ever stood, dressing in a black band shirt and a pair of dark blue skinnyjeans. She walked out the dorm and looked around the property before crossing over to the nearest tree to stand under it's shade.
  10. Zaki closed his eyes focusing on trying to change but...nothing! He growled slightly and and dug his artificial fingers into the grass trying to push down the anger that was slowly building up inside him.

    He tried several more times frustration filled him and he let out an angered growl he could now feel the beginnings of his transformation "Grr...no good I'm only going to get angry."

    He gave up dropping into a sitting position. Crossing his arms he glared at the sky before falling onto his back.

    "Sorry I could show you my power...." He said flatly to Rory. He glances up in her direction.

    Another new scent caught his attention and he looks to see the newcomer. A young girl he had often seen but he has yet to learn her name.
  11. Ever slowly sat down by the tree and let her eyes scan the area. She noticed two students out there already, a boy and girl. She tilted her head as she watched them for a while. The boy seemed frustrated, though she wasn't sure why. Ever hadn't really spoken to anyone, so she didn't know the twos names or their powers. Why would she? She was usually avoided by other students any way since they deem her as "evil".
  12. Zaki huffed irritated and decided that he should head to class he dusted off his black kimono and slowly began his way past the girls he stopped when he noticed Ever "Isn't she the girl everyone calls evil? I don't really since anything evil...though I do sense something...but what?"

    The short male gave her a curious look "Hey..." he said.
  13. The pale girl had switched her gaze away. When the boy walked up to her and spoke it took her a moment to respond. At first, she assumed he was speaking to someone else. Though, she realized no one else was around and she looked up at him. She tilted her head to the side a little. "Um... Hello." She said in a rather quiet voice. She was always soft spoken, it was who she was.
  14. When the boy spoke to her she was kind of surprised that he knew her name. They had spoken a few times, but she wouldn't call them friends. It didn't seem like an invitation to a conversation though so she just smiled softly and shrugged. She was right anyway, because shortly after he walked off. She went back to "reading" but was more interested in the conversation between him and that one chic who was always hiding away by herself. So she listened in secretly.
  15. Zaki nods a hello to Ever, he looked over at Rory and did a motion that signalled that he was inviting her to the conversation.

    "So the morning hours before class are usually boring huh?" He said to the girls trying to strike up a conversation but he was never good at it.

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  16. Lark finally woke up, bored as ever. She took out her mp3 player and headphoness, blaring out songs about becoming famous and hard work. She decided to walk to anywhere. She saw parts of the forest she'd never seen before. She walked until she hit a fork in the road. She put her player on shuffle, then if it was a guy singer, she'd go left, and the opposite for a girl singer. Sure enough, it was "when they come for me" by Linkin park.
    "Left it is!" She walked about 15 minutes, before coming to a handful of people.
    "Hello!" She waved and smiled. The one was a girl she had been drawing earlier.
  17. Ever looked at the two quietly for a moment. Then her gaze turned away, not to be rude, but because she wasn't use to social interactions. But now she wanted to be social. "Uh, well, I don't mind them. They are kinda boring but the sooner you get them over the better."
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  18. Rory hesitated, but then closed her book and headed over to be closer to them. "I like the morning. It's the afternoon hours that drag on for me. It gets too hot and humid so nothing is really fun after class except staying inside." she shrugged again.
  19. Zaki nods agreeing with both of them. "Yeah, I just hate anticipating for it to end only for it to drag on. But the afternoon classes aren't so bad...." he tried sounding friendly his gruff monotonous tone often made others uncomfortable.
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  20. She stood up, and offered a friendly, yet small smile. "I don't mind the afternoon classes either." She said quietly, her smile going away. She looked at them. They seemed pretty nice, maybe she can make friends with them? But then other kids wouldn't like them since they'd be friends with the "evil" kid.
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