Dixie Clark School for Girls

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  1. Jessica was driving home from her busy day at work, for she had been doing the day shift at the Daniel Cinnabar Pediatric Hospital. She noticed a shortcut through a forest.
    "This might be easier to drive since I'm running low on gas anyway." She thought to herself as she drove through the wooded path. Halfway through the shortcut, her car stopped abruptly. She got out of her car and noticed her gas light was on.
    "I can't be out of gas!" She panicked,
    "For I had a quarter tank a few minutes ago!" She pondered for a few minutes wondering what to make of her predicament. She then found a path leading to what looked like a mansion. A sign on the door read
    "Dixie Clark School for Girls". She thought that it was a horrible idea to trespass than thought,
    "The headmistress could possibly let me stay the night, and in the morning she can fix my car." She than entered the building to look for the headmistress.
  2. Riley was walking through a forest and noticed a mansion farther along. As she got closer she finally saw a sign it said Dixie Clark School for Girls. 'Huh weird place for a school.' She looked around and saw an empty car. 'Hmm... The owner must have gone to for help at the school.' She headed up to the mansion to see who was around. She walked cautiously because she knew it might be considered trespassing, but she wanted to make sure that whoever owned the car was okay. She got closer and saw the lady at the door. She was right behind her and said "Hello mama are you okay? Is that your car?"
  3. Grey sat inside the school's library, like usual, and had her nose buried in yet another book. A few other students walked into the library, talking loudly. She rolled her eyes in frustration and bit her tongue as to not say anything rude to them. She didn't need to get in trouble again.
  4. Juno, tall and stocky with a loud mouth and wild mane of hair all piled on top of her head, held in place with enough bobby pins to fill a mason jar, stomped into the library, laughing heartily at some stupid joke the girls in front of her had just told. They turned to glare at her for eavesdropping, but hey, it wasn't her fault they were talking loud enough for her to hear. She smiled and winked as they disappeared into the shelves, then glanced around the library, searching for a cure for her late night boredom. Spotting another student, she grinned and walked over to her. "Gracey Grey!" She exclaimed, bestowing Grey with a rather lovely nickname, she thought. "What's up, girl?"
  5. Grey could see a another girl approaching and thought to herself, "please don't talk to me" over and over again. She looked up at her and cringed slightly when she said her name. "Uhhh...I'm reading." she said kind of sarcastic and bitterly. "...obviously..."
  6. Juno smiled and helped herself to a seat beside Grey. "You do that a lot," she said, oblivious to Grey's tone. "What's this one about?"
  7. Grey rolled her eyes and sighed, realizing she wasn't going to be that easy to get rid of. She shut the book harshly and said, "It's about this girl who just wants to mind her own business, but everyone keeps interrupting her until she goes completely insane and kills everyone." Sarcasm still dripping from every word.
  8. Juno's eyes narrowed a bit, but she wasn't put off. She couldn't help it if she was bored. Besides, it couldn't be good for Grey to be reading all the time, right? The girl should get out and interact with some of the other students! Jeez. "Any good?"
  9. Grey sighed and took a moment to calm herself down. After all, the girl was just trying to be nice.
    She nodded and glanced down at her book again, "Yeah it is actually. It's about this guy who tries to kill himself...so...it's not very cheerful, but it's good."
  10. Juno nodded. It didn't sound like her kind of book, but you know there were all sorts of people with all kinds of interests. She didn't have much to say about it, really. "That all you're doing tonight? Reading?"
  11. "Umm..." For some reason that struck Grey. She didn't mind the fact that she read a lot and she didn't mind being alone, but when people pointed it out she sometimes felt pathetic. She didn't like admitting that she didn't have any friends. "...yeah I guess so. I don't have anything else to do."
  12. Juno smiled. "What if you had something else to do?" Juno thoroughly enjoyed exploring the mansion and the surrounding area, but she was just a bit of a weenie and didn't want to go it alone. Not that she shared that information.
  13. Grey hesitated again, not really sure what to say to that. "Well, then I guess if I had something else to do...I would do that instead.."
  14. Jessica walked through the lobby calling out for anyone who may help her.
    "My car's out of gas, think anybody here can help a girl out?" At the end of a hallway, she noticed a girl in a strange attire, a white shirt, complete with a navy blue skirt complete with jumpers. "Finally, a girl who can help me out." Jessica sighed in relief. She went up to the strange girl and asked,
    "My car broke down, you know where a gas station is, or how you can fill up my car?". The girl looked up at Jessica and said,
    "If it's gas money your looking for, I'm beat like everyone else in these times." Jessica was confused,
    "But its 2014, don't you have a job?" She asked the strange girl.
    "Trust me, everyone in these times are pretty much scrubs since the stock market crashed." She didn't know what that meant, but she was determined to find out.
    "Listen, I'm joed here so, Abyssinia." She said before leaving. Jessica wondered who the strange girl was, and what she meant. She just shrugged it off as being tired. After that, she just went looking for another girl to help her.
  15. Reily went into the school to try and help the lady with her car. She began looking for someone who might could help. She found the library and went in with hopes of finding someone. She found a two who were sitting at a table. She went over to them and said, "There is a women who's car ran out of gas. Do you think you could help me find someone who might can help her out?"
  16. Kitty shifted her gaze from the large book in her hands to the direction of the unfamiliar voice asking for help. Gently, she marked the page in her book, set it down, and arose from her usual spot on the floor between some bookcases in a section students rarely went due to lack of interest. A small hum of interest escaped her lips as she decided to come out of her dark corner. She brushed a few strands of hair from her face and approached the newcomer, a curious look on her face, "What's the problem?" She asked in a quiet tone, a sort of haunting whisper. In all the time she had been here, no one ever really heard her speak, but she was all too curious this time to stay out of it.
  17. Reily turned to the girl. "A women's car ran out of gas and we both came into the school trying to find her some help. Do you think the headmistress or headmaster could help?"
  18. Jessica wondered who the girl she meet was, and what she meant. Her best hope would be the Library, So she found a map and found a way into the Library. "I need help with my car, it ran out of gas." Miranda turned to the woman and said, "Have you asked someone yet?" Jessica explained that she asked one girl and she had no idea what she was saying. "Well maybe someone else can help you." Miranda chirped. Jessica breathed a sigh of relief as someone can maybe help her back on the road.
  19. Kitty raised an eyebrow and looked at both Reily and Jessica, "Are any of you together, Or just good Samaritans? " She shifted her weight to one hip, and moved her long hair to a side as it fell into place, "My name is Kitty, the head mistress doesn't get bothered much unless for school business or emergencies. What exactly is it you're seeking?" She questioned on, growing more curious about the slowly multiplying amount if strangers.
  20. Julia had never picked up a book in her life. She had dyslexia, which made it impossible to make sense of any words on a page. She was in her dorm room, changing. It was a cold night, so she pulled a heavy gray sweater over her head. She dimmed the lights and was about to leave when she saw her roommate Grey's book on the night stand. Julia remembered Grey's last words to her before she went downstairs.
    "Whatever you do, do not touch that book. I haven't started it yet, but I will as soon as class is over." Julia
    walked over and ran her fingers over the spine and the lining of the book. It was called "The Murder." reading
    the back of the book, Julia saw that it took place in a school just like Dixie. She stuffed it in her bag as she went downstairs. It actually interested her. And it wasn't too hard for her to read because the font was big. She headed downstairs, eager for the time to come when she could go into the library for the first time and read it.
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