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  1. So hi, I'm Broken Templar. I've been roleplaying a long time but looking to get back into it after a long period of absence. I'm 29, so my partners absolutely have to be over 18 and preferably over 20.

    I consider myself sort of a medium-level roleplayer; I write a paragraph or two, and I prefer quality over quantity- I would much rather you wrote a few interesting, fast-paced and colorful paragraphs than a dozen plodding, slow-moving novels!

    I put this in the mature section because I like a nice even split between a good story and some steamy smut.

    So, ideas:

    -History is my favorite. Knights, barbarians, vikings, Saxons, King Arthur, Celts, that sort of thing.
    -Forbidden romance- taboos, racial boundaries, gender issues...all that sort of stuff is fair-game! I'm usually into MxF pairings with me as a M, but I can usually be talked into MxM under the right circumstances.
    -Kink? Sure!
    -Tell ME what you want; what ideas you have. I'm good at coming up with plots and like to work with my partners. I'm active and usually online fairly often.

    So drop me a PM or message here!
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  2. Yay! Celts! <w< btw, hai~ I would be interested! btw I'm 21 so don't worry about my age.
  3. I am interested as well...I am 26 and It is nice to know there are others my Age range. :)
  4. Barbarians? History? Romance?

    You are my type of RP partner! 8D I'm a baby in the age range you're looking for (I'm 21) but I'd totally hop into any of those things! If you have any ideas feel free to often one to me! I'd totally be interested in hearing about it!
  5. If you're still looking for a partner I would love to possibly work something out with you.

    I'm 22, btw.
  6. I'm more of a M/M roleplayer, but you have a lot of themes in a roleplay I'd totally dig! Racial boundaries, taboo, barbarians are all up my alley. If you want, shoot me a PM, if not then good luck on your search! :) You sound like a quality RP partner.
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