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  1. In the easternmost reach of Maine, there was the small town of Lubec. Located on the nation's border with Canada, this fishing town has managed to hold its own. The locals weren't too happy when a nation-wide fishing company bought out most of their stores, but some argue that it's helped the local economy, bringing in more fish and more tourists. Dylan was in the middle on this issue, as his own company had been bought out, but he'd been hired soon after.

    He stood at the pier now, the ship loading for another week-long journey. His daughter was clinging to his leg, her arms wrapped around it in a tight grip. Tear stains showed on her chubby cheeks and, though she had stopped crying, her brows were furrowed and lower lip jutted out in a frowning pout. Dylan set his bag down on his other side and knelt down so he was closer to her height. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her into a big hug and kissed the top of her head.

    "Daddy, you can't go," he heard her say for the seventh time that hour, at least. He smiled warmly at her and kissed her head again. "I have to go, sweetie," he returned. "You know I'll be back in a week to tell you all about it. Mind your Mama while I'm gone." He gave her a gentle squeeze as he felt her start to shake with quiet sobs again. "I love you, pumpkin. I'll see you in a week." He picked her up and kissed the top of her head as she wrapped her arms and legs around him and clung as tight as she could. Her mother, Alice, walked over and helped Dylan gently pry Rachel from his neck. He gave her a thankful glance as he picked up his bag.

    "See you, baby girl," he told his daughter before he joined the rest of his crewmates on the ship. It broke his heart to hear her yell, scream, and cry for him to come back. It always broke his heart, but they needed the money, and he needed to save for her school that would start next year. Stepping onto the ship, he moved to stand against the side and waved back at his daughter. She reached towards him, as if he could lift her up from that distance and hold her close. "I love you, baby," he yelled, not that anyone could hear him over the noise of the ship's horn. Hell, he couldn't hear himself. He continued waving as the ship began to depart, and stood watching the shore until the pier was nothing more than an ant on the horizon.

    "Clinton, get to work," he heard the gruff voice of his boss bark. "Yes, sir," Dylan answered and walked quickly to his bunk to drop off his bag, then went to his post.
  2. She slept soundly in her clam bed at the edge of the property line away from prying eyes. Her clam wasn't big but just big enough for her and her sister to sleep together, sure her tail was curled in the wrong way and it made her wore in the morning but when you had little you tend to keep it a lot. The clam bed was one of them. stuffed with sand to act like a matress and ratty sea silks for bed sheets they slept soundly. their home was small and consisted of one room. the clam was under the window and the door was across from it. in between was a table and to the sides rock counters that were carved badly. She'd often cut her self on them because they were so badly made.

    Waking up she slipped out of the clam carefuly so she didn't wake her sister. she fixed her self in the cracked mirror that hung behind the door and careuly woke her sister up. her sister had school and she had work to get to. Either of them being late was not a good thing. Her teacher would yell at her and her boss would bother her all day long and she'd never get anything done.

    "wake up my pearl...it's time for school" she cooed gently waking her up. the little mermaid woke rubbing her eyes sleepily and blinked confused. she shook her head and became a little more alert. Smiling she helped her sister off the bed and helped her swim to the kitchens where they'd grab a bite to eat befroe she'd take her sister to school in the heart of the underwater city then swim back to the manor to start her daily chores.
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  3. After a few hours, Dylan already heard new recruits complaining about the heat and unrelenting sun. He withheld a sigh of annoyance and disappointment. It was a shame the boys - barely old enough to be called young men, in his opinion - didn't yet have the discipline needed to work a ship for days, if not weeks, at a time. Not that he was much older, probably only a handful of years. But he'd already adapted to this life years ago, and had long since ran out of patience for whiners. This wasn't just a job, after all, this was a lifestyle. If you didn't like it, then abandon ship and find something else.

    His thoughts drifted to his daughter as his hands worked the ropes. Pull, wrap, tighten. Pull, wrap, tighten. By now, he guessed, she'd been taken home by her mother. Her mom was probably trying to distract her with coloring or dressup games. Maybe even tea parties or stories. But he knew his daughter well - she wouldn't stand for any of it. She'd sit and stare out the window and wait for his car to drive up the way. He only hoped her mother could get her to eat.

    "Let up the sails," Dylan heard, bringing him back to the present. He turned to look at the captain, slightly irritated as they'd just finished securing them down. "Storms a'comin. Raise sails," the captain repeated from the wheel. Sighing audibly, Dylan turned back and worked to undo the work he just did.

    Within an hour, the wind had picked up considerably. Clouds rolled towards them overhead, though they were still a long ways off. From Dylan's standing, he didn't see any easy way around the storm. His brows furrowed, he waited at his post while the captain turned to ride on the edges of the storm. The sea would be rough for them here, but would hopefully not tip them. The waves were already pushing at the edges, rocking it back and forth. The crew had to hold onto steady sections to keep from stumbling around.
  4. She'd swim from one end of the city to the next, back and forth and back and forth. doing what ever the owners of the home wanted to be done. She'd be fixing a torn dress on moment and on the other side of the city the next getting eggs for the cook. she'd be bounced around from pearson to pearson doing their jobes as well as her own. After all she was the erran girl so she had to do her job, otherwise she'd be fired and her sister and her would lose their home and what little income they already had. She couldn't riskk it. So she did as told no matter how tiried or ridiculous it was. she had to do it.

    Her parents were never rich or poor but in the middle. They lived a good life with her and she enjoyed what few happy years she had with her family as a whole, One night a violent storm hit the underwater kingdom and the world about. it was the worst storm to pass the kingdom in the last centuary, if the bouncy waves were not bad enough, shortly after the storm a huracaine hit them full on. this tore homes and ruined many lives. one of the lives being their family home. centuries of history and lore lost after a few days. They salvaged what they could fom the ruins of their beloved home but not much made it. if it wasn't broken it was lost to the open sea. one of the lost treasures was her great grandmothers pearls and her great aunts mirror. swept away far beyond their reach.

    Their seaweed farm and underwater orchids were destroyed and almost impossible to salvage after the storm, With no income her parents wen't to work for the king and queen. knowing the storm killed a lot of the servents of the palace and that the royal family was looking for new requits to replace the lost. Her parents managed to make meats end but in the end after beign scammed by one of the richer mer's in the court they lost everything and becames slaves to the court. Her parents sent out to open waters to retrive the royals lost treasures, they were killed in a shark attack leaving her only 15 with a 5 year old who was too young to do much anyways.
  5. Dylan gritted his teeth as the rain blew down on them in sheets. The harsh wind was cold and made the rain sting like ice against their skin. "Hang tight, men," he barely heard the captain shout over the unfortunate weather. The waves rocked the ship to dangerous angles, back and forth. Dylan's heart dropped as he felt the ship almost tip completely over. He couldn't die here. He had to get home to his baby girl. He'd made a promise. He wasn't a praying man, but he prayed then. He prayed his daughter would be safe, no matter what happened. He prayed that she'd somehow get over his death and live a long and happy life.

    He heard the men around him murmuring their own prayers as they clung to the railing of the ship. Something in him urged him to move. Slipping and stumbling, he somehow made his way to the bow of the ship, all while holding onto the edge of the railing. Squinting, he could only watch in horror as a massive wave rose from the starboard side and towards them. He vaguely heard "Abandon ship" before he clung to the bow and felt the ship tip completely over.

    He held his breath, though he wasn't under for very long. The back of the ship began to sink, taking with it most - if not all - of the crew. Dylan struggled to keep a hold of the slippery bow while the waves continued their assault. He coughed water from his lungs while he tried to find something - anything - that would keep him afloat. He found a barrel and swam to it, though the waves did nothing to help. Finally, he reached it and clung with all his might as the storm went on. It pushed him further and further into the sea, and he was exhausted by the time it ended the next morning.

    All he could do was float. Float, and hope nothing decided he looked delicious. He halfway hoped another ship would come into view, but he knew that was probably impossible. He was in more southern waters now, he was glad to see at least. He wouldn't freeze to death, though that might have been more merciful.
  6. A storm hit the city as predicted, sadly she was caught out in open seas. after all she'd been told to get her fat tail out of there and go look for some lost item out in open waters. She waned to protest knowing the storm could hit at any moment and to be out in open waters like that was sucide, after all her parents had died out here some were. the last thing she needed is to ditch her sister like that. So she'd gone out as fast as she could looking in the sands and careful of stingrays that liked to lay under the sand as well. she'd heard enough stories about the first wave of searchers out in the open waters like this after the biggest storm in history. half of them died hours if not days later from posioning or blood loss, that is if they made it back to the safety of the city in time before the sharks came around to finish you off. Her parents had met the same end. but not that bloodly. they'd died before the sharks came after them.

    They'd scrapped a stone fish unknowingly and got posioned by it. they died within minuites of being strached and not moments after that. A stingray attack happened near by where they had died, the sharks came and left nothing in their wake for her and her sister to burry. All they had left was what was left to pay off as many debts as they could. soon they were out of house and home. the prince who had taking a liking to her managed to convine his mother to give her board...even if it was a tiny shack at the edge of the palace grounds.

    'shark baits!" she currsed as the waves hit her hard. she'd managed to find a rock to cling to but with so many stingrays around her, one slip and she'd be full of holes and eaten by sharks. funniest thing about them. They won't attack mer folk unless they were injured. other wise they were quite peaceful and kind creatures, sadly their bi polar ness made them so dificult to keep in the city. one seaweed cut? ya a lot of people are gone. not to meniton how hungry they always were! they'd eat the city clean before they were satsfied and full! 'I need to hold on...'she gritted out as she was hit wave after wave till she noticed things in the open waters she'd never seen before. at first she thought it was broken coral that had been blown off a reef but as it got closer she realised it was no reef! and it was heading right for her! she looked around franticly, leave and she could be blown in to the sand full of nasty sting rays or she could be hit by the large incomming object and get cut leading up to beign eaten alive before she could find proper shelter to tend to her self.

    Sadly that option never came because she was hit and hit hard in the arm, she lost her grip and was sent flying backwards towards the sand full of stingrays, to say luck was on her side then wasn't ture because she bounced off another object in the sand and was tossed in to the storm current sending her sprawing and screaming as she was tossed around like sardies running from sharks. She managed to brage her self to some extent and noticed she wasn't alone in the water....
  7. After he was pushed into calmer waters, Dylan allowed himself to slip unconscious. Floating on a barrel in the middle of the ocean, his lower half still in the water. He came to in the middle of the night, shivering from the lack of warmth from the sun. Teeth chattering, he looked around him. All he could see was water. Endless miles of ocean on either side of him. He looked up at the sky to see if he could spot his location from the stars, though they only proved to show he was lost. He opened his mouth, which was surprisingly dry. No calling for help, then. His throat felt like it was on fire. Too bad sea water did nothing to help with that...

    He started to feel hopeless, dread creeping up on him from seeds of doubt. He wasn't going to make it, no matter what he did. He could sit and wait for rescue (or to die), or he could die trying to find land of some kind. After several minutes of deliberating, the thought of his daughter made up his mind. "I'm coming, baby," he whispered to no one in particular, and began to pedal his barrel West.
  8. "humans?!" she thought in panic as she managed to gain control of her self she swam closer to the sand but not close enough to bother anyone who may be in the sand as she watched the human above her drift and paddle a little. She'd been told the strories and heard the legends of how greedy and evil humans were. Sure there were others like that too but humans were on a diffrent level of madness. the kind where no one ever returned from an encounter from one. the rare ones who do don't tell much before they die of uncurable injuries or they kill them selves. both very hard to clean up and contain to keep the sharks at bay. she had no idea what to do

    "what's a human so far from their home?" she thought watching the human motions from below. she knew they had homes like she did in some sorts but they slept in tree houses made of 'trees' and 'grass'. She'd learned about them a little when distant reletaves form the rivier clans came to visit and gather for the winter soltace. they'd bring their tales and stories about the world above. Their interactions with humans weren't as violent as the ones in the sea strangly even though they were both mer folf, they just had thicker skin and scales and extra fins on their tails while thoese of the sea had softer and less fins then needed
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  9. Forcing his body to keep moving, Dylan didn't even realize he'd found an island until his barrel got caught on something. The sudden stop jolted him into awareness, though it was truly more like a flicker. He lifted his heavy head slowly and looked around. It was a small island, or the rest of it he couldn't see. Palm trees grew almost to the water itself, leaving only a few yards for the untouched, sloped beach.

    Exhausted and heavily dehydrated, Dylan stood shakily and stumbled up to the peak of the small beach. He tripped and fell to his hands and knees, gritting his teeth at the pain of hitting ht hard sand. I have to find water... Please let it be close.... Before he could move any further, he toppled over, collapsing into the sand as he passed out from exhaustion.
  10. She watched him carefuly drift about untill he hit a small island. carefuly she poked her head out of the water and watched him move on land, he didn't look right though, He looked drunk in some ways to her but at the same time pained. She debatd with her self weather she should see if he needed help or if she should save her own tail and get the hell out of there before he realized she was there and tried to capture her.

    It was when she heard a thump on the sand did she snap out of her thoughts to see the human passed out in the sand. Panicking her instants took over and she swan ashore to see if he was in trouble. using her seeweed bag to hold water so her tail wouldn't dry out, you'd think that being under water meant that you wouldn't have to worry about that but they did. they could live in salt water but it didn't mean their tails had to like it. the salt made their tails hard and stiff so they all carried around their pearls that was given to them by law to change salt water in to fresh water, that way they could wash the salt off their tails, A stiff tail ment that if a shark was after you, you might as well give up cuz you'll lose. But even that wasn't enough. they needed to retain the fresh water to keep their tails in good condtion too. a good seaweed wrap or a snot sea cucumber's slime rub would do.

    She poked the human carefuly, testing to see if he was realy out cold
  11. He did not respond to her prodding. He was completely out.

    A few hours later, he could hear his surroundings. He couldn't move yet, or speak or even open his eyes. But he could hear. His breathing pattern changed slightly, possibly signaling his slowly waking state.
  12. she tended to his wounds and injuries with what ever she could find in the waters near by and what was on the sand. she'd put him under the tiny palm tree to keep him out of the sun and laid him out so he wouldn't hunch over or topple over and hurt him self. She used her pearl and found some shells to hold the fresh water her pearl made so he could drink from it one he awoke, she found some clams as well and laid them out for him, she didn't have the means to crack them open and leave it out for him to eat. She glanced at him when she noticed his breathing had changed, panicking she dove back in to the water quickly splashing him with water as she went in and hid
  13. He groaned with a cough when she splashed him with water and moved his hand up to wash the water from his face. He blinked his eyes open and looked at his arm wrapped in seaweed. "Wha..." he croaked and slowly sat up. Noticing the water in the shells first, he quickly guzzled them down, savoring every drop. Finally, water. Sweet, sweet water! He also noticed the clams lying in the sand, and he carefully opened them and ate the juicy muscles inside. He cringed a bit at the crunch of sand, but swallowed without hesitation.

    Now that he was somewhat satisfied, he looked around to see who'd helped him. He certainly didn't wrap his injuries with seaweed. He didn't see anyone, or any footprints. There was a curious track in the sand that lead to the water. Portions of handprints scraped out by... something. An amputee? He checked the waterline. No heads poking out of the water. Puzzled, he looked around again. "Uh.. hello? I wanted to thank you for saving me," he called horsely, to whomever had helped him. "I owe you, friend."
  14. She listned to him wake up fully and eat and drink what she'd left him. she giggled at his antics and listned as he finished wondering what he'd do next, she was tempted to leave right away so she didn't get caught and return to the city to make sure her sister was alright and report in to the palace that her search was a failure because of the storm and the fact that she wanted to save her scales then become shark food if the sting rays got to her. It was the truth. the strom kept her and there were more stingrays in the area then usual so she coudln't touch the sand even if she wanted to.

    She decided to leave now and heard him call out for her. she listned, wondering if she should respond or just swim away as fast as she could before he got a good glimpse of her. but his words caught her.

    she never had any, only her sister and her co-workers at the palace. she felt warm and happy. She decided to respond to him. by tossing a large shell she found earlier in the week, she had no use for it and the only thing useful was thing was massive ruby in it. too bad she couldn't get it out. she tossed it at him hoping it wouldn't break or hit him before she swam off towards home
  15. Watching and listening, he waited for some kind of response. As he was looking far to his right, he heard a splash from near enough on his left that his head whipped around to see a shell flying towards him. It landed in a soft patch of sand, sending some of it flying in return. Brushing it off his pant leg, he curiously reached for it and saw a beautiful ruby inside. Apparently, it had fused to the shell. Interesting, since he didn't know such things could happen. He looked towards where he found the splash and watched the area with squinted eyes. "Hello," he called. "Are you there? Please, allow me to thank you!"

    With no immediate response, he looked back down at the shell holding the ruby and ran his fingers over the smooth surfaces. It was polished beautifully, both the shell and gem. He decided it would be a gift for his daughter, if he ever saw her again. He tensed at the thought of his daughter. "Wait, please! Do you know of any way to get back to Maine, in America? My daughter - I need to get to her," he called with urgency, desperate pleading filling his voice.
  16. She paused mid stroke as she heard the last part. He had a family?! She coudln't let him be stranded there. but at the same time she couldn't let herself stay anylonger or she'd risk what was left of her own family at the mercy of the royal family, She looked around trying to think of a way to help him and her self. Then it hit her. Leather back sea turtles! they would be in the currents riding to the beaches this time of the year to lay their leggs before going off again! She knew there was a current a near by and in it would be a leather back that would be willing to help!

    SHe made up her mind and spead off to the currents praying to the moon that there would be one that just finished laying it's eggs to help her. She reached the current looking around franticly. she couldn't go in or else she'd be swept away and she'd never be able to get out alive. she coudln't risk that. all she coudl do was wave at them as they came to and then pass her hoping one would be wililng to help her. It took a while but she found one eventualy by sunset and she told the turttle where to go and where to take the human. She'd heard bits of his words before she sped off and told the turttle as much as she knew. The turrtle nodded and headed to the island to reterive it's passanger while she swam back to the city to deal with her own issues...

    "what will we do? her sister isn't here yet" one mermaid said worried
    "I could take her home with me?" another suggested "I'm sure my mother wouldn't mind after all she's a quiet and pollite one"
    "well I'm closing up shop you wait for her then" the owner said going to close up
  17. Dylan, seeing and hearing no response, let out a sigh of anguish. He'd never get back to his baby girl. For hours, he waited, paced, and thankfully found fresh water nearby. He drank about once an hour. Once he noticed the sun start to set, he started gathering wood for a fire of some kind. He gathered enough for a decent size and went to work. Finally, flames burst to life and let off just enough light to see to the water. Just after dark, he heard a curious splashing sound by the beach. Leaving the creek, he went to the beach to discover a large, round turtle shell splashing in the shallow waves. How.. odd. Turtles didn't splash for any reason that he could think of. Was it stuck? Now was the time of year when the females would lay their eggs in the sand.

    Wanting to help the poor creature, he walked towards it slowly. "It's alright," he told it calmly. "I just want to help. You don't seem stuck," he observed after a moment. What was its problem?
  18. The turttle tried to get him to climb abord her back but he didn't seem to understand her. She shuffed ashore better and walked behind him. pushing him in to the sea before she got in her self and started to drag him away fom the beach. SHe was told to get him home so she'd do as asked. after all, she'd laid her eggs and needed to burn the baby fat.

    Swimming as fast as she could she raced for the nursery her sister was at and just made it in time before the last nursemaid left with her siseter
    "there you are!" the maid said happily as her little sister raced in to her side happily and a little teary "I was wondering what was taking you so long to come for her" she said glad the little one was back with her sister
    "sorry about that. I got cought in the storm and was swept out to open seas. I would have come sooner but I met complications on the way" she explained to the maid as she closed up and walked her back to their tiny shack of a home
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