Divided Destiny — ([ Post-Apoc Colonization ])

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    ([ Historical Overview ])

    The Earth is dead.

    As the fragments of Vulcan's Hammer landed, the last few survivors departed the Solar system onboard the Conestoga seeking a new home among the stars. But world after unsuitable world was rejected, and with their resources low — their situation desperate — a marginally-suitable planet was chosen.

    They called the world New Terra. It was cold, dry — nearly airless — but they saw possibilities. In that spirit of optimism, they named their colony Eden. They came with the best of intentions: to build, grow, and thrive; and for a time, they did.

    Then conflict arose between the survivors, threatening to rend the colony in two. New Terra would be their home, but on what terms? Many wished to live in harmony with the planet, adapting themselves to live in its harsh realm, no matter the cost. There were plans, however, left in the databases of the Conestoga to tame such a hostile home — to terraform it into a new Earth using unprecedented bio-technology.

    The two philosophies could not co-exist; talks grew heated as the colonists learned of secret intentions to proceed with the plan despite mixed sentiments and an indecisive council. Catastrophe struck when the only communications link with the Conestoga was destroyed, condemning a third of the last children of Earth to an uncertain fate.

    Extinction is not an option.

    ([ Roleplay Description ])

    In Divided Destiny, humanity's finest and brightest find themselves amidst a techno-political crisis that could very well mean the difference between life and death. The colonists are subject to ideological, technical, and practical influences, putting them under a degree of pressure known by no others; every decision leads mankind one step closer to either survival or extinction. Each evacuee has been entrusted — hand-selected by a desperate Earth — with the fate of the species, and they are responsible to use every means at their disposal to ensure that the right decisions are made.

    [ Eden Colony ]
    A fledgling community of the Earth's most brilliant and most able-bodied personnel works together with a small circle of advanced bio-optical computers to maintain and fortify humanity's last bastion. With many of the colony's functions automated, the survivors have ample opportunity to reconstruct the Conestoga's databases, approach the challenges brought on by New Terra's inhospitable environment, and to maintain a sense of society among their peers.

    The quality of living is atrocious, with the elite of the colony scraping by in rooms just large enough for an undersized bed — most end up bunking in the middle of public corridors with little more than a thermal blanket to call privacy. Rations are nourishing but unsatisfying, most of the agridome produce reserved for air recycling. Most of these people once lived comparatively luxurious lives on Earth, and many would trade a large favor for some extra rations or an upgrade in living arrangements.

    [ The Conestoga ]
    The sleeper ship that brought two hundred hand-picked evacuees to New Terra also brought a gene bank containing the germ of another thousand, a wide variety of seeds for produce, seven Savant-class supercomputers, and a massive database containing even the most confidential information Earth had to offer in hopes that the survivors might be able to make use of their homeworld's knowledge. Its experimental cryostasis suite managed to do its job, but at the cost of the colonists' longevity, having slowed but not stopped their biological clocks. Many are expected to succumb to their age before they've experienced fifty years of life.

    It is controlled by the most advanced of the seven supercomputers, known as Archer; it was designed exclusively for this purpose, with computational capabilities outpacing any and all of its predecessors. It was tasked with the delivery of humankind to a comfortable new Earth, and failing that, to bring it salvation in the form of a chance. It dispatched probes for centuries, collecting data and compensating course in hopes of encountering a suitable world before its power reserves ran out. It is widely recognized as the savior of humanity, and many consider it a devastating loss that it was not yet recovered when the ship's contact with Eden was severed.

    [ New Terra ]
    The Mars-like planet lacks any significant geological or atmospheric activity, providing insufficient heat and magnetosphere for safe living in the outdoors despite the almost-breathable air composition. Gravity is only mildly lesser than that of the Earth's, but for lack of a natural satellite, New Terra is thus the victim of constant meteor showers and debris storms as it wades its way around the solar system.

    While a significant danger to one's health, it is possible to survive some time exposed to the open air on New Terra. Hypothermia is the most immediate threat and least difficult problem, but within an hour, hypoxemia can settle in as a result of the thin atmosphere's minimal oxygen levels, leaving unprotected colonists unable to rescue themselves as a result of delirium and exhaustion. Ultraviolet radiation is the next concern, as there is no magnetosphere to speak of, and this has proven to be the most costly environmental hazard to solve. Long-term exposure even in enclosed shelter can result in severe burns and cancerous growths if the hull is not fortified with the proper materials.

    ([ Character Profile ])

    I have no requirements regarding profile length, but if you're barely making a paragraph for each of the final three sections, you may find yourself hard-pressed to convince me you have a complete character.

    Players are not restricted to any specific number of characters so long as they are able to handle the additional weight.

    It is encouraged (but not required) that you establish a dialogue with me either via PM or in the conference chatbox to discuss character nuances and potential plot hooks before submitting a character profile! :D

    There is no pre-determined maximum character count and I will accept profiles even after starting the roleplay. If this changes, this line will have been removed. ;3

    [ Elders ]
    These characters are one of Earth's last children, hand-picked out of billions. These individuals are the elite of the ninety-ninth percentile. Minds and bodies of this caliber are genuine geniuses and paragons of fitness. Characters from this category demonstrate their wit and wellness consistently, but this is not to say that they don't succumb to the same fallibility as any other human.

    You know the drill. x3
    That is to say, the number of years they have experienced. Do not add the five centuries of cold-sleep. ;3
    The character's role in the colony, their academic and professional background on Earth, and enough detail to justify their being hand-picked out of the billions of people in the world. Bragging in this section is encouraged.
    Include both a summary of their life on Earth and their experience in Eden. This section should focus on the character's external influences — things that inspired them to become who they are now.
    Just the opposite, this is a purely personal category; the character's personality, views, and characteristic weaknesses should be exposed here.

    [ New Terrans ]
    This is the first generation of humans born on an alien world, children of geniuses and Olympians, derived from a highly-selective gene bank or the survivors or a mixture of the two. These children have been given every chance possible to prosper despite the horrid environment they live in. While it is possible that some may not have been the most firm or intelligent, most of them would outpace any child born on Earth.

    You know the drill. x3
    The oldest children at this point in time would just be reaching their thirties. Characters should all be experienced enough to have some influence in the colony.
    The character's role in the colony, their academic and professional background, and enough detail to explain how they pull their weight and then some. Bragging is encouraged.
    This section should focus on the character's external influences — things that inspired them to become who they are now.
    Just the opposite, this is a purely personal category; the character's personality, views, and characteristic weaknesses should be exposed here.
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  2. This actually sounds really enjoyable to me. I'll try to get a profile set up here soon, if ya don't mind.
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  3. Glad to have you! I'm eager to read about it. :D
  4. You still cool for more players, Sammy? I'd love to give this a try!
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  5. Absolutely! In fact, that'd make the threshold I had in mind. :3

    @Divided Destiny writers;
    If you haven't already, now would be the time to finish up your character profile(s) and get them posted! I'll be starting the IC thread soon presuming everybody's still game. :D

    New characters/players are still welcome! There's going to be a lot of exposition going on initially, so you shouldn't have to worry about falling too far behind the mark. c:
  6. Name: Doran Todd

    Age: 27

    Trade: Doran is a mechanic. One of the lead mechanics at that. A man with the know how to weld tears, fix generators and do all the needed maintenance work that could pop-up. He knows wrenches like the back of his hand and plasma-cutters like he was born with one in his hand. Most of his day is generally filled with mundane work, like checking for scrap metal used in repairs. Otherwise he makes rounds with some of the more planning types, who could have new ideas to improve the living environment.

    Although some might call him an engineer, he always makes sure to correct them, stating that he wasn't afraid to dirty his hands. No theoretical bullshit and such. Most consider this to be a lower class job on New Terra, considering the crisis of fixing the computers and making life habitable on the new planet.

    Biography: Growing up on New Terra, proved difficult for many. The extreme conditions, such as the Ultra-violet rays and the cold, et cetera, was the cause of many deaths. Hull breaches were not uncommon with the meteor showers, so people tended to be in trouble more often than not at first. The developing community was also slowly expanding and soon called for larger living blocks and work areas. It was a combination of these needs of security and expansion that made Doran decide to apprentice as a mechanic.

    Ideology: Doran soon proved to have a natural aptitude at mechanics. He enjoys working with his hands. Making and fixing things. Unfortunately on the other end of the spectrum, Doran always found the classes of mathematics and theory, things that would be in a book, to be rather dull. He thought knowledge was useless without experience and thus always takes more of a hands-on approach to things.

    Concerning the views between the two groups on New Terra, Doran thought that the people should take a more active approach in taming the planet. He didn't feel people should just wait and hope that the planet would allow them to populate it. That's why he was on the side of those who wanted the knowledge on the Conestoga. It would prove invaluable in improving the colony. He also thought it would give him a chance to build more. Helping the remainder of humanity to make a lasting living.
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  7. @Cahill;
    A solid example of both characterization and depth of thought concerning the canon. I can tell just from this profile that I won't need to coddle you in the worldbuilding department — you've got the intuition and the initiative to make things happen. I look forward to roleplaying with you, Cahill. :3

    @Divided Destiny writers;
    Sorry about the false alarm, guys; a writer dropped out, so we only have the three of you. I was hoping to get at least four or five writers in additon to myself, but in light of the delay, I'd be willing to push on if you-all would prefer that.

    As affirmed before, I have no intentions of closing the roster unless people start feeling crowded.
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