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  1. This is a one on one rp based on the book and the movie Divergent :)
  2. Hello there! :3 Shall we start?
  3. sure how do you guys do it here?
  4. Well, normally when you create the thread, you create either the opening post (in 1x1 or Jump In RP's) so that you know the plot, or if it is a more structured RP, you create the plot and the character guidelines. The rules and more information on RP's are here, if you need it. We should return to the PM for posts like this though. Don't want to fill up the RP with OOC stuff.
  5. (okay thank you) The background will be at the dauntless compound after the choosing ceremony starting with the initates on the train to the compound to begin their training to become full members of the faction.
    Name: Cindy
    Gender: Female
    Transfer or not?: She is a transfer to dauntless from abnegation
    Appearance: Brown eyes, light brown hair, 5'6''
    Strengths: running and bravery
    weaknesses: Not a very good fighter
    Talents: She is really good at getting what she wants
    Fears: she is afraid of heights, and can be very shy when around guys, giving up her family
    General personality: Shy, respectful but there's a part of her that longs to be free and that is why she chose dauntless
    Inner personality: Free and tough but that rarely showed through because of her home faction's customs and rules
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.