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    Tomorrow was the day that had been anticipated all year. Tomorrow over one hundred teens would take the test that would tell them which faction to join which would in turn dictate how the rest of their lives would play out.

    Society was divided into five different factions. Each citizen is to choose a faction when they are of age and contribute to their faction and to society overall. The five factions that make up society are;

    Abnegation: The selfless; this faction values selflessness and service to others.

    Candor: The honest; this faction values honesty and sees the truth as "black and white"

    Amity: The peaceful; this faction values peace above all else

    Erudite: The intelligent; this faction values intelligence and knowledge. They see knowledge as the only solution to conflict.

    Dauntless: The brave; this faction values bravery and is seen as fearless. They strive to make themselves unstoppable to their enemies.

    Factionless: The lowest of the low in society. Poverty, homelessness, and desperation are daily struggles

    After the test is complete, one will be presented with their recommended faction based on their personality and how they think. Though it is highly recommended that one follow the test results, they are free to choose their faction knowing that switching factions is unacceptable as it could potentially throw off the balance of society which would have devastating consequences.
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