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  1. Hello there, first off if like to say thanks for being interested enough to click on this *gives you a cookie*

    Now that you have your cookie, I'm looking for a roleplay based off of the movie Divergent. I say the movie and not the series because first I haven't read the books and second I hear that there are allot of differences between the two and I don't want to end up fucking up.

    This won't be exactly like the movie but the idea will be the same. Our characters will be divergents who are forced to choose a faction to be a part of and hide their status. They can either be a part of the same faction or you can choose whichever you want, I have a plan for either occurrence.

    That's all the information I will give for now, I'll reveal everything else later once I get two others to help me in this. If you're interested, leave a reply below and let's make something amazing
  2. Yes please!
  3. Sweet, we just need one other person
  4. What twist do you have in mind?
  5. It depends on how everyone decides their factions. I want it to be a surprise
  6. I am definitely in!
  7. Cool. Do we have to hand in a character profile before roleplaying?
  8. Sweet, now we can get things going
  9. I'll start an OOC and you can create your character and their background. Ultimately they will have to choose a faction and go from there
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.