Divergent! Looking for Four.

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  1. I finished reading the Divergent series last week, and after letting it sink in a bit and finally getting my frustration with it out, I've decided that the only true way I will ever come to terms with the end of the series is by morphing the entire story the way I want it to go! Okay, not completely true, but I have been dying to do a Divergent rp and since I have a spot open I thought I'd see if anyone is interested.

    I have the basics of a plot thought out starting from the end of the book/movie, however, that is where the similarity to the series ends. I want to play cannon characters, but not a canon storyline!

    As stated in the title, I am looking for someone to play Four, which means you must have read the book or watched the movie in order to understand the character, and yes, I will be playing Tris.

    I'd like someone who can give me a couple of decent sized paragraphs. I know that's asking a lot, but I honestly cannot reply to one paragraph. I try, but I usually end up staring at my screen for hours trying to figure out what to do more than I type when I am given short replies. And for the love of my sanity, if you give me a one-liner I'll drop the rp like a bad habit!

    I don't need a post a day, but if you can give me that it's fine. A post every other day works for me. More is always accepted in all cases though. :)

    No sudden personality changes! Yes, this is in the Libertine section, but don't expect my Tris to suddenly be ready to get all hot and heavy after a few posts. Eventually I'm sure it will happen, but that is NOT the focus of the rp. (I mostly stick to the Libertine section to avoid having to reject people who aren't 18+, not because I want a ton of smut.)

    Last, but not least, I want someone who will contribute! Don't be afraid to toss something into the story. I'm not going to bite your head off if you do. If it's a huge game changer a head's up is all I need and usually I'll be willing to go along with it, unless you're asking for some huge, dramatic change that makes absolutely no sense at all.

    If you're interested feel free to toss me a post on here or send me a PM.
  2. Still looking, and have some time to plan now. @_@
  3. Still looking. :(
  4. You know a bad habit is really hard to break right? Anyways I'm game I love the books and *checking to make sure you said series instead of book* I absoutly hate what happened to Tris so I am completely game to play Four
  5. Sure. Send me a PM and we can work on details.
Thread Status:
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