Divergency: The World That Could Have Been

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  1. Tris Prior couldn't believe she had made it. Number one in Dauntless and no body had sensed what she had done. She was happy to see her best friends Will and Christina had made it through. Although seeing Peter in the ranks made her sick. Someone was going to have to teach him a lesson, but that would happen later. For now they had a weekend to celebrate and think of the jobs they were to take in their new faction.

    Tris had arranged a game of capture the flag for all the passing initiates and any of the Dauntless who would like to join them. What better way to start their new roles than to have it all out in the brutal game? It was also a good way to take off the stress of making yet another choice that would change her future.

    Everyone was now on the train waiting for their instructions. She whistled loudly alerting every one's attention to her. "Ok, tonight we're going to play Dauntless against passing initiates. We will equal out by selecting a few of each side but the other captain will be a member of Dauntless. Four, would you like the honors?"