Divergency Sign-Ups

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  1. Hello All. I'm looking for some members to join in on a group RP for Divergent. This takes place after the initiation test, but Erudite never teamed up with Dauntless to take out Abnegation. This is what would have happened had they been allowed to live as Dauntless without Jeanine interferring.

    No one-liners.
    Decent grammar and English
    Adults only. (I don't want to restrict my players if someone underage comes on so you just won't be allowed in)
    No bashing anybodies decisions or character choice
    No god-modding
    No over-powering (If someoen tries to attack you don't use some obscene power to avoid the hit. Play fair)
    OC's are welcome but I really want the characters filled in first

    Taken Characters

    Post here or pm me if your are interested.
  2. Im interested, but IDC who I'd be. However, this week I'm going to be in and out of internet thanks to the holiday season.
  3. That's fine I understand. Just choose a character.
  4. Can I take Will?
  5. Yes you can. I did make this to into a group that needs a Will if you would rather join that?
  6. Okay. Do you have a link handy?
  7. Sent the request to join.