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    The Grand Duchy of Sverige
    UNSF Joint Operations Base, 60 km from former Voskad territory
    1500 H

    Marisa stood behind the lectern at the front of the briefing room, a stack of papers kept neatly in front of her. "Not twenty minutes ago," she said to the assembled cyborgs seated in the rows of chairs facing her, "we detected a small force of monsters advancing toward our position." The projected map behind her lit up with several blips, indicating the approximate grouping of the enemy forces. "Reconnaissance indicates it's a small scouting force, probably trying to test our lines," she left the "again" unsaid. Everyone here knew this sort of thing was a common enough occurrence. Poke at the enemy, see what they did. The back-and-forth in the region was nothing new. An arrow drew itself across the map, indicating the enemy's likely path.

    "The force doesn't seem particularly large. Initial estimates put it at a couple Type-8 ground craft, plus the usual compliment of low class soldiers and air support provided by Type-5 fighters. Nothing you shouldn't be able to clean up well before we need to deploy a bigger response." She gave everyone in the room a pointed look, as if to ask "Right?"

    "Your mission is simple. Get out there, take down the enemy, come back alive. Prepare to deploy as soon as we're done here. Any questions?" It would be a nice, simple mop-up, shouldn't need much clarification. But you never knew. Particularly when your unit hasn't had much time to really gel.
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  2. The afternoon rounds were pretty boring, patrolling the front at the brightness of the afternoon... Lucy really preferred the night runs. Or at least those at the later afternoons where she could get some shots of the sunset. But alas, despite her usual nocturnal habits, she was out here, flying the afternoon run. Twas her job, and not like she did anything better. Besides, the short little AMA chats she had were pretty fun, gave her some nice opportunities. The small censorship was somewhat annoying, though a necessity. Catching out of the corner of her eye, a small group of the monstrous troops, Lucy tapped her headset. "Sorry lovelies, DJ Morri's gotta go Q&A will be finished soon.You all know the line of work, I'll catchya later!" With quick sigh, Lucy cut the audio feed from her audio streaming, then switching to the base communications. "Sverige JOps Base, this is Spire L.M..."

    So then the base commander took her quick little information into account, as Lucy moved swiftly out of visible range and up into the clouds. For her optics, they weren't that bad of an obstruction. She tuned into the mission briefing, being that she was running the support role for this one, keeping an eye on the handful of targets nearby. Her Victorian accent spoke up at the end of the short briefing of the quick and easy planning. "JOps Base, this is Spire L.M., Major Rossini, I find it quite offensive that you doubt the people in that room." She chuckled quietly into the mic, before shaking her head with approval. "Not like I've talked to too many of them before."

    "Am I off duty when we're done here, Major? Over."
    Lucy stared up at the sky, flying on her back as she put her arms behind her head. It somewhat felt like those dreams she felt of flying in the sky, although the disconnect was much different. Now she felt like she was in control, though with those dreams it felt much different. She could never describe it, and never bothered. The therapists back home weren't too useful. She tapped the side of her headset again, humming to the somewhat electronic music which played in her ears. With the new tech she had installed a bit over a year ago, it has been a fun time being able to multitask much better, though still much to get used to.
  3. Maxim Yakov Vasilievich

    Maxim had been a tall, large man even before his tech was installed. Now, the folding chair in the briefing room was more like a little stool to him, and he'd started to consider getting a second chair just before the briefing ended. After the wrap up, he was one of the first to stand and finally stretch. He never could sit down for too long; he was a man of action!

    A quick study of the other members of the strike team showed him what he'd expected to see. A few faces he knew by reputation and several that were new to him. It was a shame he hadn't had time to properly meet his new comrades. He'd have to make up for it after the mission. For now, the most important preparation lay in the deployment bay.

    A small team of engineers were required to get Maxim into his armor. A metal scaffold was set up with Maxim standing in the middle of it. The heavy armor pieces were brought in with mechanical arms, and the chest piece needed a small crane. The helmet was the last piece in place, coming down via mechanical arm and settling over Maxim's head. The pieces were locked onto his augments, and then into each other. The engineers scrambled like a pit crew, checking joints, completing manual locking procedures, and syncing the armor's status to his helmet's HUD. When he finally stepped away, the only thing he would have needed to look like some mythical warrior of legend would have been a equally large steed and a cape.

    It'd be a standard engagement, and so standard weapons were selected. A custom made B-50 "Burevestnik" heavy machine gun was his first weapon. It was a gun so large that any other soldier would need to put it on a small vehicle; Maxim held it in one hand. His other weapon, and perhaps one whose utility he valued far more than the gun, was the Zasch Industries GZ "Portable Fortress" Shield. The shield was a tall, reinforced shield designed specifically for the Bogatyr Project way back at the start of the war. The shield itself is resistant against most attacks, and partially resistant against heavy munitions. It's wide enough so that anyone standing behind Maxim can remain safe from attacks coming from the front, at least as long as the shield holds. The other use, is where the "Mobile Fortress" name comes in. The shield can be placed down, after which it will drive support spikes into the ground and extend a pair of support beams from behind before detaching. This allows the shield to act as cover, block off a breach in defenses, or seal off entry points.

    The final weapon donned was the axe. Its blade decorated with Voskayan patterns, and even a few words in Voskayan along the rim of the blade. Honor, Bravery, Sacrifice. It was placed on his back where it was visible, but acted more as a symbol than an actual weapon. The weapon was practical, but it was rarely brought out. It was meant to spur and Voskad infantry, reminding them that in this fight, they had true warriors on their side. It had worked so far.

    Maxim thumped the shield a few times, a dull THRUM THRUM resounding from it. Maxim's thick accent followed briefly, "Well, my comrades, I believe each and every one of you will make fine warriors. Please, allow me to act as your shield in battle. This will be a good fight!" He held the gun by the barrel and set its stock on the floor. He was larger than life in that armor. His hearty laugh was too, "With our strength combined, defeat is impossible, ha ha!"

    The helmet linked up with the command center's frequency and he was linked up to Major Rossini, along with the rest of the group, "Ah, Katyusha," he had long since grown into the nickname he'd given the Major for a reason no one remembered anymore. This wasn't his first deployment with her in the driver's seat, and he doubted it would be his last, "It has been too long. How long has it been? Since Ramilsham, I believe, has it not?"

    Masako Sunada

    Masako spent half the briefing listening to what should be important intel, and the other half scoping out the other fighters in the room. She made a good display of it, pretending to pay close attention and acting as if she was checking on her nails to get a glance at the others. Two of the other fighters in here were also Kenshimanese and female. Hmmm... they'd better not be a problem. She didn't recognize one at all, so she doubted she'd be a problem. Flat as a pancake and looking green as grass. Hmph, shouldn't be hard to leave her in the dust. The other, she'd seen somewhere before but didn't remember her name. She knew her face which meant she had at least a teeny bit of a following. What was her name? Kuraki? Keroki? Whatever.

    She had no questions, or at least none that were worth asking. She lagged behind the rest of the group, however. She needed to make a call. Being one of the biggest stars in Kenshima kept you busy. The call was picked up almost immediately, and neither of them waited for the other's hello. Masako just started talking, "Briefing's over, Mr. Ikeda." Toshio Ikeda was her producer and manager,

    "I'm about to gear up, so make it quick."
    "Of course. I've got the Kenshima Daily, the Toka Inquirer, and Hokai News all lined up, they're going to want quotes after the mission. If you can finish before 1700 hours your time, CyShoujo Magazine wants a quick video interview, but if you don't, I'll make them reschedule. You've got a few posters from contest winners in your bunk you'll need to sign and send back to us; and Kora Corp still wants to know whether or not you're interested in testing out their new arm augmentations. They've got a lot riding on this new model, they need someone to help it sell."

    Masako kept up a brisk pace, talking and walking,

    "Fine, fine, and fine. I'll get the posters, the news thing, maybe make the magazine. What were the Kora Corp augs, anyway? Get me an image."

    Her request was sent almost immediately to her device, "Ugh, ew. That synth-skin barely even looks soft, do they seriously think I'll wear this? I thought these were new, not some outdated, chunky garbage. Who do they think I am? Tell them to either get me something nicer or find someone else, cause I'm not wearing that."
    "I'll let them know."

    The call ended, Kora Corp's profits were dashed against the sharp rocks of Masako's standards, and she still had another deployment ahead of her. Business as usual.

    Her loadout started with a pair of submachine guns, both customized, balanced, and even painted over to match her tech's color scheme. She'd gone through a ton of weapons, but these two had stuck by her and tended to be her defaults. A backup pistol, colored like the rest of her, went into a holster, and she took a few grenades. The grenades weren't ordinary explosives. They blew up like any other grenade, but they produced a colored explosion when set off. Chemicals in the explosive produced green, pink, and blue smoky bursts. Perfect to just toss one down and jump up in front of the drone as it goes off. And speaking of which. Her drone had been delivered before she even arrived. Once again painted to match her, the little ball served as nothing more than a camera to capture her in battle. Her editor was one of the best; a miracle worker; and she made sure he got plenty of good material to work with.

    The little drone wizzed up silently and focused its camera on her. After circling her, then going from above her, to below her, it calibrated and beeped once. Now, for those other Kenshima cyborgs. She doubted they'd be any kind of threat to her, no way, not her. She had the best tech, the biggest sponsors, and she was one of the top ten. There was no way they could outshine her. But she wanted to test the waters. Just in case.

    She strolled up to the one she had sort of recognized. The one with the white hair. Kureki? Karaki? She put on her cutest little smile and greeted her cheerfully, "Hi there! I think I recognize you, I've seen you somewhere before, haven't I? I'm Masako, Masako Sunada." She extended her hand for a handshake.
  4. It was odd to see the enemy sending out a small force to test them out. Ash found it very peculiar, when they attacked the research facility a few years back, they came in overwhelming numbers. Which meant they knew that this team posed a threat, it was almost humorous for the bot. Though Ash found it quite unfortunate that this was what they had to do on his first day in the team, leaving the getting antiquated part for later. During the conference, the A.I bot made some mental notes of the team, each one of them looked very different from the other, it was a new feeling Ash had not yet gotten used to. As everyone from the Voskad army had generally looked the same, same cybernetics, same weapons, same uniforms, same same same.

    The building they were in now reminded Ash of the research facility, very high tech and very maintained. The military base from before wasn't the best looking, but the army did what they could for what they had. Once the meeting was over, the female who went by the name of Marisa Rossini, a noble, asked if anyone had questions. Ash just simply got up and said "No questions at all, Major Rossini. Thank you for the intel" He said politely before standing up out of his chair and walking out of the room along with the rest of the squad who left.


    Luckily before he got operation base, he got a chance to download a map of the place, so getting to the armory wasn't a problem. Once he got to the armory, he grabbed his Rifle, a model that resembled the m16a5, just slightly modified to Ashes liking. He put it to his back where it magnetically stuck on, and then holstered his pistol and knife before stocking up on magazines for his weapons. Lastly he strapped a few grenades to his chest, he was ready to go. He couldn't help but notice the large ones lighthearted personality. he walked up to the man and tapped his arm before asking "why is it that you are so enthusiastic? most humans just don't like going up against these things." Ash asked, trying to get a better understanding on why he acted like this, in no way did he mean to offend, he was just curious.

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  5. Alex had listened to Marisa's speech with the attention of a hawk.

    And, once she went quiet, waiting for questions from the group of cyborgs. Alex took this chance to look around at the members of this team he had been assigned to recently. He didn't recognize any of them. Then again, why would he? As he was new to the team, and he hadn't heard of any of them, due to being cooped up in a lab. Listening to doctors go on about "failsaves" and whatnot.

    Which brought him to form another question in his mind. Which one of these people were given the failsafe to disable his cybernetics? For, Alex's mental condition was not in the best of wellness. As he often experienced hallucinations of people he had never seen before calling him a friend, flashbacks of events that had transpired in his supposed military career, and even "reliving" battles he had apparently fought in before.

    Hence why he was to be on medication to help decrease these "symptoms." And why certain key personal were given a failsafe to shut him down, to be retrieved later and given a thorough examination.

    As members started to leave and make for the armory, Alex had to make a pit stop first.

    The lab. In order to get his armor put on, and to get his medicine so he wouldn't have a flashback in the middle of battle.

    After stepping into the lab. He laid down on a table, arms and legs spread out. As he was soon lifted into the air by robotic arms that held him in place as his "armor" was put into place. After this was done. A doctor had walked up to him, and injected a syringe into a slot on his chest, which closed up after his "medicine" had been given to him.

    The doctor had soon given him the clearance to continue to the armory.

    Taking only a few moments to get there, as he did have assistance with the GPS in his helmet. Walking past other members, he quickly grabbed the weapons he would need. One was a DMR, or Designated Marksman Rifle. A weapon that fired with the accuracy and range of a decent sniper rifle, and fire rate of a semi automatic pistol. For he didn't really like assault rifles, as most of them did waste ammo like there was no tomorrow. He soon picked up a decent handgun and knife. Along with some grenades and ammunition for his weapons.

    When he was ready to go, he went over to where the giant of a soldier, and a robotic looking soldier were talking. Though, he didn't cut in, instead he leaned against a wall next to them. Looking at his cybernetic hand. His "fingers" were a bit pointy around the tips. Though, he assumed he wouldn't accidently stab them into anything unless he really put his all in it. On a side note, he couldn't help by cringe behind the visor at the way he couldn't feel his hand. Yet he had this weird feeling that his hand was still there, despite clear evidence stating otherwise. The doctors had called this feeling a "phantom pain." It annoyed him greatly. As it made him miss the life he had once had before, apparently.

    He soon noticed his heart rate was rising, and rather than risk gaining the attention of the doctors. He breathed in and out. Calming himself. Afterall, he was about to be deployed. And soldiers like him didn't need things distracting them when in the heat of battle.
  6. Laarni's attention was divided; ears were on Marisa's briefing, while her eyes perused her future teammates. Suffice to say, she was familiar with most by only name, and the rest not at all. Her split responsibilities between the army and the navy left her with few useful acquaintances in this department, but she would have to cope. Adaptability was one of her strong points, and to her, this was simply a fresh new ground to build on.

    With no questions asked, the group made its way to get geared up, some requiring lots of attention and care while others, such as herself, only needing to pick up and put on their weapon like a regular soldier in the armory. An assault rifle was slung over her shoulder, though she knew it was mostly for show and distraction than actual damage. Her personal favorite was a tiny bomb that she could attach and then activate on her whim, a small pack of them lined across one thigh. The other holster held a small pistol, modified to perform under water. In fact, all of the weapons she had at hand were capable of marine combat, but they did just as well on land.

    Other than Marisa, the other women from the group were from Kenshima; Laarni was well-aware of the intense competition that existed between cyborgs, and knew she'd have quite a bit to entertain herself once they were on the field. She touched the left side of her headset; a holographic HUD shielded her golden eyes as she connected herself to the team's communication frequency. Just as quickly, she blinked the HUD off, ignoring the small notifications that popped up underneath. She knew that in two minutes, they would receive an automated message that she would be on the field and unable to respond. Laarni only turned it on to connect with her team, not take care of other matters. Those would be dealt with after their job.

    Her interest was raised when Maxim gave out a hearty laugh, finding herself naturally gravitating towards the group of men rather than women. The Voskayan's words carried through both aloud and within her headphones, but she chose not to involve herself in the conversation. Instead, she temporarily muted herself and strolled over to the vicinity of the three males, lightly touching the shoulder of Alex to call his attention.

    "Don't act too cool; my heart won't be able to take it. I'll be a laughingstock if they see that all I was doing was replaying your picture in my HUD." A playful wink and the small laugh gave away her joke, but she truly was worried about him. Anyone brooding before a fight could only spell trouble, distracted by whatever thoughts plagued them. She moved on to where Ash was, looking at Maxim's excitement with as much question as understanding.

    "Some live for the adrenaline rush. Others, for some sort of glory." She shrugs. "My favorites are the ones who just want to go out there and defend who and what they love." Laarni was all and none of those things. She beams a smile and gives them a cheeky salute, more akin to a little kid's jaunty greeting than a soldier's gesture of respect. "Petty Officer Laarni, at your service."
  7. Kuroki Gamma

    Kuroki barely sat still, fingers tapping on her knees. She was very aware of the sheer amount of machinery in the room, so much that she was barely listening to the briefing the commander was giving. Oh well, it probably wasn't anything that important anyway. What can be more important than looking at all the technology anyway?

    "Any questions?" Kuroki blinked as she was snapped back to attention. Questions? She hardly heard any instructions! Amber eyes flitting around the room, she looked around nervously to see if any of the recruits were in the same predicament she was in. None of them seemed too lost, and one even voiced up his confirmation as a voice with a Victorian accent made her ears perk up again. There was another one of them. In the sky? The voice sounded distant, and there was a rush of air. She was flying! What did her thrusters look like? Does she have a booster for acceleration too? How about the microphone, allowing her to broadcast her voice from up there in the sky? Infinite possibilities of the things she was using flooded her mind, and it was only when Maxim thumped his shield did the girl drift out of her little daydream, her eyes immediately widening at his Armour pieces.

    Though personally not a huge fan of the clunky pieces that only served to restrict her flexibility and freedom to move, Kuroki was throughly impressed by Maxim's pieces. No, impressed was an understatement. She was hyped up, her eyes glowing with wonder until he said something about a battle. Aw, that's not good. It was a pity that they didn't manage to interact before the battle, Kuroki had so many questions that has yet to be answered. She will just have to make it up by fantasising and asking more later! Besides, if they were going to head into battle, it meant that she'd get to see all of them in action, right?

    As the entire gang moved off after the man's little motivational speech, Kuroki followed with a bounce in her step. Though she arguably didn't have much Armour, her arms are customised for different occasions. Her normal ones, a set of prosthetics so well made they seemed real, had soft synthetic skin the same shade and tone as the rest of her biological self. They were thin and pretty, perfect for personal interviews but not so much for fighting. Pulling out a suitcase, Kuroki opened it to see her 'battle arms'. The newest model, complete with metallic silver paint that gleamed and glittered under the slightest source of light. "Pretty!" The girl hummed to herself lightly as she hugged her arms to her chest. Wait till someone asks 'give me a hand'. They won't even know what's coming to them.

    She detached her arms with practiced ease, taking off her arms and replacing them with the ones used for fighting. The original ones went into the case, which she tucked easily under her arm. Flexing her fingers, Kuroki took a moment to appreciate the smoothness the joints moved, allowing her mobility like no other. Next came her drone, a specially designed one allowing it to keep up with her at battle. Kuroki could move at the speed of sound, but that'd hardly make for a good show. She could only hope her editor would use the slow motion effects to stun the audience into seeing her potential. Well, there's no time like the present to test it out before the fight. Standing on the spot for a second, Kuroki kicked off the ground and sped forward in a blur, ending up at the supposed gathering place in a matter of seconds. Yet, it seemed like she had taken her time with her battle augmentations, because some of her teammates were already there.

    Screeching to a stop just before she bumped into the lady with purple hair, Kuroki observed with interest as she seemed to tease the other man slightly. The particular solider was looking at his cybernetic hand with an expression Kuroki found all too heartbreaking. She never quite liked her original body, so the augmentations were a welcome change, and even so she took some time to adjust to the feeling of numbness. It must be harder for most who were healthy to have their flesh and blood replaced by machine.

    "Mister!" She called out after the lady had finished speaking, giving him a bright smile and pointing to her own arm. "Don't worry, it gets better. Cheer up!" Wrapping her arms around him, she gave him a quick hug, nearly lifting the man off the ground. "Okay?" Skipping off, she was about to talk to the purple lady before someone approached her first.

    Her first instinct was disbelief. It was Masako Sunada. THE Masako Sunada! Idol to many, one of the fighters at the top the of the charts. She was Kuroki's favorite back when she was still confined to her bed, watching Masako rise to where she was now. Meeting her idol in real life was a whole other experience. Kuroki's eyes widened to the size of saucers, her mouth opening as if to say something, but all that came out was a soft gasp. Masako Sunada was about to shake hands with her. Her smile, her manner and tone was exactly like what she sees on television.

    "... Wow." Her shocked silence only lasted for a few moments, before Kuroki let out an abrupt squeal of excitement. Taking Masako's hand in both of hers, she shook it up and down excitedly, eyes gleaming with childlike wonder. "I'm Kuroki Gamma, it's such a pleasure to meet you! I- You're really Masako! I love your performance everytime, I have all your models and-" she took a second to catch her breath before pulling out the case and opening it, offering Masako one of her arms.

    "Could you please sign it?"
  8. Wade Soble
    How the heck did I get here? Wade looked around the room as Major Rossini continued her brief. He recognized the name as the daughter of the big shot military families back home. Whether she was actually skilled or not was the real question as she laid out a pretty bare bones operation. But who knew, this could be how the unit function he thought to himself. He was brand new to this unit, only having just arrived moments ago and by pure luck too. As silence filled the room for questions, Wade thought back to his previous unit, a defense brigade that wasn't seeing much action. When one of his old friends had mentioned a new "special" unit that was being formed, Wade jumped at the chance for some excitement.

    Now here he was, watching a possibly incompetent officer send a newly formed rag tag group of people into battle. "I wanted to fight, not commit suicide," he sighed as he stood up, the quiet whirring of his mechanical legs still unnerving him. It had been more than a year since he got new legs, but it was still felt like yesterday. As each of the various people walked out of the room to grab their gear he finally got a real good look at most of them. Some were more heavily modified than others, and he recognized some as those idol soldiers everyone adored. Personally he thought they were just too overhyped and not as capable as they looked. On the other hand he noticed a large man fitting into a giant suit, a suit that Wade knew as one the Bogtayrs. He remebered times when these men had saved his units. To him, they were true heros who deserved praise not the idols. He made a mental note to speak with the Bogtayr when he had the chance.

    Wade moved past most of the others to crate he had dropped off when he arrived at the base. Opening it, he pulled out his gear. It wasn't much compared to the others, but it suited him fine. After a few minutes, he was had slipped on his exo skeleton and armor and was ready to go with his helmet in one hand, his shotgun strapped on his back, and various other explosive goodies in his bag. He sighed as he looked at one of the mirror, focusing on his legs. With his pants rolled up, they were a visible reminder of his time in the army. But now was not the time to think about it. Taking his stuff, he walked to the meeting area. As he approached the others, he noticed a very young girl squealing over one of the Kenshima girls. Wade sighed as he walked over. How can the military let kids just waltz on a base?

    Grabbing the kids arm, he interrupted her little fan girl moment. "Excuse me kid, this is a military installation, not a meet and greet. I'm going have to ask you to come with me until Military Police can escort you off the base." Pulling the girl, Wade began to move her away from the two Kenshimas.

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  9. *kshcht* 'You know the drill. Wipe out scouting force avoid detection. You understand consequences of being spotted?'

    "Da. I'll make it quick."

    'Good. Glory to Voskad.' *kshcht*

    Sylphie lowered her finger from her helmet, cutting off communications from her superiors. Voskad preferred they stayed well ahead of the technological arms race, and they'd go to every length to keep that lead. Whatever the hell they messed Sylphie up with was their blue chip. Victoria and Kenshima could keep their showboating sex dolls. Voskadi tech was what was going to win the war.

    She was essentially a state secret. She had to raise a hell of a fuss to get this chance, but now she had her foot in the door. That said, they didn't provide her any additional armaments. This was fine by her. With what she had innate to her, that would be sufficient.

    The helmet surrounded her head, though for now it left the front open (to expose a human face) as well as the top (to allow her hair freedom, though it seemed to move inorganically, like awkward CGI). She raised her eyes to survey the terrain.

    She had finally been deployed by Hammer National R&D onto the frontlines. The feeling of fresh air and sun shining off her glistening new skin felt pretty great. It had shifted to a dense black - Carbon ball stealth technology to absorb radar waves. A good look would out her to the enemy. She'd have to get rolling before joint forces caught up or the aliens spotted her.

    She wasn't exactly itching to go, though... what welcomed her as reward for a quick, expedient job was more time in the lab. It was dark, and basically a prison.


    Sylphie raised her head. Her radar was picking up something behind her? There was a presence. She glanced up, only to find clouds. Didn't see anything or anyone specifically, but she had a powerful hunch they were using cover. Maybe they saw her. She clicked her tongue. No more dawdling.

    Without another word, ribbons of jet black metal stretched out of her back and rippled, forming a part of odd wings that formed valleys, resembling a stealth fighter. More ribbons of metal wrapped around her calves, transforming her alien-looking high heels into thrusters. The same happened to her elbows, forming a second pair of thrusters. Her helmet's openings closed up, providing a visor that also served as an information display. More ribbons curled and wrapped around her body, providing armour and sleek aerodynamic performance. She was preparing to cut through the skies like a falcon.

    She felt a weight inside of her as weaponry was crafted from the insane tech within her. The feeling was weird and alien to her - she grimaced, as no amount of in-house weapons demonstrations had prepared her for that. She was prepared to unleash the arsenal when the situation called. The rumble of her thrusters revving up indicated preparations for imminent combat were nearing completion.
  10. Alex turned to the lady, his expression was that of mild surprise. But, before he could respond, the lady walked away. Part of Alex mentally sighed. As he wasn't exactly chatty. And the only interactions he had since his "change" were between doctors and scientists whom always took notes during his training.

    Before he could do anything else, another person walked up to him.

    He was caught off guard by both the hug, which almost lifted him off of the ground. And the, words of encouragement. But before the girl walked away, he quickly and quietly said. "T-thanks." His voice had the slight electronic hum to it. Causing him to slightly cringe at his own voice. Or what could be considered his voice. For all he knew, his voice could've sounded different. After that encounter, he reached up and pressed a hidden button under his helmet. Closing the visor, and thus hiding his face away.

    But, before he could either resume skulking or try and chat with the other members. He noticed one of the other members walk up to the girl and grab her arm. He heard the man say something, proceeding to try and drag the girl away.

    After some debate, he decided to intervene.

    Walking over, he put an arm out to stop the man in his tracks. "I doubt a kid could manage to sneak onto a military base. Get into a room with us, with no one noticing and saying a word. THEN. Get into an armory with us. With no one stopping her along the way..." He casted a glance at the girl, before turning his attention back to the man. Waiting for his response.

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  11. Maxim nodded in agreement with Laarni,
    "Besides. This life is hard enough to spend it wallowing in self-pity. A true warrior must know when a hearty life is re-"

    He stopped mid-sentence as a perfect example towards a lack of chivalry presented itself. "Excuse me, friends." He said as he gently brushed Laarni and Ash aside.

    The mission had yet to begin and there was already a scuffle between members of the group. Such a poor amount of understanding and self control would reflect badly on all of them. He strode over, his heavy legs thumping gently against the floor. He'd seen the exchange from where he'd been standing, he didn't need someone to explain anything. Before things could get any worse, he took both of them by the scruff and lifted them up. He was strong and tall enough so that their feet were a good foot and a half off the ground.

    "There is no room for animosity towards one another in this team. We have yet to undertake our first duty together and you have already begun to fight? No! I say!" He nodded his head towards Kuroki, "She is here for the same reason we all are. The same reason you two are here." He turned around and put them both down, "Now, do not fight!" He meant well. He didn't want any unnecessary tension in the team.

    "Instead, take a moment to breath in the honor of the task ahead!" Aaaaaand now he was going to give a speech. He getting completely off topic and launching into a cheesy attempt at inspiring the room, "For battle is the only crucible that separates the brave from the cowardly!" He put one foot on a table and raised his fist skywards, shouting loud enough for the entire room to hear, "Yes comrades! Drink from the glory and honor that comes with knowing you are protecting those who cannot protect themselves!" He struck a pose, extending one arm forward and bending the other back like a javelin thrower. He almost seemed to radiate a bright light of inspiration, "Charge headlong with me into battle! For Voskad! For mankind! For glory! A-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!" He ended it with a second pose of intense inspiration and a bout of explosive laughter.
  12. Marisa Rossini
    "Can it, LM," Marisa snapped to Lucy's comments, not that she didn't leave the solicitation for such open. "Keep an eye on the situation, and feel free to engage once the others have arrived. We'll have you back at base with the rest once the op's over." She paused for a few moments. "Unless you'd rather just watch."

    She watched as her assembled squad filed out of the room to get prepared for combat, and left shortly afterward to head to the command center, where she took a seat and put on her own comms headset. There wasn't much to do on her end but wait for everyone to deploy and watch the current displays of what was going on out on the field. She couldn't just say it, but she didn't doubt anyone so much as their ability to work together. Better that they feel she was holding them to a high standard than not, or they wouldn't hold themselves to one.

    Aya Sakurano
    Aya stood and saluted before leaving, even if she was one of the only ones to do it. She'd actually paid attention to the entire thing, not that the briefing had much to it. it spoke to just how routine everything was, when their commander could be so lackadaisical about things.

    She filed into the armory with the others and began putting on her gear, which necessitated stripping out of most of her uniform to get at the skinsuit and bare hardpoints underneath. The idol-watching drone assigned to her skimmed around her for the entire show, thankfully unnoticed, lest she try to stop it or worse, catch the damn thing and shove it into her locker for violating her privacy when she wasn't paying attention. She carefully dressed in the rest of her sub-armor, then began putting on the actual combat gear layers, pausing to let each piece lock down firmly to her body.

    She put on her usual complement of weapons, taking particular care when mounting the katana on her hip, as befits a proper swordsman. Once her systems went through their usual checks projected into the AR overlay HUD, she tentatively tested her flaps and other control surfaces, moving them back and forth like someone stretching before a big game. Finally feeling ready to go, Aya paused to psych herself up, quietly speaking to herself. "All right, let's go."

    Maxim's inspirational speech and posing got her attention, and she couldn't help but join the bombastic giant in laughing out loud. Once she'd gotten control of herself, she added in her own agreement. "Yeah! We've all got something to fight for, so let's get out there and show them all what's for!" She happily skipped along, leading the way toward the base's airfield, where a high-speed transport aircraft waited to help the ground-pounders get to the battle zone in a hurry.


    Once everyone had boarded the transport, or prepared for their own take-off to act as armed escorts, the vehicle took off with a roar, and quickly accelerated toward the combat zone. Aya took off alongside it, flying close by to intercept any enemy planes.

    Marisa's voice rang over everyone's communications equipment. "You'll be dropped as close to the enemy as possible, but expect a little time to actually close distance, we can't just fly right on top of them without undue risk." Never mind that she was back at base. There would be a few minutes of transit to get to know each other in close quarters, before the inevitable drop into combat.

    Aya took advantage of it to chap up everyone a bit, now that she had a more captive audience. "Hey," she said over the comms, rolling in flight to face the windows of the transport and wave. "I'm Sakurano Aya, nice to meet you all~ Let's work together, okay?" It wasn't much of a self-introduction, but it'd have to do, given the circumstances.

    A short time later, and the transport's bay doors opened, welcoming those inside to jump right on out. Those who needed parachutes would find them available, but those who'd prefer to live dangerously could just jump right off and take the landing on their reinforced bodies. The advancing enemy was visible in the distance, and the battle was about to be joined.

  13. Kuroki Gamma

    "Excuse me kid, this is a military installation, not a meet and greet. I'm going have to ask you to come with me until Military Police can escort you off the base."

    "H-hey!" Caught by surprise, Kuroki didn't put up much of a fight as she felt herself being pulled away from the two. Ah, what a bother! She just managed to shake Masako's hand too, if it was a normal meet and greet even she would have to be queuing for hours, no, for days! What does this man think he was doing? With a childish pout, Kuroki did her best to retort.

    "I'm not a kid, I'm a fighter! See, see?" She pointed rather indignantly with her free hand to the drone, still whizzing around her. "'Sides, I'm fourteen! I'm a full fledged teenager now, not a kid!" Seeing the scuffle, the man she had interacted with previously seemed to take her side, to which she gave a grateful look to. It would be troublesome if she actually had to fight back, she didn't want this misunderstanding to grow out of proportion. Besides... She still hasn't gotten that signature yet! This was an unfair turn of events!

    The thumping sounds made her look up, as she felt herself being pulled away once again and lifted in the air. Great, her first meetings consisted of her being dragged around the room. Kuroki frowned slightly in displeasure as she was set back on the ground, pointing to the man that had pulled her away just like a child that had been caught in the act of wrongdoing. "We weren't fighting, he started it first."

    She forgot all about her irritation a few moments later, as the giant man lifted his fist skyward and proceeded to give a speech that she had only heard in television dramas and seen in books. The other kenshima idol, Aya chipped in with her own two cents as Kuroki listened in interest, giving a small cheer at the end. That's right, this was going to be fun! Her excitement was renewed at the prospect of battling side by side with a group of strangers, all with their high tech augmentations and unique capabilities. The things to be discovered from them was immense! As Aya skipped off Kuroki followed close behind, itching to rush forward. Then again, walking at the same pace as everyone was a good experience too, so she resisted. Besides, she will always get lost, no matter how many maps she was given.

    The aircraft was something else altogether. Kuroki spend a few seconds suppressing her urge to observe every inch of the plane due to time restraints, but she boarded it without complaint, bouncing a little on the seat with unrestrained excitement. Her eyes shifted from each and every individual, scrutinising their Armour and get up until Aya's voice rang out. "Hi Aya! My name is Kuroki Gamma, I look forward to getting to know everyone soon!" It was better than only referring to them as mister or miss. Her parents always told her it was more polite to remember names.
  14. Lucy Morrison

    "Oh please Major. I've been bored out of since this afternoon. Besides, I had last night's patrol too, so I haven't slept. Let me sleep damn it. Once the plane and escorts show up, I'll get in position." Lucy rolled her eyes, keeping an eye on the glass as she stared at the sky. Hands behind her head, she kept to the same altitude as she closed her eyes. The Victorian rubbed her fingers together, thinking on how the past few months had been. The conversion, flight trials, and now she's been here on patrol, right on the front... How things can change in a year.

    While she kept her eyes closed, Lucy rubbed her fingers together. Even with the combat bodysuit layer over her arms, which didn't have skin as far as she knew, it was deceptively similar to the same feeling she felt way before this whole thing happened. Somewhat impressive. She spent a bit like this, reminiscing over all her time ever since she left home a few months ago. A lot of things had ended up happening, a lot of things that came to mind. There was the unfortunate issues with the conversion. As realistic as it is, it's these thoughts that sometimes make her think that she might be dreaming, maybe... And usually she would realize far too late that she was falling out of the sky.

    With a small beeping noise in her ears, (in her head in reality, though it registered in her mind like it was in her ears), Lucy snapped into reality. It sounded like something just pinged her. Quickly turning to face down to the ground, Lucy saw nothing through the clouds. Then again, nothing else is flying around here... Who's dumb enough to stray this close to the front? What exactly could it be? There was a bit of a trail in the sky, though nothing all too prominent. Maybe a single scout?

    "Spire L.M. to Major Rossini and the approaching cyber unit. Looks like I missed something, maybe a stray unit from the hives? It was quick and I lost it, though it knows I'm here. Too small to be one of our jets and I didn't hear a comms check." Tapping her headset, Lucy looked around once more. Probably one of the enemy scouts overextended. Though she couldn't take a risk, knowing she was likely spotted.

    After the short period of time, Lucy could see the transport and the escorts flying within range. Might as well start charging the Redeye, after all, she needed to get something done. Unfortunately, that meant her comms might have a bit of feedback.. After their short little exchange, Lucy spoke up. "It's about time I get my chance to meet all of you. Victorian Air Force, Flight Lieutenant Lucy Morrison, Spire L.M. at your service. Pardon the interference, it should pass. Hope you got the update. Add one unknown to the list of targets. As for you guys, I count two Kenshamese, heh... After this, I'll show you some real tea. Hope you don't take it that offensive, lovelies. Are either of you two anything like that brown haired diva who yelled at me over comms a few weeks back?" Lucy chuckled, turning her cannon towards the enemy.

    She awaited the rest of the unit to reply with their short little introduction, paying close attention to any familiar names or voices. Not enough time to request their full profiles while charging the Redeye. She did stand out slightly over the clouds, though at this range she could -probably- hit the enemy before they could hit back, unless one of them spotted the glowing red light in the sky.
  15. Wade Soble
    "Wait what the hell!?" Wade shouted in complete surprise. He didn't know if he was shocked more by that fact that she was 14, the fact that she was part of his unit, or the fact that this incident had been recorded on one of those Kenshima drones. Could this day get any worse? And if almost by cue, one of the other people from the group grabbed his arm in an attempt to separate him. The new man proceeded to berate him for his actions, further annoying Wade.

    Wrenching his arm away, he stared straight at the other "man." Wade noticed that he was heavily modified, and judging from full visor, didn't want himself to be seen. While he wanted to punch this guy and tell him to screw off, he knew better. "Hey man chill out it's just a misunderstanding. Right kid?" Wade turned to the girl but was interrupted by the sound of incoming stomping, announcing the arrival of a familiar figure.

    The sudden sight of the Bogtayr surprised Wade, putting him in a state of awe. However the awe quickly turned into a state of confusion as the man began a strange inspirational speech accompanied by posing while some of others chimed in as well. It was almost too cheesy that Wade almost cracked up in laughter. "Ok then?" he sputtered when the speech was finish. With the speeches finished, he wanted to apologize to the kid, but before he could they were loaded on to the aircraft. I'll have to tell her later then...

    On the aircraft, Wade tried to take a nap. It had been a long day for him and he wanted to be ready for the fight ahead. However the constant updates and the chatting over the comms kept him up. Their introductions were so cheesy, that he felt that this moment was being used as the start of a new Kenshima series. The good thing was that he finally got the names of some of the others, especially the girl from earlier. As much as he hated it, it was only right that he added his own name. "The name's Wade Soble. Nothing really much to add," he said as he stood up and put his helmet on. Instead of walking to the open doors he went to the pilot and put his hand on his shoulder and asked with a smile "How close can you get me those monsters? Is it possible to drop me on top of them?"
  16. Alex was quiet throughout the interception from the big guy.

    When he was set down, he decided to put space between him and the other soldier who had been dragging the girl away. Afterall, he didn't wish to make things worse.

    When the transport showed up, and as people boarded.

    Alex suddenly experienced a flashback. Instead of the transport, it was replaced by a helicopter, and the people were replaced by soldiers that felt familiar to him, yet he couldn't see their faces. One of them said something to him, but he couldn't hear it, and before anything else happened. The scene changed back to what it was before.

    Alex took a breath, in hopes of steading his nerves, as he boarded. He was going to have to notify one of the doctors of the flashback he had just experienced. For, the medicine did help with the flashbacks, it didn't completely stop them from happening.

    He took a seat farthest from everyone.

    Remaining quiet until the time for introductions came. "Alex Muller. Or Ten. Whichever you wish to use." He said. Looking at his shoulder, which had a X insignia on it.

    And for those who knew about Roman Numerals, would easily tell that X stood for ten. As for why it was there, Alex asked one of the doctors a few days after his change. They said that back on a old team he was apparently apart of, the members had this tendency to get tattoos of Roman Numerals to signify their place in the squad. And that by putting an X on his cybernetic arm. It would help him with remembering things.

    But, all it did was cause him to not only question it. It also caused him to want to know more about his past.

    He soon got up after the back door had opened, walking over to get a parachute, but he didn't jump out after getting one. The reason for this, was because the big guy more than likely had a inspiring speech in mind. And Alex felt that jumping out before he could deliver his speech, would come on as an insult. So he waited.
  17. "Keep an eye out for that bogie, LM," Marisa replied. "If you manage to spot it, you're free to engage. Same goes for anything else up there."

    The pilot paused for a moment, then radioed in the request. Marisa's reply came to the entire squad. "So, some crazy yahoo up there wants to fly you all closer. I like his or her style, so we're doing that. Air escort, you might have your hands full keeping those fighters off our transport, because we want that thing back in one piece. Everyone else, have fun."

    "Eh?" Aya seemed to panic a bit. "Ayayaya...guess I better keep an eye out for those fighters." She pulled away from the transport, and focused on her Radar. The Type-5s had definitely noticed their little convoy and were on their way over. "Looks like we'll get company in a minute here."
  18. Ash didn't even get a reply from Maxim, which made him feel a little ignored until he saw what it was that he pushed him aside for. To settle a dispute, but Ash heard something about chivalry, which is something he had never heard before. Something he made note of to learn later. The younger soldier of the squad seemed to be the most energetic out of the bunch, the younger ones always seemed more alive. At least that's what he thought before meeting Maxim, that was a very interesting character.

    Before he knew it they were on the transport, everyone spoke over comms as things were too loud on the flight for them to hear anything else. Ash sat with the group, but he couldn't help but notice how Alex, the more heavily augmented male was keeping his distance, obviously there was more to him than meets the eye, the tone of his voice sounded much like a wounded soldier. Ash was going to ask why he sat alone, but introductions were in place at the moment. Someone who wasn't on the flight with them spoke over comms and introduced herself as a Lieutenant, a higher rank than he was, then again the last time he checked, everyone there was a high rank. "It is a pleasure to meet you Lieutenant Lucy Morrison, the same goes to the rest of you." He began with a very respectful tone. " I am A.S.H.R.A.F, an artificial synthetic humanoid responsible for accurate Fighting, or you can call me Ash, as that is a lot to say for most people. I am overjoyed to be working with such unique humans" He finished with a nod.

    As soon as the doors opened for them to jump out. Ash didn't even wait for the speech that Maxim probably would have such as Alex did, and just jumped off the back of the ship. He did the calculations, at the height he was at, he wasn't going to even need to power on his thrusters to cushion the impact. At the angle he fell though, he needed to tuck and roll, and use one of his arms to stabilize himself before standing up and looking towards the incoming enemy force. His eyes zoomed in on the enemy, he could easily identify each one, and knew how each one functioned. This fight seemed almost too easy, made him feel a tad bit nervous for the bigger force that was explained might come later on. Ash pulled the rifle off his back and held it to his chest waiting for the rest of the group to fall in. "Waiting to engage"​
  19. The moment Maxim set his weight on the transport, the vehicle tipped slightly to one side. He sat along the left side of the craft, his frame forcing him to hunch over. He looked a bit uncomfortable having to sit with his front bent halfway forward. Even so, his head was still brushing against the ceiling. The transport's poor pilot turned in his chair to see this boulder of a man climbing onto his craft and had to make sure to add a zero or two to the left engine's thrust. Maxim took up around one and a half seats, and his legs made moving past him difficult.

    "Aagh. I never liked flying..." he said. Once the transport achieved a safe altitude and began moving, he gripped the sides of his seats. His face was covered by a helmet, but if it had been possible to see it, the team would have noticed his face had turned a slight shade of pale green.

    Once he realized that proper introductions were being made, he was quick to add his own as well as pretend he wasn't having any problems about the fact that he was in a tiny flying box moving insanely fast at a very high altitude. "I am Maxim Yakov Vasilievich! I look forward to fighting alongside you all! Please, allow me to act as your defense!" He thumped his chest... and immediately regretted it, going back to his doubled over position and groaning quietly, fighting back nausea.

    Masako, sat with her legs crossed. She'd lost composure and broken character for a few moments back there, but it didn't look like anyone had noticed. The quick expression of disdain and disbelief had passed too quickly, too subtly for anyone to catch it... at least she hoped so. She placed her weapons on her lap and let the drone circle her a few times. When it came round to her front, she held one of her guns up and pressed her cheek to it, smiling like a little darling. The drones were programmed with algorithms designed specifically to recognize cute or sexy moments while they filmed. Thus, there was a brief flash as the drone caught a high resolution snapshot.

    Very, very far away, backing Kenshima, an underpaid editor received the image and touched it up before he passed it on to an equally underpaid assistant who, due to being on his lunch break, passed it on to an intern who didn't get paid at all. The image was used to update Masako's social network and within a minute of the snapshot being taken, her image was uploaded for all her followers to see. It was attached to a status update.

    "Getting ready for an important drop~ ٩(◦`꒳´◦)۶ So excited to help everyone out! o(^▽^)o"

    She was only half-listening to everyone's names as they introduced themselves and instead busied herself with taking a few more snapshots. When a gap in the introductions finally came, she figured she might as well get it over with. It didn't matter much. She'd do so much better than anyone here anyway. Her words were not quite in line with what she was thinking, "Hi everyone! My name's Masako Sunada, you might have heard of me." Of course you've heard of me, I'm huge. "Good luck everyone," you'll need it, ha! "Let's all do our best!" You're all a bunch of chumps compared to to me!

    The transport finally arrived. Masako took one of the parachutes and was among the first few to drop. She opened her chute once she was at the right altitude. However, once she was a certain distance from the ground, she let go of the chute and gracefully dropped the rest of the way. She smiled at the camera, letting the wind add some nice motion to a snapshot, and more importantly, it made her close billow around her. She bent her legs and pressed her hands against the hem of her skirt. She put on a very distressed, yet cute face as the wind forced most of her skirt high enough for her underwear to become visible. The infamous panty shot. The drone went nuts with flashes for a few moments before she straightened out and landed with a smirk. Mission had just started and she already had some good material. Some of those snapshots were billboard worthy, and that panty shot was gonna hit the front page of all the cyber girl magazines by tomorrow. Probably even come as a drop-down image in the magazines too.


    Maxim was one of the last to drop. He looked at the parachutes with genuine sadness. They had the same problem all parachutes had. They were too small. He'd need at least three of them to get him to the ground comfortably. Instead, he'd just have to drop. His cybernetics could take the impact easily but... well, Maxim was never a fan of heights.

    "Oh, I hate this part. Okay... you can do it Maxim. You have done worse... this is nothing. Okay... okay... It is just a fall. It is just a..." he closed his eyes and jumped from the flying vehicle, "FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..........."

    Maxim landed with a thud, the force of his impact sending up clumps of earth. He huffed and puffed, "Ha... ha... phew..." He raised his shield, "Now... for the real fight!" His upbeat and bold demeanor returned to him as quickly as color returned to his face. "Ready for battle!"
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  20. Other introductions came shortly after they boarded, and the blue-haired woman made mental notes to look them up. She'd heard of some before of course, as some of them were well-known even amongst the common populace. But never had she worked with any of them in some capacity; otherwise she wouldn't be making such an effort to appear friendly. Asserting herself would come later, when she'd gained everyone's trust. That's how one became a sought-after diplomat.

    A Victorian accent came into her comms midflight, giving cheeky replies to their commanding officer. It was a mild form of relief that someone else was not from Kenshima; she'd worked with some of their "cyborg idols" before, and many of them had openly shown a stubborn streak and a willingness to put their teammates on the line for a good photo ops. Admittedly, she enjoyed pushing their buttons and trying to steal the spotlight for herself, so that may have been part of the reason. But Laarni still didn't believe it warranted that kind of behaviour. Cyborgs, were sturdy, yes. But it wasn't as if everyone had unlimited coiffeurs. For countries like Liwanag, wherein they didn't put much funding in cybernetics, each time you could go back needing only minor repairs was a great blessing.

    While others immediately jumped off, Laarni opened her HUD display to view the map. It was dry land but nearby... a small body of water appeared. She simply gave Maxim a sympathetic smile as he forced himself off the aircraft, but continued her search on information about their "arena". A physical map of the vicinity showed it would be deep enough to suit her purposes. She unmuted her comms, calling the attention of their pilot even as Wade did.

    "I won't be asking for anything that drastic," She sent him a local map of the area with the nearby lake marked. For good measure, she sent it to the rest of the team so they would know where she was and didn't accidentally try to blow her up. Now that would be disastrous. She shook her head as she turned off her HUD. "But if you could drop me off there, that would be great." The pilot willingly obliged her, as it was a less than minute detour from their current position. A slender arm raised in salute before she jumped without parachute, diving into the water as if this was just a simple high dive. In reality, it was, but she doubted the normal human body could take the force of it.

    The water that hit her skin was icy cold, but she acclimated quickly thanks to her thermal body suit. Bringing up her HUD once again, she oriented herself to hit the shore closer to where the expected combat point was. The water was mostly silent, notably absent of life. The Mist had clearly done some work here, but it wouldn't kill her yet. She couldn't say the same about next time she dived in here though. As it was, only the hardiest of marine life lived, and at that rate they were barely surviving.

    She reached shore, finding cover in a crystal imbedded tree as she switched her HUD to combat-stance. "Ready for action!" There was a soft melody in the words. "Water here's refreshing; it's a shame it's been hit by the Mist."
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