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  1. Let's just say the term do not ditch me, works with both real and unreal life at this point.
    I've been ditched from family, friends, school even my own parents. which is kind of...what the fuck mixed with yea, I'm done.

    - been invited to universal studios
    • person never showed up
    • never texted
    • never talked
    • soon started sending me hate mail, saying I ditched her.
    - had a best friend who interested me to roleplaying and was like a sister
    • never talked to me
    • invited me over to her house twice (once we went together, then she said that I said that she should go die in a hole)
    - doctor's visits
    - school meetings
    - general stuff

    and people already know about people ditching in roleplays, so yea. I'm depressed and and worried at the same time
  2. Kinda know how you feel? I had a few friends that didn't really "ditch" me but....

    Well, basically after we graduated highschool I tried keeping up with her via text message. We hung out once after graduation, which is when I gave her a christmas gift. We texted a while after, and I offered to help her fill out her resume. Shortly after that she stopped responding to my messages. I thought she had died or moved away and changed her number. Just to be sure I went to her house and nobody answered the door. Then I found out that two of my other friends have been hanging out with her and didn't tell me. So I asked them what was wrong and they pretty much told me that she didn't want me messaging her anymore and to not talk to any of them ever again.

    I have another friend who likes to ditch me for other plans, but honestly I am to old to really give a fuck about it. If plans fail I just enjoy the alone time. ^^
  3. Okay I just have to say that the first two situations sound like a complete misunderstanding. It sounds like you guys had a concrete plan in both cases and they said you were the one not to show/say something mean. Maybe they got the wrong impression by accident? Was cell service spotty at the time? Is there anyway these two situations could have been an accident? Very strange.
  4. No I wasn't even sure what the problem or what caused the situation. The wrong impression?, probably they weren't exactly clear on what was going or what even what had happened and this had happened before. Cell service was fine and we even communicated before and even after (yesterday) the event, so it seemed like they knew what was going on, and I don't know if it was an accident or not.
  5. If you don't know if it's an accident or not, then I wouldn't accuse people of ditching you. :/

    Have you talked to them since then and asked about what happened on their end? Communication and understanding the other person's side of things can help fix a lot of conflicts...
  6. Yes I have talked to the one person since then and they said that they didn't even realized that they said anything, the other person has since blocked me on several social media accounts and sent me a very long hate mail, saying that i'm the one who it made her....well unsocial.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.