District 4 - Harmony Neighborhood (Magica★Girls ONLINE IC-4)

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The name says it all. This whole district is a neighborhood where all the Magica Girls live together. That's why it's called "Harmony". This neighborhood is so big that it has some small shops here and there, a bullet train that travels around it as transportation, lots of apartments and even houses and other places where any Magica girl can visit. People may live here in peace, but that doesn't mean there's some hidden grudge or drama amoung some of the girls. Be creative and gife life to this location on any post you make.
Everyone is allowed to make their own plots in this section. Simply post a starting thread (post) if you want to make your own story and write "All Welcome" if you want anyone to join you. You can also wait for someone to post something and if they're welcoming anyone to join them, well, you can freely join them. A couple of missions will be availlable later, so don't worry and be patient.

Availlable Missions
None for now. Come back other day or after a few hours.
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[fieldbox= Satomi Nakamura, purple]

[ 15 | Amicus: Chie | Chrystalias: $800 | Health: 200/200 | X ]

As the sun rose into the sky, signaling that a new day was beginning, Satomi's alarm went off. With a yawn, the blonde turned over in her bed and slammed her hand on the Snooze button. However, her Amicus Chie, sat beside her and was telling her to hurry and get up. Satomi endured it for a few minutes, but it became annoying and she was already awake. With a soft sigh, the young girl sat up in bed and stretched her body. Looking over at Chie, she glared. "Has anyone ever told you that you're annoying?" She growled, standing up and slipping out of her nightwear. Chie tilted her head, and replied. You have told me many times. This made Satomi flash another glare before she started searching through her things, trying to find a good outfit. Finally, she found one and started getting dressed. After about five minutes, Satomi was good to go. Looking at Chie, she saw that in her jaws was a certain necklace. The necklace was the piece of jewelry her Soul Gem turned into when she didn't need it. Reaching over, Satomi grabbed it and carefully clipped it around her neck. The necklace matched Satomi's eyes and looked good on her. Next, she grabbed her bag and strung it over her shoulder then her black earphones. Of course, Satomi had her phone in one of the pockets on the outside of the bag, so she had easy access. Music blasted through them, and Satomi smiled. Since there was no school today, she had decided to visit Anna's Body Manipulation Corner in Market of the Four Races. Thank god for Saturdays. Turning to Chie, she held out her arms and the cat like creature jumped in them, before climbing around onto her back and having her head rest on Satomi's shoulder. After checking to make sure she had everything, Satomi exited her apartment and locked the door. She slipped her key in her bag and left the building.

After a few minutes, Satomi met up with her two best friends, Mikasa, an Aqua girl and Aiko, a Terra girl. "Ready to go shopping?" She asked, a smile played on her lips. "Hell ya!" Mikasa replied, pumping a fist into the air. Satomi laughed a little then turned to Aiko. "You bet." She answered, smiling with closed eyes and the tilt of her head. "Then let's get a move on." Satomi said before she walked off in the direction of the Bullet Train, Mikasa on her left and Aiko on her right. As they walked, the three girls chatted nonstop. Soon enough, they reached the Bullet Train then got and and were able to find a seat just before the doors closed. They were on their way to the Market of the Four Races to have some fun and shop.

... to be continued in District 2; Markey of the Four Races[/fieldbox]​
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Yoko Inoue
Yoko had decided she had enough skating for one day. After rolling around and causing general havoc in Blaze's Plaza, she needed a break, some chill time to relax, maybe take a nap or something. She realized that the trip back to her apartment in Harmony Neighborhood would be quite a journey by foot, so she stopped in at the nearest station to catch the bullet train back home.

Waiting in the station, she took off her roller skates and slipped them into her seemingly bottomless backpack, standing there now in her floral printed socks. Well, they had never said shoes were required to board the train, only heavily recommended. And sure enough, she was allowed on, though she did receive a few strange looks.

Once on board, she flopped into the nearest seat in the coach closest to the train entrance. She looked around the coach and was surprised to see how empty the bullet train was that day. Usually it was a little hard to grab a seat, but looking around, she saw only a small handful of other girls on board. She wasn't by that though, and squirmed around in her seat until she reached a comfortable position. Once she was situated, she put her backpack behind her head to act as a cushion. It was much more cozy then it seemed; apparently roller skates made great pillows. Who knew?

The bullet train took off soon after, and Yoko nestled further into her seat, the smooth movement of the train soothing her. Long rides like this were always a peaceful relaxation, a chance to unwind. A nice change of pace from the eventful day she had been having. It was... it was... it...
Maybe it was too relaxing, as Yoko had fallen asleep. She had gotten too comfortable and dozed off on the way home. Her stop was coming up soon. Someone should probably wake her up...

All welcome!
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