District 4 ((Gay Romance Hunger Games))

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  1. Thunder booms in the west as the skies of District 4 begin to grown dark with cloud cover. I wrap my coat tightly around myself as I make my way to the market down by the docks. As I walk along the muddy seaside street rain begins to fall, I give an irritated sigh as I had hoped to get to the market and back home before the gale settled in.</SPAN>

    After ten minutes of trudging through the rain and muddy streets, I reach the market only to be further dismayed. Because of the oncoming gale, most of the shops are closed and the few that are not did not sale food. The shops that were still open would close soon as well. The sky is completely dark now, the sun has set. The thunder in the west is now very near. My eyes turned to the sea. There was still some angler out there trying to get last minute work done, because a gale could keep them home for several days. I do not work on the big vessels; my job is at the docks hauling heavy fishing nets and carrying heavy cargo aboard the vessels that would be on long fishing trips. I had a fear and great hatred for the sea after it claimed the lives of my family. Every time I see one of the big Vessels out in the harbor images of the mangled remains of my family in the wreckage of their vessel flood my mind, I would never forget the day they died.

    Lightning flashes across the sky and rain begins to pour down hard then the wind begins to howl. It is no use trying to get home until the weather dies down a little bit, but with a gale, it could be several days before it dies down. So I sit down on a bench along the storefront out of the rain I pull the hood of my coat over my head to protect from the wind. "How do I get myself into these situations?" I ask myself aloud just as somebody approaches the shop. I cannot make out who it is in the wind and rain so I stand up quickly ready to leave if it is a peacekeeper.
  2. Winds were picking up, meaning a gale on the way. What a way to end the day. Time to pack up and head off to the market before it got too bad to get home. I just hoped my family wouldn't start worrying over me too much when they notice the coming storm. The last thing I wanted was my little sister getting caught up in the gale from trying to find me. I've already got my earnings for today's haul, so I had to pick up some supplies. It was especially important given that these winds probably wouldn't die down anytime soon so we wouldn't have to risk going out in this.

    Lightning was flashing across the sky, iluminating the darker streets for a few seconds, then the booming thunder followed with it. I hated how the winds would start freezing my ears as it picked up, making me need to pull up my hood and hold it there just so it wouldn't fly off. In order to see ahead of me I had to squint from the rain getting in my eyes. As I approached the store I saw a figure, clearly male, but I couldn't make out exactly who it was. Really there were two possibilities. Friend or Peacekeeper. Please God let him the former rather than the latter. Dealing with a Peacekeeper was not high on my list for today. As I got closer I could see no familiar white uniform, so I relaxed a little and walked up next to him to get out of the rain. "Sucks that a storm is rolling through, huh?" I say to try to make converstation, taking my hood off for a few seconds just to wipe away the water from my face and fix my hair slightly to get it out of my eyes, then replace the hood to keep the wind off.
  3. The wind had really begin to howl now, I could see papers and shingles blowing across the market square and out to sea. My breathing grew quicker as the shape grew closer in the dark and I prepared to run, knowing I could get a bullet for being caught outside during curfew.
    Or I would at least get a thrashing.
    Finaly the shape emerged from the curtain of rain, to the protection of the dry store front. It was a boy, roughly my age and fairly good looking though from his appearnce I could tell he was about the same social status as I was, dirt poor like everyone else in the district besides the peacekeepers and the mayor.
    Although I knew alot of people in District 4 through my parents, I did not recognize this boy. Though I had probably seen him in the past and just couldn't remember.

    "Yeah it definetly sucks." I sigh and look at the closed shops. "Sucks even more that i made the trip to town in this weather just to find the shops closed." I look at the boy and hold my hand out to him. "The names Oliver, most people call me olive." I say and give a kind smile, might as well make conversation, we weren't going anywhere any time soon.
  4. I looked over at this boy, that I now know is named Oliver, and took his hand with a firm grip. "My name's Mason. I don't have any nicknames that I know of around here." I gave Oliver a smile back. "Looks like we're stuck here until this weather will start to calm down." I said while releasing his hand.

    It would be a flat out lie if I said I knew him before. I never met him but I could swear on my life that I've seen his face around plenty of times before. Oliver was handsome, no doubt about it. Honestly his looks made me feel a bit inferior to him, but that could be because I don't care about what I look like. No use trying to look good unless it's time for the reaping. I do get compliments when I walk around, and if there isn't a peacekeeper there with us. I just say 'thanks' then go on with my day without really letting it in my mind.

    "Seems like we'll be here for a while. I just hope my sister will stay put, but I think she knows it's no use getting herself killed out in this just to know if I was safe." There I go, starting to talk to someone I just met without thinking even the slightest. Mom says I'm an open book, and I don't mind it. It's not like I'm saying anything that could hurt me or my family either. "Just wish the shops were open. Not even to get supplies but to be out of this rain and wind."