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    This is the perfect location for go shopping and selling the stuff you don't need. The whole terrain is a market, so expect shops of almost anything on everywhere you look. This is also a fun area to hangout with friends and leave behind all the stress of hunting down Berserkers for consent yourself with gorgeous clothes, cool accessories, awsome weapon upgrades and more. Be creative and give life to this area on any post you make.
    Note to Roleplayers (open)
    Everyone is allowed to make their own plots in this section. Simply post a starting thread (post) if you want to make your own story and write "All Welcome" if you want anyone to join you. You can also wait for someone to post something and if they're welcoming anyone to join them, well, you can freely join them. A couple of missions will be availlable later, so don't worry and be patient.

    Reminder of how to Shop (open)
    It's supposed that all of you read the Roleplay Guide, but yeah, I'll make your life more easier by placing here the buying or selling sheets (you're welcome!). Simply talk with any of the NPC sellers and if you have any doubts, re-read this section in the Roleplay Walkthrough.
    For Shop or Sell
    Name: Put your name here
    Item I want to buy/Item I want to sell: Put here the name of the item(s) you want to buy or sell. Choose one of the options.
    Amount: Put here the ammount of that item you want to buy or sell
    My Budget: Put here the real ammount of Crystalias you have on your pocket. Use this line only if you want to buy something
    I would like to Exchange with this/these item(s): Put here the the item(s) you want for make the Exchange. Put this line only if you want to make an Exchange

    For Body, Amicus or Weapon customization
    Part(s) of my body I want to change: Put here the areas of your body you want to change. Be specific (ears, hair, hands, etc). If you want a full body change, just specify "Full Body Manipulation". This line only applies when you're in "Anna's Body Manipulation Corner. Skip this if you don't want any body manipulations
    Appearance I want to give my Amicus: Put here the full appearance you want to make your Amicus look. You can also give it a gender. This line only applies when you want to change the appearance of your Amicus in "Anna's Body Manipulations Corner", so if you don't want to do anything to your Amicus, skip it
    Part(s) of my weapon I want to customize: Put here the part(s) of your weapon you want to change. Be specific. If you want full weapon's customization, just specify "Full Weapon Customization". This line only applies when you're in "Natsumi's Weapons Workshop". Skip it if you don't want any weapons customization
    What do you want me to do with the selected body part(s)/What do you want me to do with the selected weapon's part(s)?: Put here the exact changes you want to make in the body part(s) or weapon's part(s) you selected. Do you want to change your ears into a pair of cat ears? Want to change the color of your weapon's blade? Put specific commands and choose one of the options
    My Budget: Put here the real ammount of Crystalias you have on your pocket

    Locations of Interest on this District
    1. Anna's Body Manipulation Corner
    Shop Body or Amicus Customization

    2. Natsumi's Weapons Workshop
    Shop Weapon Accessories and Customization

    3. Serenity's Booster Stand
    Shop or Sell items

    4. Cleo's Boutique
    Shop or Sell items

    Availlable Missions
    2 NPCs have missions for any Magica Girl to play:
    Anna, located at "Anna's Body Manipulations Corner" (Mission: "Hunting Season").
    Serenity, located at "Serenity's Booster Stand" (Mission: "Herbs for Life").
    For activate these missions, go to the mentioned locations and talk with the NPCs. First Magica Girl to reach there, gets the mission).
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  2. ◊Emilia Meyes◊
    Emilia walked around the Market of the Races. She was alone, except for her Amicus keeping her company. That didn't matter much to her because today was going to be the day! The day where she gets to change the colour of her Amicus! "I should have enough saved up for that. It should be at least. Doing all of those errands was getting on my nerves a little.." She sighed softly while thinking about to all of the things she did. It was all for a good cause. Or at least that is what she always said to herself to keep her pumped up. Like she was going to give up on what she wanted to do. Plus, it is all for Aoki. There are many Amicus out there, but this one is hers and she loves it dearly because of that.

    After wandering around the Marketplace, she realized she gotten a bit lost. Daydreaming and thinking to oneself aren't helpful when you are trying to go somewhere it seems. It's nothing some asking for directions won't solve, thankfully. She debated on the colour she wanted to change Aoki into. All of the work she has been doing to raise enough for the colour change and she never thought of what colour her little Aoki should be. "That aren't too much of a problem, I guess. I will just pick a colour that comes to my mind. Simple, hopefully."

    Emilia finally found the shop after searching for a bit longer than she wanted so. Taking up a deep breath, she headed inside the store. Using her fingers, Emilia moved a stray strand of hair behind her hair before moving forward to where she needed to go. After spotting the NPC she needed to see for the customization, she began to place her order. "Hey there! I would like to change the colour of my Amicus to a dark Regal purple, please." Emilia said with a happy smile. "Here's my budget." She shows the amount of Crystalias on her person at the moment, the total being about 600, the rest being tucked away safely for emergencies.
  3. Satomi Nakamura
    [ 15 | Amicus: Chie | Chrystalias: $800 | Health: 200/200 | X ]

    The Bullet Train slowed, then soon came to a complete stop and the doors opened. A few people filed out, Satomi and her friends among them. When they were a few feet from the landing, Satomi noticed they were entering the Market. Like expected, it was busy yet inviting. "If it's okay with you guys, can we visit Anna's Body Manipulation Corner first?" Satomi asked, looking at the both of them. "Sure." Mikasa shrugged, already heading in that direction. "Yeah." Aiko added as she followed behind them. Satomi had never really changed anything about herself or Chie, so she was rather curious as how much it would cost to make Chie unique. Well, Chie has been wanting to be different for a few weeks now. I promised I'd take her today. Satomi thought to herself, glancing at her partner. Chie must have felt that she was being watched, cause she met Satomi's gaze. After smiling, Satomi looked ahead again. It took only a few minutes before they entered the shop. Above a small bell dinged, signalling their arrival. Satomi noticed that a girl was already there but by the looks of it, she seemed to have already ordered and was merely waiting. Taking the chance now instead of waiting, Satomi and her friend approached the counter. She waited until she saw Anna come back around, and smiled. "Good morning Anna! I have an order for you. it's for Chie here." She told her, tilting her head a little to show that she was talking about her Amicus. "I've never really done this, so I don't exactly know how much it is." Satomi admitted, chuckling a little. Anna seemed amused and slid her the short paperwork. With a nod, Satomi filled it out then handed her the paperwork. After reading it, Satomi saw Anna slip it into her pocket. She figured that she'd get to it after helping the other customer. Satomi noticed the chairs by the door and the three of them sat down. Unlike Chie, Mikasa's Amicus was the same color of the sunrise and Aiko's Amicus was a rosy red monkey. As such, Satomi had promised her jealous Amicus that she'd pay to have her be a unique Amicus as well. Now all they had to do was patiently yet excitedly wait.

    Part(s) of my body I want to change: [X]
    Appearance I want to give my Amicus:
    Chie wants to be a female who looks like this: [​IMG]
    Part(s) of my weapon I want to customize: [X]
    What do you want me to do with the selected body part(s)/What do you want me to do with the selected weapon's part(s)?: [X]
    My Budget: $800 [I hope that's enough >.<]
  4. @Kobal
    As the little bells above the door of the shop rang, Anna smiled widely as she shoved her head to her right, looking over the perso that stepped inside her shop. "Ah, welcome to Anna's Body Manipulations, miss!" she said happily, her voice really soft and sweet. Anna was wearing a beautiful blue short dress that have some details in black. Also, she was wearing her white scientist coat. Her beautiful and straight hair was black and was tied in a cute ponytail. Her scarlet sparkled with glee as she stopped in frot of her costumer.

    She slowly crossed her arms and placed her right index finger bellow her lower lip and examined her Amicus. "So, you want to change the color of your Amicus, huh? Mmh..." She began to think about something quick before looking up at Emilia with a smile. "I need you to be more specific, miss. Here, this can help you out". She raised her right hand and snapped her fingers once. A shopping sheet suddenly appeared in front of Emilia, floating magically. A cute blue pencil was besides it, floating as well. "Just fill that up and I will see what I can do about your Amicus".
    Amicus Customization Sheet (open)
    Appearance I want to give my Amicus: Put here the full appearance you want to make your Amicus look. You can also give it a gender.
    My Budget: Put here the real ammount of Crystalias you have on your pocket
    Note: I should suggest you to take XxDreamingxX sheet as a guide. She did a great job filling the sheet.
    After giving the sheet to Emilia, Anna turned around and walked towards the counter where Satomi and her Amicus was waiting for her. She gave a kind smile at them, slowly taking out the sheet Satomi gave her before. She stopped besides Satomi and looked down at the sheet, reading it and examinig it. "Ah, you want a full body changing on your Amicus", she said and nodded. "I see... Yes, I know exactly what to do now and I promise you, it won't hurt her". After that, she looked up at Satomi with a smile. "Follow me then".

    After that, she began to walk towards a medium size door that was besides the counter. She opened the door and let it open so Satomi and her Amicus could come in. Since, Anna walked towards a metalic bed with white sheets. There was a medium size and pretty tall table on its right. On top of it, a box of plastic glove laid perfect, Anna taking a pair. "Please, laid your Amicus on the bed", said Anna while putting on the gloves.
  5. Skyla Trace

    "Your meal, m'lady."

    Caela just looked at her, obviously not appreciating the snarky comment. They ate from a stand in the marketplace, and watched the people pass by. Skyla really loved just watching. Things were pretty awesome if you just took the time to appreciate them.

    "I'm done."

    "Ah! Caela! I almost forgot the sound of your voice!"

    And then she left.

    "Wait! I was joking! Caelaaaaaaa~!"

    (In Natsumi's Weapon Workshop)

    Skyla stood around perusing the assortment of weapons around the shop. All of them just didn't work for her. She liked her lyre, so much more than any of these things. Swords, spears, bows, axes... Axes... Ax... rock and roll... like a-

    "That's right! My guitar back on Earth broke. I need a new one for this week's concert"

    She turned to the weaponsmith.

    "Oi, Natsumi, think you could handle a bit of an upgrade to my weapon?"

    Weapon (open)

    Part(s) of my weapon I want to customize: Full customization
    What do you want me to do with the selected body part(s)/What do you want me to do with the selected weapon's part(s)?: I want this to be a form of the weapon. Like I want the lyre to be able to transform into a guitar.
    My Budget: 800

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  6. Satomi Nakamura
    [ 15 | Amicus: Chie | Chrystalias: $800 | Health: 200/200 | Anna's Body Manipulations | X ]

    A wide smile spread across Satomi's features, for she was excited for Chie. And although her Amicus couldn't really express any feelings now, she knew she was excited as well. Standing up, Satomi walked over to Anna with the small cheers of her friends in the background. Before entering through the wooden door, Satomi grabbed Chie and looked her in the eyes. "After this, you'll be a whole new you." She told her, purple eyes shining. Walking through the door, Satomi was greeted with a rather interesting room. "Wow, nice place." Satomi commented before walking over to the bed and laying Chie down. "Now make sure to hold still." She told her before taking six steps back. That's easy for me, unlike someone we know. Satomi heard Chie's voice in her head, but instead of talking back in defiance, she laughed and rubbed the back of her neck. "Mikasa is just more energetic than others. She's special in her own way." Satomi told Chie before turning to Anna. "Do you need me to step out?" She asked, ready to leave if it was needed.

    Chie sounds like Aleu

    Satomi sounds like Angel

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  7. "Oh, you can stay, sweetie", replied Anna with a smile, carefully examinating Chie's body by gently touching here and there. "That way, Chie won't get nervous". She make sure her body was all healthy and apt for a full body changing. She also check that her heartbeats were all steady before going right into the proceedures. "I'm always happy to see really healthy and strong Amicus. This little girl here is one of them". Anna smiled with glee and looked over at Satomi. "You really know how to take a good are of her".

    After that, she finished the examination and walked towards a machine that was on the left side of the bed. It had the appearance of a big metallic fish tank, but it wasn't. That was the object that made the Amicus's body chnging possible. Besides the machine, there was a computer which whom it was attached to. Anna stood in front of it and began to type all the information that Satomi write up on her sheet. "Can you please put Chie inside of the machine, please?" asked Anna, still typing on the computer.
    @Reanimator Bob
    Natsumi was in front of a wooden table that had on top of it some tools and metalic parts that belonged to a weapon she was building. As she heard the bell of the door ringing, she stopped what she was doing and looked over at the door. She grinned a bit and took off her protective glasses and put them on the table. "Ah, anoher costumer", she said and slowly walked toward sthe counter, taking out a towel from her belt and wiping some grease she had on her hands. "Welcome to my workshop, miss!"

    The weapons engeneering Magica Girl was dressed like this. She stopped in front of the counter and looked down at Skyla. "So, you actually want me to do something with that lyre, yes?" She took the sheet that Skyla gave her and took a look at it. She nodded with a smile, seeing what Skyla wanted a bit challenging. "Yes, yes... I can do this, but it may cost you a bit expensive", She said and looked back at Skyla. "It's your first time here, right? In that case, i might give you a little discount. Just for courtsy". She chuckled and blinked an eye at her.
  8. Satomi Nakamura
    [ 15 | Amicus: Chie | Chrystalias: $800 | Health: 200/200 | Anna's Body Manipulations | X ]

    Satomi was glad she'd be able to stay. It's not everyday you get to watch your Amicus go in one way and come out another. Hearing what Anna said, Satomi chuckled. "Chie's strong. Even if I were to leave, I doubt she'd be nervous." She told her, remembering all the experiences they had together. Although Chie could be a total pain and was different from Satomi for the most part, there's some things about chie that remind Satomi of herself. Sure, it was a little weird but in a way, it was comforting. She heard Anna compliment Chie about being healthy then complimented Satomi on taking care of her and that make Satomi smile. "Thanks. But it's mainly because of Chie that were both healthy." Satomi admitted. She liked junk food and disliked exercise but because of Chie, Satomi ate properly and had daily exercise. Satomi then watched as Anna left Chie and walked over to a large machine that looked like a fish bowl. Outside was a computer where Anna stopped and typed information in. Afterwards, Satomi was told to put Chie in the machine. Walking over to the bed, Satomi picked up Chie and carried her over to the machine. Satomi set Chie in the machine then stepped back and watched Anna work.

  9. After Satomi placed Chie inside the machine, some metalic doors slowly closed. Chie looked like if she was inside of some source of futuristic cage, but it wasn't like that. After typing the last information, Anna pressed a big red button that was in the bottom of the keyboard of the computer. A single beeping sound played in the whole room and the machine where Chie was began to glow light blue. Anna stood besides Satomi and smiled a bit, crossing her arms while looking at the machine. "Behold the most magnificent futuristic science advance", she said, proud of her work.

    In a few seconds, some lights that came from bellow the machine began to quickly spin around Chie, encircling her. In a minute, the only thing that could be visible was a medium ball of thousand light blue lights. It took another minute for that ball to burst into blue sparkles, revealing the whole new appearance of Chie. The doors of the machine opened and Anna stepped closer to Chie, gentle picking her on her arms. She smiled and examined her. "Oh, for Atena! You really look totally adorable, Chie!" After making sure she was alright, Anna turned around and looked up at Satomi with a smile. "Come here and get yur Amicus, sweetie".
  10. ◊Emilia Meyes◊
    Emilia's face became a bit flustered after she sees the paper and pencil appear in front of her, knowing that all she said was for nothing. Shaking her head, knocking the stray strand of hair back to place after she placed it behind her ear, she took a small breath to become calm again. Just a minor slip-up. Nothing much to worry about. She said to herself in her head while grabbing the pencil. Using the blue pencil in hand, she started to write down what she wanted for Aoki.

    While writing down what she wanted for Aoki, she thought about what to do after this since she didn't really have anything to do for the rest of the day, for the rest of the week in matter of fact. It was the errands she did to raise enough Crystalias that kept her busy through the week. She could just go out and try what she can find out there. It is a big world after all.

    Buying sheet (open)
    Appearance I want to give my Amicus: I want to give Aoki more of a purple colour like this. It could just replace the pink parts on him to that colour.
    My Budget: 600 Crystalias
    I hope I got everything right this time.
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  11. Skyla Trace

    (In Natsumi's Weapon Workshop)

    Skyla thought about this for a moment. It might cost her everything she's got. Though this would help her with missions as well. It would be a wise(and fun) investment to say the least. And if she doesn't due it now, it might cost her more, considering the discount she'd be getting. She turned to her Amicus, who just looked back at her unamused,

    "I've been wanting this for a while. Alright, let's do it."
  12. After a whie, Anna came out from the Operation Room and walked towards the counter. She took out a paper and began to take some notes on it. "I'll go with you now, okay, sweetie", she said, obviously referring to Emilia. She may give her a small discount, because she felt that she actually ignored her and for the wait. After taking the notes, she look at it and nodded with a smile. She actually made a recipt of Satomi's Purchase. She put the recipt aside, waitg for Satomi to take it after she came out from the room and look over at Skyla.

    Recipt of your Purchase
    Your purchase: Full Amicus Customization
    Price: 400 crystalias (90 crystalias discount for your very first purchase here)(400-90=310 crystalias spent)
    Your Budget was: 800 crystalias / Actual Budget: 490 crystalias
    Achievement Unlocked! (open)
    Congratiolations, Satomi Nakamura! You unlocked the achievement "Pimp My Amicus, Anna!". That was after the purchase of a "Full Custumization" of your Amicus in Anna's Body Manipulations Corner. You can now update your "Achievements" area on your Profile, your "Crystalias" and change the image of your Amicus with the new one.

    "So, you finally decided what you want the look you want to give your Amicus?" She took Emilia's sheet and looked at it. She examined everything she wrote there and nodded. After a couple of seconds, she looked up at Emilia with a smile. "Just change the colors of some spots of your Amicus, mmh?"
    @Reanimator Bob
    Natsumi nodded with a smile after Skyla finally decided what she wanted to do. "Alright then. I'll take your lyre now". She carefully picked the lyre and turned around with a smile. "This will ony take me a few minutes, miss. You can either wait by looking around or came back after a while". With that, Natsumi began to walk towards her working desk and put the lyra on top of it. She examined it while picking a tool. She began to make some fixes here and there while mumbling a few words, grinning with proud by her work progress.
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  13. Skyla Trace

    (In Natsumi's Weapon Workshop)

    Skyla waited for the young smith to do her magic. It was kinda boring. Really boring actually. Though she was wise, her personality hardly showed it. She seemed to inherit more of the "free-spirit" aspect of the wind.

    Then finally...

    It was over.

    The instrument was fantastic! Skyla took the electric guitar back from the desk, and played a few chords. Ah yeah, this was gonna be fun. After this was all over, she needed to get back to the human world and tell Mina and Asuho that she's got a new guitar. God, Asuho was going to kill her when she broke the last one

    "Natsumi! You really are the master of your craft. This is actually going to make my life so much easier. Now I'll always have my instrument for any concert I have back in the Human World."
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  14. Natsumi chuckled and rubbed the back of her head, blushing faintly. "Ah, you gonna make me blush, miss", she said, feeling flustered already. "It was my job after all, so I'm really lad to see you totally happy and satisfy". After that, she took out a paper and a pencil for began to make Skyla's purchase recipt.

    Recipt of your Purchase
    Your purchase: Full Weapon Customization
    Price: 600 crystalias (100 crystalias discount for your very first purchase here)(600-100=500 crystalias spent)
    Your Budget was: 800 crystalias / Actual Budget: 300 crystalias
    Achievement Unlocked! (open)
    Congratiolations, Skyla Trace! You unlocked the achievement "Custom to the Max!".
    That was after the purchase of a "Full Custumization" of your Weapon in Natsumi's Weapons Workshop. You can now update your "Achievements" area on your Profile, your "Crystalias" and change the picture of your weapon with the new one.
  15. ◊Emilia Meyes◊
    Emilia nodded to the question. That's all she wanted, just a colour change for her Amicus, Aoki. If she wanted a bigger change of Amicus appearance she would have saved up a lot more for just in case. She didn't really like when her efforts weren't enough. "Yep. That's all I want. I hope it isn't too lackluster for you." She said while rubbing the back of her head. Emilia would have thought about it more if she actually focused and thought about what she wanted before being too focused on the errands she did. But it doesn't really matter now. She is getting what she set out to do and that is enough to make her happy.
  16. "Well, is that what you want, yes, I can do that", repled Anna wit a smile and turned around to face the Operation Room. "Follow me inside, hon". After that, she go inside the room and walked towards the dresser. She opened it and picked one faringe that had a strange colorful liquid inside. She smiled a bit and tapped the faringe a couple of times, the color of te liquid slowly changing to the desired color.

    "What you want is the easiest thing of my job", she began to say and turned. "With just a harmless pinch of this, your Amicus will be the color you wish so much".
  17. Skyla Trace

    Skyla was too preoccupied with her instrument, that she hadn't noticed the time. Fortunately for her, her lovely Amicus was there with her, always ready to inform her of her mistakes.

    "Aren't you expected on earth."

    Skyla was abruptly torn away from her fantasy and reminded that she had someplace to be back in the Human World.

    Oh crap! I'm late to meet up with the group! Oh, Asuho is gonna kill me... Let's go Caela!"

    She ran out the door of the shop, calling out from behind .

    "Thanks again for the guitar!"
    (continue at Blaze Plaza)
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  18. Satomi Nakamura
    [ 15 | Amicus: Chie | Chrystalias: $490 | Health: 200/200 | Anna's Body Manipulations | X ]

    Satomi stepped back as Anna pressed a large red button. It became some kind of light show and Satomi found herself become worried. She couldn't contact Chie, which meant she didn't know how she was. Suddenly, the lights gathered where Satomi had placed Chie, making a lump catch in her throat. She was holding her breath. After another minute or so, the doors opened and Anna rushed forward, making it impossible to see Chie. She noticed that Anna made a motion that signaled she had picked Chie up and was holding her, no doubt making sure all was good. Afterwards, Anna turned and held Chie out for Satomi. A gasp escaped from her mouth when she saw Chie as her new self. "Chie! You look amazing!" Satomi exclaimed as she reached out and took Chie in her arms. "Give me a mirror or something! I wanna see! Satomi chuckled. "In a little bit." She promised before following Anna out of the room. Returning to the counter, she waited for her receipt. Once it was handed to her, Satomi examined it before digging into her bag. As her hand came out, she held the proper amount of Chrystalias and slid them across to Anna. With a final smile, Satomi thanked her then exited the store with Mikasa and Aiko trailing behind. Once they were out, Satomi remembered what Chie had wanted. Stopping, she turned to her girly friend, Mikasa. "Hey, can I borrow your mirror?" She asked. Mikasa shrugged then reached into her bag and pulled it out, handing it to Satomi. With a smile, Satomi held it in front of Chie and heard the Amicus gasp. "I look so different! Thanks Satomi!" The Amicus' said, flying into the air and doing a few cartwheels out of joy. The three girls watched Chie, laughing. Handing Mikasa her mirror, Satomi asked them where they should go next. Today was Sunday which meant that the girls had to go to school the next day, in the Human World. "How about we go to Starbucks?" Mikasa suggested. "I'm cool with that." Aiko agreed, and Satomi nodded. "Off to Blaze's Plaza we go then." She said and the girls walked off towards the bullet train again. A few feet above them Chie flew, happy to have a different appearance. Within a few minutes, the girls reached the train and climbed in. Chie dived in after them and they all sat down as the train started moving, discussing what they would do after.

    ... to becontinued in Blaze's Plaza
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  19. Brooke Ine
    Anna's Body Manipulation Corner

    "Oriana, are you sure you want to do this?" Brooke asked the cat-like creature, who was currently zooming around her feet in a passionate whirlwind as the two of them walked into Anna's. It's a miracle that she hasn't tripped or stepped on her...yet.
    Three words Brooke, Oc-to-pus! It's not fair that whenever you play in the water, I'm the one who always ends up soaked! So yeah, I'm pretty sure. While she couldn't deny this, Brooke was still apprehensive.
    "You know I can't change you back until we get enough money to do it again, right?"
    Of course I know that, silly, all the more reason to do it now!
    She opened her mouth to argue, but knew that her friend wasn't going to change her mind once she started to-
    -beg. Brooke knew immediately that there was no turning back, so before her partner started to give her "the look", she interrupted her chanting. "Alright, alright, you can be an octopus! Just please, stop." This caused the furrier of the two to jump up onto Brooke's shoulders, then onto her head, curling up into a satisfied little fluffy ball of white. Walking up to a woman who she guessed could only be Anna, she flashed her a smile before greeting her, pulling out 600 crystalias in the process. "Hi, I'm looking to change my Amicus's appearance, but have no clue as to how much it would cost, can you help me?"

    Amicus Modification Sheet (open)

    Appearance I want to give my Amicus:
    Oriana has been begging me to make her into a female octopus that looks like this one, with the same color scheme.
    My budget: 600

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  20. @Raven Haruka
    As Brooke stepped into the shop, the bells that were above the door rang, alerting Anna. She was sat on the counter of the shop, reading a magazine about science and related stuff. She slowly moved her gaze from the magazine and put it on Brooke and her Amicus. She smiled cutely and put down the magazine. "Welcome to Body Manipulations Corner, minna!" she said happily, walking out of the corner and standing in front of it. She fixed her scientist white coat and placed her hands behind her, awaiting for Brooke to come close.

    Then, she heard everything that Brook wanted and picked her sheet. She looked down at it and read it carefully. A wide and bright smile appeared on her face as she saw the kind of creature Brooke want his Amicus to look. "Oh, an octopus... This is really interesting", she said and slowly looked up at Brooke. "I have to admit I'm quite surprised, because most of the girls come here to change the appearance of their Amicus into a more... Adorable and good looking creature". She shrugged once with a light chuckle. "But, hey, it's not that I'm saying octopus are ugly, though".

    After that, she placed the sheet on her pocket and placed her hands on her hips. "Anyways, yes, I can do what you want. The costwill be 400, but because it's your first purchase, I'll give you a 90 crystalias' discount".
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