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    This is the Main District of all Atena Land and the most frequented zone by Magica Girls. This location is perfect for meet up with friends or meet new people. There's some cool places to visit, like cafes, museums, a theather and other places. Be creative and give life to this area on any post you want.

    Note to Roleplayers (open)
    Everyone is allowed to make their own plots in this section. Simply post a starting thread (post) if you want to make your own story and write "All Welcome" if you want anyone to join you. You can also wait for someone to post something and if they're welcoming anyone to join them, well, you can freely join them. A couple of missions will be availlable later, so don't worry and be patient.

    Reminder of how to Shop or Sell (open)
    It's supposed that all of you read the Roleplay Guide, but yeah, I'll make your life more easier by placing here the buying or selling sheets (you're welcome!). Simply talk with Agatha or Sophie and if you have any doubts, re-read this section in the Roleplay Walkthrough.

    Name: Put your name here
    Item I want to buy/Item I want to sell: Put here the name of the item(s) you want to buy or sell. Choose one of the options.
    Amount: Put here the ammount of that item you want to buy or sell
    My Budget: Put here the real ammount of Crystalias you have on your pocket. Use this line only if you want to buy something
    I would like to Exchange with this/these item(s): Put here the the item(s) you want for make the Exchange. Put this line only if you want to make an Exchange

    Locations of Interest on this District
    1. Mundi's Portal[​IMG]
    2. Mystic Fountain[​IMG]
    3. Agatha's Mask Parade[​IMG]
    Shop or Sell Items
    4. Sophie's Enchants
    Shop or Sell Items

    Availlable Missions
    None for now. Come back other day or in a few hours.
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  2. Nataliya Vostro

    Taking her time walking to her destination gave time for Nataliya to think. It wasn't that she wasn't feeling good today.. it was more than that. It had been some time since she had eaten much of anything. It wasn't that she was depressed but the simple fact that she has been to busy to sit down and eat. For the last few days she has been running about trying to figure out some of the questions that people had asked her regarding earth. She didn't want to answer them for herself so she spent a day or so collecting the resources needed to give to the person. It was a really stupid alternative but kept her from having to explain something she didn't feel like explaining.

    Finally arriving at her destination she took a seat at one of the Cafes and nearly slammed her head down on the table. She let out an exhausted groan before sitting up and pushing the menu away. She already knew what she wanted to eat and drink since she frequented this particular Cafe. When one of the girls came walking up to her Nataliya smiled "Uhm... yeah Ill do my usual." Nataliya said to the girl before she even began to speak. She didn't mean to do that to people but her personality was all about hurrying up and being overly efficent. It wasn't that she was a bitch but many people didn't understand her need to always be on the move. ​
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  3. Yoko Inoue
    Down the streets of Blaze's Plaza, one might be passed by a speedy blue blur. Now, said blue blur was not Sonic the Hedgehog as one might expect, but rather Yoko Inoue, nyooming past the various theaters, cafes, and stores of the plaza with her pair of bright blue roller skates. Though she was going very fast, she had no destination in mind. She simply just wanted to skate, and it seemed that no one was going to get in the way of that goal, as many other girls had to jump out of her way.

    It was in one of the less crowded sections of the plaza were she hit a crack in the sidewalk. It quickly jerked her forward, and as she lost her balance, she tumbled to the ground in the most seemingly ungraceful way possible. She actually rolled on the ground a bit, it was very lucky that she didn't crash into anyone. However, as soon as her fall ended, she picked herself up off the ground and began skating again, albeit at a slower pace, with a grin on her face. Is... is she okay. How is she not hurt. Yoko what. How.
    All welcome!
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  4. +-.Espianaj "Espi" Hexla.-+

    Face and palms pressed flat on the glass, Espi gave a groan. "One day... You will be mine!" she growled into the glass, forming a brief fog with her breath. Behind the glass were a few of the many intricately designed masks on display that just seemed to be screaming for her to buy them. Desires and reality warred her brain as she considered her options, especially when she considered a white steam punk rabbit styled one. Regrettably, her low budget dug a hole in Desire.
    Reality irritatingly won. Gr.
    She leaned back and gazed up at the name of the shop; Agatha's Masks Parade

    While contemplating the future possibilities behind the glass window, a blur of blue stumbled and tumbled its way to the ground for a few seconds before leaping right back up and speeding off. This, Espi witnessed all through the glass and soon found herself in a fit of laughter at the smile on that girls face.
    I wonder if that was someone I should know, she thought excitedly.
    As she turned to inspect the area in search of the 'blue streak' with her moss green optics, she caught sight of white locks of hair belonging to a girl at the nearby Cafe. The color surprised her mind into forgetting her search for a moment.
    A grin gradually formed along her lips. She loved surprises.

    Mentioned: Angel Fusion & Trionfi

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  5. Nataliya Vostro

    Once her food and drink had arrived she made relatively quick work of what little she had. When she did eat it was never that much. Considering how much she moved around it was odd that she could eat so little. Not that it mattered much anymore anyway. Once she had finished her food she pushed the plate away from her and put her head down on the table. She let out a quiet groan and shifted in her seat as the girl returned to collect the dishes. Nataliya waited a seconed before sitting up making her white hair fly about rather violently. She quickly got to her feet and took a deep breath to try and wake herself up. To say the least, the last few days left her exhausted and it was beginning to take its toll.

    She needed a chance to relax and work herself down from this drive to seek knowledge for herself and for others. Luckily enough she knew exactly where to go to rest up. But, first she needed to visit the temple and think on some things bothering her. It wasn't often that she let things slow her down but it was unavoidable at times. When you go about your life trying to be overly optimisitic... things evevntually drag you down a peg but Nataliya wouldn't let it go to far. With more than a fair share of things on her mind she turned around and began to walk. -Post to be continued in Atena shrine thread. ​
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  6. Enide Beneoit

    Enide calmly and refined walked down the street of the plaza, admiring all of the many stores and small trinkets she saw along the way as strands of her snow white hair flowed behind her. She stopped and patted the rabbit-shaped object that was attached to her outfit, glancing down at it briefly with her single red eye before she looked back up. She sighed and continued on, hoping the other girls would not bother her as she saw a blue color zip past her. She didn't flinch, but she did shift slightly away, turning around to see what zoomed past and seeing a familiar body.

    Slightly curious, and half concerned, she hurried over to where the blue color went and past the cafe. She followed as closely as she could, but nearly fell down while she was "jogging". She stopped and huffed with agitation as she walked again, thinking she could catch up with the blue streak. Enide finally saw the girl who zipped past her, watching as she got up and skated slowly. The girl cupped her hands over her mouth to try to make her soft voice louder. "Yoko!"

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  7. Yoko Inoue
    Hearing someone call her name, Yoko turned toward the speaker and smiled when she recognized the speaker. "Ahaha~! Enide!" She skated over towards Enide, and skidded to a stop just mere centimeters from the other girl. It seemed that she had tried to see how close she could get without crashing into Enide.

    Yoko backed up to allow Enide some personal space, and began to absentmindedly skate around in small circles as she spoke. "So, what brings you here on this lovely day? A little shopping, a little snack, a quick walk, hmmm?" She wasn't acting like she was hurt and wasn't feeling any pain, but there was a small bruise on her left cheek from her previous tumble.

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  8. Enide Beneoit
    Enide watched as Yoko skated in circles, a small smile on her face as her soft and monotone voice swayed. "I was browsing. There are many intriguing things in these shops. But, no rabbit accessories..." She frowned to herself and looked over her shoulder towards the shops behind her, wondering if she went into certain ones. Enide shrugged slowly and turned back to Yoko. "What of you? What are you doing here, Yoko?" She chuckled sarcastically and narrowed her eye. "Besides causing mayhem."

    The younger girl slowly glanced down towards the older girl's cheek as the frown returned, a small amount of concern in her eye. Her eye locked on the bruise as she got on her tip-toes and reached out to lightly touch her cheek. "Does that not hurt? It looks painful."

  9. +.Espianaj "Espi" Hexla.+

    While watching the white-headed figure step out of her view, she blew out a sigh. Before she could consider walking over, the girl had left. Her thoughts wandered back to the thought of the blue streak. What to do? She hated to miss out on the interesting things. Yet when there are too many choices, she is at a loss. Which, in turn, reminded her of the mask.
    She turned and gave a groan. Even if she couldn't afford to buy the mask, she could not find the will to step away. What if someone decided to step in and buy it without her knowing? Then... when she could buy it because she could risk it and if she couldn't because it was gone...?
    A small tear formed its way into the corner of her eye.
    Depressed, Espi sunk onto the ground in front of the shop and slipped her goggles on over her eyes. She bent her legs, hugged them and lay her forehead on the knees. She was the very picture of a troubled person.

    Until she remembered the shop owner could probably create one of similar qualities.

    Suddenly, Espi hopped back onto her feet with one fist to the sky. "Eureka!" The green-haired girl yelled with the brightest smile on her face.
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  10. Random Event
    Magica Girls Involved: @Little Redd January
    Event Happening on: Agatha's Mask Parade

    "Oh, for Atena... Where did I put that box?" Agatha, the owner of the greatest masks shop on all Atena Land seemed to have a small problem. She was in the middle of the shop, looking on the floor everywhere, obviously looking for something. A really sad expression was on her beautiful and flawless face. Her hair was a light tone of purple and straight, reaching her to the middle of her back. She wore a gorgeous Japanese red kimono which details were in gold color. her purple eyes were looking desparetely around the floor for something.

    "I won't forgive myself if I actually lost that box for good... It's way too precious for me..." she mumbled softly, sniffing a bit and trying to content her tears. "It must be somewhere around here... Or did I left it somewhere else? Maybe dropped it?"
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  11. +.Espianaj 'Espi" Hexla.+

    Whirling to face the shop with a twinkling smile and one goal, one vision, one dream --for the moment, anyway-- she stepped determinedly toward the door. The door opened with the sound of the bells knocking solidly from the force of the push. It wasn't the soft ringing you hear when a normal person walked through. It more as if the bells themselves were rocks, pelting the wood rather than the golden/silver orb you would normally associate with the word 'bell'.
    The third surprise to knock Espi from her goal was the random woman standing at the center of the room.

    Behind her, the door slammed shut in the silence...

    The woman was beautiful. From head-to-toe. The sad expression on her face made a tear form on Espi's frozen face just as soon as she spotted her.
    "What's wrong?" Espi asked, stepping almost shyly toward the girl with a face of utmost sadness. Loosely clenched hands were pressed to her chest as if to prepare herself for the grieving news.

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  12. Yoko Inoue
    Yoko began to slow down, lazily skating in circles and then eventually slowing to a complete stop. Though she did seem preoccupied, all of her attention was on Enide, listening to every word the other girl said. "Oh, you know, just around, enjoying the weather, the usual." She gave a mischievous chuckle. "But causing mayhem is definitely a plus."

    Feeling the younger girl reach out to lightly touch the bruise on her cheek, she gave a nonchalant shrug. "Nah. I mean, a little fall like that's not gonna hurt much." Apparently, her definition of a "little fall" was taking a complete nosedive onto the pavement.

    "Buuuut, I believe I saw a few rabbit masks at Agatha's. Hmm. Would you consider a mask an accessory?" And with that, she'd gone back to absentmindedly skating around again. "Oh well. What the ever. You wanna go check it out?"

  13. Random Event
    Magica Girls Involved: @Little Redd January
    Event Happening on: Agatha's Mask Parade

    As a girl came close to Agatha, she slowly lifted her head from the floor and put her gaze on Espianaj. She then smiled brightly, her eyes enlighting with hope. "Oh, for dear Atena! Thanks for coming in, miss!" she said happily, clapping her hands with joy. "I actually in need of some help, so you came at the right time". She nodded and turned completely to face her, pinning her hands together and on top of her chest.

    "Can you help me to find something for me, please?" she asked with begging eyes and a small smile. "I promise for Atena that I will rewar you greatly at the end for the troubles".
  14. Skyla Trace

    The young bard sat on the sides of the fountain, simply playing her lyre. She always loved the mystic fountain. People pass by, save the occasional audience member. She didn't mind too much, though she played for herself.

    "Hey Caela, I'm feeling kinda hungry. Wanna head to the Market, and get something to eat? Maybe we'll stop by a few of the shops."

    The girl stood up, waved her hand, and the small harp dispersed into a light breeze, awaiting to be called again. The little creature just sat there silently, somewhat stoically. Of course, Caela has always been like this.

    "Come on, don't be like that. I'll get you whatever you want."

    A tempting offer. Still without words, the cat creature jumped down from it's perch and followed quietly.

    "You know, I spoil you too much."

    ~Continue on Market~
  15. Enide Beneoit

    "So you were causing trouble?" Enide whispered to herself and she lightly chuckled. Her dull red eye brightened slightly at the sound of the rabbit mask as the small smile returned to her face. She nodded when Yoko mentioned about going to Agatha's shop. "Can we go and see? Please." She stared up at the older girl, staring intently at her blue eyes.

    Her eye seemed to shine, a dreamy look she gave when she wanted something. "I'll buy something for you, too. ...If I have enough." She slowly glanced over towards a couple of girls that looked over at the young girl. She cleared her throat and tried to gain her composure, at least until she go to the shop.

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  16. Kailani "Kai" Brookes
    Blaze's Plaza

    Kailani traipsed about on the crowded streets of the plaza. Thanks to her now full stomach, she felt even more energetic. "Hmn, I ate well!" She exclaimed happily, throwing her arms in the air and stretching.

    "Forgive me for saying, Kailani, but you always eat well," They'd decided to go home for lunch. Atticus had slyly pointed out that it would be more cost effective to eat at home. Now they were here, as his charge hated staying home, bored.

    "What should we do, Atticus?" She asked looking around at the various shops. He also looked around at the various attractions, his furry head turning to and fro. "Well now, we could go to the museum and enrich-"

    "Denied! From now on you're banned from the word 'enrich' and anything related!" She interrupted. If she left it up to him she'd be going to the library, museum, and all the other dreadfully boring yet "enriching" places. Atticus sighed hanging his head. "I suppose we could go and shop around a bit. Perhaps we'll encounter something interesting."

    "That doesn't sound so bad. Let's go in here then!" She skipped over to a shop called Sophie's enchants and pushed though the door.​

    All welcome​
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  17. +.Espianaj "Espi" Hexla.+

    How could Espi say no? She glanced around the shop curiously, never having been on the inside of it before. Masks and other whatcha-ma-call-its filled the shelves. The mask could wait. This girl could not. Regardless of the reward, Espianaj would help. She turned to face the female and nodded. "I'll help you any way I can, miss. How can I be of service?" Espi asked with a voice of concern. "I don't know what I can possibly do for you, but please, go on."

    Mentioned: Shinku
  18. Random Event
    Magica Girls Involved: @Little Redd January
    Event Happening on: Agatha's Mask Parade

    Agatha smiled widely as Espianaj accepted her petion. She clapped her hands with glee, lightly hopping on her ties. "Oh, thanks goddness! I really appreciate your kindness!" she said with a really happy expression which replaced her almost crying expression. After that, she looked at Espianaj and raised her right index finger. "Well, you see, I'm actually trying to find a little wooden box that's really precious for me", Agatha began to explain, so Espianaj could know of what everything was about. "It was gave to me by a really precious friend that parted with Atena quite time ago. It's the only memory I have from her and I promised myself that I would take a good care of it. But, now..."

    Agatha sighed sadly, looking down at the floor. "I lost it... I searched everywhere around here, but I just couldn't found it. I thought of the places I had go before, but none of them..." She sudenly went silent and widen her eyes. "Oh, my Atena! I think I remember where I might left the box!" She nodded and placed her right index finger over her lips and looked away, thinking. She then nodded again and looked back at Espianaj with a smile. "Yes, yes! I know where I left it now. It's on "Mask for Life", a gorgeous mask shop in the Human World. That's the shop of a human friend I have and which I practically buy all the masks you see here for sell them back to the Magica Girls".

    Agatha spinned around once and lifted her right index finger. After that, a scroll with golden bright popped out from nowhere and float in front of Espianaj. "This is a mission that I will be eternally thankful for you if you accomplish, sweetie. Will you accept it?"
    Congrats, Espianaj Hexla! You have unlocked a Hidden Mission
    Hidden Mission: The Box of Memories (open)
    Location: Masks for Life shop, Human World
    Main Objective: Retrieve the forgotten special wooden box that belongs to Agatha. Velma, the owner of the shop, may have that item.
    Introduction: After entering Agatha's Mask Parade, you've noticed that Agatha, the owner of the shop, was desperately looking for something on her shop. She had a really depressed and sad expression, so you came close to her and asked her what was wrong with her. Agatha, glad that someone kindly cared for her, told you about her sad story and kindly asked you for help. As you agreed to help her, she remembered where she left the box and asked you politely to go to "Masks for Life", a masks shop right in the Human World. According to Agatha, that was the place where she remembered lefting her precious wooden box.
    Your mission is to go there, talked with Velma, the owner of the shop, and asked her if she casually have Agatha's wooden box.

    As Kailini stepped inside the shop, some bells that where tied to the door began to ring. That caught Sophie attention, whom was in a room besides the counter, making some potions for put to sell later on. She smiled widely and stopped what she was doing, then go out of the room. She looked over at Kailini with a sweet and soft smile. "Oh, welcome to my shop, sweetie! My name is Sophie and I'm glad to have you around", she said, her voice soft like an angel's. She was dressed like this and her purple hair was tied up into two perfectly made braids.

    She stood in front of the counter and looked at Kailini with her sparkling purple eyes. "Are you looking for something specific, miss?"
  19. Kailani "Kai" Brookes
    Sophie's enchants

    She smiled at the woman and her greeting. "Hello. No, actually. What do you have that's interesting?" She asked curiously, walking up to the woman. She didn't think she'd been in this store before, so she really had no idea what it sold. Usually though, all store clerks had their favorite items or newly arrived merchandise. Sometimes that's how you got the best things, through the owners that is. Her oceanic blue eyes scanned all over the little store, taking in every little nook and cranny.

    Mentioned: @Shinku
  20. Yoko Inoue
    Yoko gave a smile and a nod when Enide suggested going to Agatha's shop. Skating around was fun, but it was getting boring. She considered herself a woman of action; she could never sit still or focus on one thing for too long, she always had to be doing something new or different.

    "C'mon!" And with that, Yoko sped off. But Enide didn't need to run to catch up with her. Whenever Yoko felt like she was going to far ahead or had lost sight of the younger girl, she would drift back a bit and wait for her to catch up. She was okay with having to wait a bit; after all, not everyone had roller skates as sweet as hers.

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