Distortion: Fall of Audriel

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  1. It came from the black. A claw, a barbed tendril, perhaps even sharpened fingers; he never could tell which it was that appeared before him in that instant. But... it always felt the same as it ripped his calf in two. And when he turned to face it? Too late, only black could he see as the sun was blotted out forever.

    This recurring nightmare had plagued his life for decades it felt; though truth was it had only been two years. Every day proceeded exactly as it would have after; he lay awake to the sounds of the widespread town steads around him and contemplated until the dawn.

    As he recoiled from the imagined hit, the first thing he noticed was that his bed was drenched with his perspiration. A sigh, it seemed a restless lifetime waited around the corner for him. But it had never been any use before; it was rare that he actually recover enough to sleep before the dawn. For once, he moved from the bed and gathered his garments. Standard affair, hard black leather shoes and accessories over navy slacks, matching doublet with a white tunic draped from his shoulders. He felt overdressed for the hour; but there was little intent in him to stay within the walls of the Ra'Sain Monastery.

    After the marbled corridors and two sentinels, whom watched him with scrutiny before he passed, he made it to the streets. The smell of lavender and campfire filled his nose; two different favorite smells that awakened some of the best parts of his memory. It was on the ravine beyond the entrance way that he caught a glimpse of himself in the shallow pooling waters. Head shaven but a week past, the quarter inch of dark brown hair raising sharply from his head in each direction. Beneath it, the tattoo of rays along his scalp. A beam that followed the curvature of his skull, one on either side of the center which was left untouched as wide as the rays. He had thought of spreading the rays down the back of his head and onto his shoulders; but enough time had passed since he sought them, it was beyond him now; he supposed. His eyes remain blue as always, and his body broad and toned. "Just as it was two years ago", he mused. A brief pause in his tracks, a thought flew by. "Am I really 27 already?"

    A few field hands bowed their heads to him when he came in proximity down the dirt road, the farmers that started their work this early. Some he returned the bow for, others he stopped to say hello; and felt somewhat relieved when he heard they noticed his fatigue. "Stronger than I am, they certainly are." chimed through his head.

    To the east the sun had begun to rise, the wonderful twilight of day approaching fast. It was the extreme contrast of the light and dark that made him squint out to see what seemed so.. distorted.. along one of the villages watchtowers. When he approached, he almost lost sight of it; but found it again as he circumnavigated its spot; the twilight from the horizon cutting through it. It looked as if a small black river was held there, infinitely small in width, but moving all the same. It was after he dared to get close enough to look carefully that he noticed the small breeze that originated from the anomaly. It reeked of death.
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  2. The morning sun meant little to Lumina as she stepped out of a column of light, practically thrown out from it. She sighed as she looked around, realizing she'd been plopped right in the center of a village. Her shining Mythril armor caught the sun as people stared at her, having stopped what they were doing. Her bright blue eyes blinked as she looked at the confused people. Crap, whatever it was plopped me RIGHT in the middle of a town. I REAAAALLLLYYYY hope they don't refer to me as an angel. I hate it when that happens. she thought to herself.

    "Y-you came from above! In a bright light!!!" One man said, completely stunned as he stood there in front of his cart, "You must be-!"

    She sighed as they started to circle around her many asking for blessings. She stared at them and moved her hair behind her pointed ears. She hoped being an elf would scare them off, yet it didn't. They crowded tightly around her as she tried to get past them. She managed to shoo them away and get them back to their everyday lives when she noticed a smell. She sniffed the air and wrinkled her nose as she started to head towards the scent.

    "Death and decay....something I'm surrounded by but never succumb to," she muttered, "Something wicked comes this way, so much for a vacation. My work shall never cease, yet my belief will never change," she then looked up at the sky, "You hear me whatever you are? I will never believe you exist!"

    She continued to walk towards the smell when she noticed a man, he was fairly well dressed. She tried to ignore him as she headed towards the smell.
  3. The thread between his world and something he was not quite sure of was almost addictive, but the vivid scent of rot was more than enough persuasion to stumble backwards. It was as he peered up at the veil that he noticed; almost a small shifting between the gap. The smallest speck of light dancing told him that he was being watched; and when it stopped dancing it was because it met his gaze.

    "The void! I've seen into the void!" he mouthed incredulously to himself, righting his pose and taking several steps back. A pair of sentinels grabbed him by the arms to help steady his ascent. "Deacon Arius! Are you unharmed sir? That woman just appeared out of the sky!" the guards remain steadfast in post, but seemed more at east in their actions in Arius' presence. He had trained them afterall.

    "The woman is news to me, but stay away from the corner of the watchtower for the time being!" he pointed at the void, failing to catch sight of it with the disappearance of the twilight. "The vile void is here, and I've seen into it." he muttered, countenance turning grim while he watched the mysterious woman literally nose her way about.
  4. Lumina walked right up to the thread, past Deacon Arius and stared at it. She smelled it a few times as she stared in silence. She mumbled something to herself as she pulled out an ancient looking leather journal. She flipped around in the pages and scribbled something in the margins. The entire book was written in some sort of strange runes. She promptly shut the book and turned to the men. She scanned the three of them from head to toe as she stood there, a tall hammer on her back. She seemed unphased by the strange smell it caused and when it seemed to blink from their sight she was still able to see it. A slight smirk crossed her face as she mumbled to herself, "Can't hide from me."

    The then turned to the man she had noticed earlier and took note of the two men on either side of him. "You must be locals. Tell me, have there been any strange occurrences here lately?" She asked in a fairly commanding voice, "I believe I've been plopped here for a reason and I'd like to find out what that reason is." Then she noticed what Arius was. "Holy man, have you been noticing anything strange. Any signs from your so-called 'gods'?"

    She hated the idea of holy men and worship. As far as she saw it, she was led around by the darkness, or at least a creature of it. There were no such thing as gods for if there were she would certainly be one of them. Immortal and completely unable to die (at least as far as she'd known) she'd been fighting dark and "evil" creatures for some time now. She wasn't even sure if she WAS aging. She'd suffered fatal wounds and, though having been buried several times, had eventually recovered from the wounds.
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  5. In silence, Arius gauged her by her actions and words before responding, and to his men at that. "Go now and retrieve the Vigilent, bring back with you my artifacts from Draenyr two years past. NOW." He finalized the command after they slacked in response. Turning back to the mysterious woman, brow arched. "Speak softly of our reverance, we don't wait for any gods.to do our fighting for us."

    He ignored her questions and countered with his own. "Where do you come from? I have no interest in your personals at the moment but if you came from nothing with less than good intent... I'll die seeing you back to it." Countenance.grim, he unclasped his tunic and shrugged it aside."I'm Deacon Arius Stone of the Firebrand Saints, and I'm not unaccustomed to Elves."
  6. Lumina noticed him ignore her questions and instead posed one to her even going so far as to make a threat. She couldn't help but crack a small smile as she stared at him. "Oh, you'll die seeing me back to 'it' will you? Best of luck with that. Now as for where I come from....even I am not certain any longer. It's probably been close to a millenia since I have seen my homelands or perhaps it was only just yesterday. It matters not where I come from. My questions are far more pertinent. I am here to get rid of a plague or evil or darkness and that is what I intend to do. I doubt it is you as you do not stink of death like the darkness does," she straightened her cloak as she stood before him, "Seeing as how you are a Deacon I assume I am to refer to you as Father. I am Lumina, my last name and any rankings are not important."

    She stared at him for several moments before speaking again. "I am fairly certain I know what is headed your way however I cannot prevent it. I can simply fight it elsewhere. Its effect has already come. I am certain there are outlying areas which have fallen victim to the malicious intent behind this darkness. Now tell me, have you any more questions that you wish to follow with a threat? Because if so, I would much rather be on my way than waste time speaking to you."
  7. Arius remain in silence during Lumina's words, watching carefully her motions while she did so. At the conclusion of which he relaxed a bit. "You sure talk like an elf, lest I forget these past two years." He turned his head and shrugged off what appeared to be distaste. "And call me Father if you want to start a feud. Realize that you know as little of our standing as we quite hardly know about you, vague impressions of a homeland or otherwise." It was her comment about death that tipped the scales. While her scent was foreign, to be sure, there was no hint of decay. An elf through and through.

    Decision made, he relented: "Nothing normal would cause it, but it's everywhere. Cold pockets combined with startled livestock. A few people have gone missing. The outer provinces are cut off by Grand River Nagthe due to large swells, though it has only been ten days."

    A quick few steps brought him closer to the rip in space. "If what resides within this is a cause then I am coming with you. My dreams have foretold of a coming." At the memory of it, his leg ached as if he were asleep again. Down the road his sentinels were returning, carrying rolled parcels and small lock boxes while the majority were armed.to.some degree, brazen owls adorned their armor.
  8. "I am only trying to be polite Deacon. However if that is your view, that I will only insult you in an attempt to be polite, then perhaps you should stay here," She said once he finished speaking entirely, "I do not believe you understand the weight of my arrival. This leads me to believe I have never been here before or have been here but only in the future. I would not stand so close to the tiny rift as it could suck you in, from what I've seen it is not very pleasant. You are welcome to come along provided you put that prejudice behind you. I do not tell you that you talk like a human for there is no difference, I only speak in different terms than yourself. Ten days is more than enough for this to manifest. I believe that was the beginning of this outbreak."

    She held her arm out, to block him from getting too close to the rift. "I warn you, if you travel with me there is a high chance of death, however I will do my best to see you home in one piece," her face softened slightly as she spoke, "I am sure there would be many who would miss you. Though I doubt we would need so many supplies. If IT hasn't arrived yet we may be able to wrap this up quickly, though signs say he will arrive soon."
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