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    Distant Fantasies: An RPG Resource Site & Forum

    Distant Fantasies has been open since 2003, evolving over the years to provide more useful resources for role players of every genre and style. 2012 marked one of our biggest additions; our forum community! It has always been important to the DF team to bring something new unique to the world of RPG resources and here are just some of the services we offer:

    • THREE directories for you to list your RPG! One for fandom based games, one for original idea games and one for those of a mature rating.
    • Hosting for forums and sites.
    • Plug Board for quick advertising.
    • RPG Reviews designed to help improve your RPG.
    • A large character picture gallery to help you find play bys.
    • Twitter Advertising
    • RPG Blogs - Your little slice on DF where RPGs and RPG Resources can post anything they like about their site!
    • A growing forum community to discuss role-playing, find help, join in challenges or just drop in for a chat!

    [align=center]We also run a monthly chance to have your RPG featured all around the site!