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  1. Distance

    Have you ever fallen in love and had your heart toyed with, your lover played with you because they knew you would stay. Although in this world you can't be played with..for if they play with you they are played with right back. When you are born there is a marking on your right arm just below the shoulder, your soulmate has a matching marking. Although there is a twist it's not that easy to find your soulmate, if your soulmate is far away your marking will be ice cold and so will theirs. As they get closer to you, the marking will warm up into a comforting temperature. So what happens when someone is born without a marking, is it bad or were these markings never really meant for the human body was it all just a rouse? All we know now is if someone doesn't have a marking you're called Lesser, 20 years later there are only a few lesser's known of they have to hide it as they are seen as freaks..but Lesser's are still being born it's a 1 in a million chance but it does happen..how do you live your life as a lesser or as a marked..

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  2. [​IMG]

    Ben Green

    The wind on the boardwalk picked up as the sun shined high in the sky, the sounds of the waves crashing, seagulls chirping, and random conversations all the regular in a California summer day. Ben looked up at the palm trees, combing his brown hair with his hands as the wind messed it up. Laughing to himself realizing how ridiculous his hair must look after the wind took its course. Ben leaned against a palm tree the scratching of it's bark on his arm, and he looked around thinking to himself.
    'Anyone here could be my soulmate but I don't know I won't know like anyone else can tell'
    While Ben was deep in his thoughts there was a high pitched scream, immediately zoning back into reality Ben looked around and ran to the source of the scream to make sure everything was okay. Only to find that it was two people who had found their match, the girl a little overexcited.
    Fixing his backpack that became uneven on the run over Ben turned around and walked down the sidewalk pulled out his wallet and looked at his money.
    "2 twenties and 3 ones, gosh I got to find a job soon"
    Ben thought to himself out loud as he entered a cafe, a regular visit due to their cheap prices and deal, getting a coffee free with a bagel. Sitting down at a table after ordering he looked out the window at the busy everyday life of Los Angeles..
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  3. Xavier exited the school and walked to his car. It was a Friday and everyone wanted to go home for the weekend. The yellow Camarillo with a black stipe down the middle was in the back of the parking lot. He parked back there so no one would bother messing with his car. As he made his way through the rows a car came out of no where. At the last moment Xavier jumped out of the way. The four girls in the car were laughing calling him "Richie rich" kids were always mean to him because of his parents money. He walked to his car, got in and started it. He looked down at his arm, he was wearing a short sleeve green t-shirt so his arms were exposed and he had a cut from when he had jumped. He started crying as he pulled out of the parking lot. Looking up at the sky he asked God Why can't I just have a friend? He decided to stop at his favorite cafe which was on the board walk he walked in and ordered a burger and fries to go. While he was waiting he took a seat at a table not far from a boy with messed up hair.
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  4. + Avery Elizabeth Williams +
    "You know.. I really didn't have to walk with you. You have work. I didn't really even want to come out here.." Avery said bitterly as the sun shined high up in the air above the two of them. It was the type of day Dale likes. While she misses the rain and cold weather of Chicago. Though she doesn't see them moving back for a long time. She's just going to have to get used to the hot weather of California. It doesn't seem like she will, it has been almost a year since they've moved here. And even since then, she can't get used to anything. She can't even find her way around town most of the time as she just wonders around their apartment most of the time.
    Butmaybeher brother was right.. She did need to get out more as she barely even knows anybody. Of course she has school, it's not likes she really does much. Her grades are absolutely perfect and she stays under the radar. At least then she can't get made fun of for not having a mark, nobody knows. She sees what happens to the lessers, and it really isn't that pretty.
    "Come on, Dale." She complained some more, as he just walked beside her with huge grin on his face. His used to be pale skin is starting to get a tannish tint to it. His freckles stand out more and his blonde hair is more blonde. The complete opposite of her as she is still pale, making her look like such an outsider. A lot of people think she just got here as she can't tan. It really isn't in her nature to do such a thing.
    Licking her lips, she shoved her hands into the pockets of her light jean shorts. The plain sleeve less white shirt hung off her thin frame as she walked. "God. Could it be hotter?" She asked, pushing on her bright red glasses to cover her deep brown eyes. Her lips were in a frown as she crossed her arms over her chest, trying to keep up with her brother.

    } Dale Williams {

    "Oh Ave! You know I am not going to answer you when you are being negative. Just enjoy the day! Take in the sunlight, we both know you need it." Dale snickered, wrapping an arm over her shoulder as he pulled her near him so she didn't have to walk faster to keep up. "The day is nice right now.. I just want to enjoy it for a little bit before I head in for work. Maybe you should stay out for awhile? Please just don't run home for once." He pleaded, but she was already looking at something else with a sour look on her face. There wasn't anyway to get to her. She was too stubborn for her own good. So he just let outa sigh and droppedhis arm from her. "Come on." He said, the disappointment in his voice as he walked around the boardwalk. He liked to browse in the different stores to kill as much time as he could.
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  5. GLENN MICHAEL GRESSEN A cafe- how stereotypical a place to try and start a love story. Glenn sat back in his chair and put a hand to his mouth, the corresponding elbow on the chair. Of course, most of the places that Glenn frequented were stereotypical for such a scenario; a hope of his, if you will, that trying to find love wouldn't be as vain as the marked ones told him it would be. A sort of passive rebellion- just right for as passive a person as he.

    Ah... His passiveness. Tanya, his best friend- and now hundreds of miles away- was always telling him that he needed to do something that was less passive. Start a revolution. Or a conversation. Join a dance. Or a club. Just do something. Inhale, close eyes, exhale. Eyes still closed. Consider it, now... Alright. You couldn't just wait for love to plop it's butt down in front of you when you were a Lesser, could you? No. Of course not. So Glenn flagged down a waitress.

    "Do you see those two boys?" He pointed to one with messy hair, and another who had come in shortly after and sat not far away from the other. What was special about them? Perhaps it was just because they were sitting alone; perhaps it was because they were the last two to have come in. "I'll pay for whatever they have," he told the waitress. She looked surprised, but accepted it, and carried on with her duties as though her shift was almost over, bot not without alerting the staff members attending those particular tables of the situation.

    Glenn had leaned forward to talk with the waitress, but leaned back in his chair again. The chances of either one of them being the one for him were slim, but.... Maybe he would get lucky. Or maybe it was just a dress rehearsal. Or maybe there really was no true love for him, but at least he'd have made some friends along the way.

    ADALINE ZOE CISNEROS, purple Ah, California. It still held the scent of new hope for Adaline. She had only just moved there- she was so fresh to the town that it was just a couple of weeks old for her. It was new and exciting, and full of promise. Maybe here, she wouldn't be bullied; maybe here, her status as a Lesser wouldn't matter. Maybe here, there was something. Something more than a job and this lovely, foreign heat that she was sure to set sick of in a couple of more weeks.

    The heat was still wonderful, though. Adaline was pale, but determined to do away with that in this new land- practically a new country. New setting new her, right? Now she wore white shorts and just a pink tank top and white flip flops in hopes that the sun would kiss her skin and tan in rather than burn it. A layer of sunscreen would hopefully protect her from the burns, but Adaline was still careful.

    Always careful. Careful of the sun, careful of the people walking behind her back, and who could see her lack of mark. Finally, Adaline had let down the hair that she tied up fall down. It was hot on the back of her neck, but if it was necessary, then it was necessary. Although, it really hadn't been, up to that point; it was more Adaline being nervous that lead to that decision than anything.

    Now there was someone else on the boardwalk with her- someone about her age. Adaline was glad that she'd already let her hair down, and didn't have to draw attention to herself by doing it now. The person was a male, which was first for Adaline to notice. And then... His hair. Even from this distance, Adaline could see just how fair it was. Almost white, really, and it was beautiful. But Adaline looked out, to the ocean again; it did her no good to think like this. No good. He probably had a mark, and didn't have the time of day for a Lesser like her. She was best off going to find food. Now, where was that cafe again? Adaline would be stuck outside for ages trying to remember where to go.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Ben Green

    Ben was tapping the table looking around taking notice of two guys, he played with his hair and looked at his drink twirling the straw mixing his iced coffee. Waiting for the check he called the waitress over
    "Hey, can I have
    my check?" Ben asked wearily
    He wasn't to good with talking yo people, when the waitress said a guy across the room was paying for his stuff Ben walked over.
    "Hey, did you pay for my stuff by mistake?" Ben said as he played with his hair and smiled
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  7. "Here you go Xavier here's your order" the waitress-Wendy-said to him.

    Xavier was a regular at this cafe, pulling out his debit card for Wendy to swipe she replied "oh that boy over there paid for you" before she went back to waitressing tables.

    Getting up he walked over to the boy Wendy had gestured, there was another boy there already. The three were about the same age and Xavier wondered why he was being so nice to him. Maybe on of his parents works for mine and he is trying to butter me up so his mom or dad gets a raise....wouldn't be the first time that happened.
  8. [​IMG]
    Justice sat on a bench in the park. Watching grass grow and squirrels running around. His whole body laying on the bench with his arms behind his head. The air had a nice, slow breeze hit his head. He looked up at the sky. Seeing different clouds with the sun shining in his eyes. He then sat up from the bench, there wasn't anyone else near the park. Justice slid his hand through his hair and stood up off the bench.

    Justice decided to pass by his mother's cafe. He loved going there was a kid and getting a hot chocolate with a Donut. Justice remembered his hoodie that kept from seeing his blank arm, and went over to his bike. When he finally arrived at the cafe, he put a lock on his bike and went into the cafe. It was now his shift to work at the cafe. He passed by Wendy where she gave him a big hug. "Damn boy, your getting bigger and bigger each day" Justice smiled and gave a small chuckle. "Thanks how's my mom?" He was with his dad's this weekend and hadn't called his mom.
    "Well she's a busy women Jus, why don't you go see her" He nodded and walked to the kitchen.

    Justice saw his mother still busy at work, she was the owner and boss of the cafe. "Hey mom, how's it going" The women was very busy in the kitchen helping somebody cook some food. "Hey hun, bring this to the man at the corner table" The women handed him a platter of fries and soup. Justice new she was really busy so he took the platter of the steel counter. Once he walked out of the kitchen he walked slowly to the table but then a man with a leather jacket walked into him and the platter fell to the floor. Justice sighed and began cleaning it up
  9. Aurelia June Smith
    Aurelia plugged her headphones in and walked down the board walk lip syncing to the music ash she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She took her headphones off and opened the door to her favourite cafe she ran her fingers through her pastel coloured hair and tugged her sweater tighter. This was the first day of being in Los Angeles and she was so sure that this was the place where she might find her Soulmate. Aurelia smiled and opened the door to a cute little cafe and walked up towards the counter ordering a frappucino and a Salmon and cream cheese bagel. She then made her way to a table and sat down pulling out her polaroid and smiling as she flicked through her photos. Aurelia was never jealous of the marked just disappointed that she wasn't one her whole set of camera's was filled with pictures of what she thought was love. Aurelia's stomach growled and she looked around for her food and then another thing caught her eyes Aurelia smiled at the handsome couple she snapped a polaroid the boys looked happy and light filled in from the window lighting their faces. Aurelia quickly printed two out and slipped them onto the boys table before returning to her table.
  10. Seeing that the owner's son had spilled the soap he was carrying Xavier changed his direction from the boy who had paid for his meal to the owner's son. The two had never met but Xavier had seen him often at the cafe and had inferred that he was indeed the owner's son by listening to the owner and his reactions. Grabbing a few napkins off of a near by table he started to clean up the soup. "Here let me help you."
  11. Justice kept cleaning it up when a boy came to help him. "Thanks, people can be so rude ya know?" Stelios kept cleaning the soup. He hadn't met this boy before except seeing him here and there and it was weird that someone would help him with the kindness of their heart. After most of it was cleaned up he went to his back pocket and pulled out a twenty dollar bill. "Thanks for helping me, hey let me grab you a coffee, most people would ignore me you know?"
  12. After they were done cleaning up the boy offered to buy him a coffee, that's nice, but he doesn't need to buy me anything. "You don't have to do that" Xavier said standing up and looking at the ground. Please don't realize who I am...Xavier thought, the two went to the same school and since most of the kids knew who he was he was scared the boy would realize and ditch him.
  13. "Hey your Xavier right from our school, yeah it's no problem, one sec" Justice went behind the counter and went to the coffee machine. Wait are you stupid? you never asked him what coffee he likes!. "Hey what do you take?" Justice grabbed a coffee cup and put it under the machine. He then looked back at him, he was in the same social level as him, but he may be a tiny bit lower, but he was bullied a lot in the school
  14. "Yeah, um I'm good I have to get home soon," Xavier said semi-lying. It was just him at home his parents were in France dong business and Xavier had given the staff the weekend off....so it would be a long lonely weekend seeing as most of the kids at his school would be out partying while he would be hanging around his house.
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  15. GLENN MICHAEL GRESSEN "Hey, did you pay for my stuff by mistake?" Glenn looked up from his own coffee at the boy who'd walked over. Ah, yes, one of the two whose meals he'd paid for; the other had apparently been making his way over to Glenn, but had been distracted in the middle of the journey by someone who had dropped a plate. Had he not just been sntered into a conversation of his own, Glenn might have helped as well.

    "No," he told the boy. "I asked to pay for your meal... A friend told me I needed to be more spontaneous with my life. Apparently, I'm taking her up on her advice." Glenn broke a shy grin, then sipped his coffee again to hide it. "I'm Glenn, it's a pleasure to meet you, I hope."
  16. "No no...Uh i mean it's really lonely here and i want someone to talk to, now what kind of coffee" It was awfully quiet here and wanted someone here to keep him company. He noticed that he hadn't paid for the boy so he went over to the register and put in the money. "I saw what those kids did to you, they really suck, sorry about that. I get bullied by them a lot so your not the only one" He smiled and waited for the boys answer.
  17. Knowing he wasn't the only one being bullied made Xavier smile a little. When he saw the boy pay for him he said "um the guy over there already paid for my meal, but there is no need........money is no problem.....,,but you probably already know that" Xavier said. He decided to go out on a limb which he hoped wouldn't break. "Um so I know we don't really know eachother, but I'm home alone this weekend so if you wanted to come over to my place tonight you can, if you want you can spend the night." Xavier had never had a friend over before so he didn't know how to ask.....it was like asking someone on a date but different.
  18. "I meant for the coffee i'm going to make you" The boy didn't say anything so he made him a hot mocha. He pulled down the lever and drained the coffee inside the cup. He then put the lid on it and handed Xavier the coffee. "Yeah sure, mind if i bring a movie over, have been bored this last week so this will be fun" He smiled and fixed his jacket. To be honest, he was bored since grade school and nobody wanted to be his friend, he was ecstatic when the boy asked him if he wanted to come over.
  19. "Yeah sure!" Xavier said excitedly, then worried he would scare off the boy returned to his calm demeanor."ok here is my address, what time to do think you'll be over?" Xavier said writing his address on a napkin and handing it to his new friend. Wow a friend.....well kinda.
  20. "Sweet thanks, i know just the movie" He smiled and grabbed the fully poured coffee and set it on the counter. He was so excited to finally befriend somebody. He then grabbed the napkin from his new friend and smiled. "I can't wait, thanks man and don't forget to see me on weekdays working here" He folded the napkin and slid it in his pocket.
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