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  1. Distance

    Have you ever fallen in love and had your heart toyed with, your lover played with you because they knew you would stay. Although in this world you can't be played with..for if they play with you they are played with right back. When you are born there is a marking on your right arm just below the shoulder, your soulmate has a matching marking. Although there is a twist it's not that easy to find your soulmate, if your soulmate is far away your marking will be ice cold and so will theirs. As they get closer to you, the marking will warm up into a comforting temperature. So what happens when someone is born without a marking, is it bad or were these markings never really meant for the human body was it all just a rouse? All we know now is if someone doesn't have a marking you're called Lesser, 20 years later there are only a few lesser's known of they have to hide it as they are seen as freaks..but Lesser's are still being born it's a 1 in a million chance but it does happen..how do you live your life as a lesser or as a marked..

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