Distance.....the true test

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  1. Name: Carson White
    Personality: He's stubborn, wild, weird,funny and out going. He has a big heart but dose not show it. He is told that he is cold and mean but its only because he doesn't want to be hurt.

    Bio: He was born in a small country like town in Indiana. He was always getting in to fights and trouble. His father wasn't in the picture and when he was he would be a drunk abusive man to him and his mother. He father would be gone for years then come back. He had to learn how to be a man on his own. He has big dreams of his rock band being big one day. He spends alot of time online playing games, he's kind of a nerd but won't admit it.
    Eyes: Blue
    Voice: He has a slight country accent, Cold and mean alot. But can Be soft and sweet and sexy.
    Body. Skinny/muscular ( nice body)

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  2. Name: Katia Evans
    Age: 18
    Personality: Katia is the kind of Eco friendly girl. She is loveable, friendly and a humble person. She likes to meditate a lot, as she can sometimes grow angry and sensitive at times. She adores candles, animals and yoga too. She is also a vegetarian.

    Bio: Katia has been living in France all of her life with her mother and father. She studied at a French school and graduated shortly. She was currently living in a small house with her parents, and is am only child. She had been dating Carson, a young man she had met on a dating website for several months, and will soon be living with him in his own country. She hopes to be able to get married and have children in the future as she adores the company of kids.
    Height: 5'6
    Voice: She has a rather fluent French accent, and it grows light and high when she's happy.
    Body: Rather small and petite.

  3. "Distance, it is a test of love, many will fail, but for those who can withstand it have the answer: true love."

    Being in a long distance relationship isn't exactly the most easiest thing in the world especially when they live in different countries. Carson met Katia 7 months ago and fell head over heels for her, he's never liked long distance relationships but Katia was special...he couldn't think to be with anyone else. So they made plans to have her move in with him soon so they can finally be together. Its hard for them to talk because of the time difference is so big its not like a hour ahead or behind...its like 7 to 8 hours difference. When Katia is about to go to sleep Carson is working or at home doing online classes. They Skype alot, when he's home and she's going to sleep she would fall asleep on Skype and he would watch over her as she slept....its the closest thing he has to being with her.
    " hey so bro what's up with you and Frenchie? You guys are just online dating it don't mean nothin right?" One of his friends said. " ...back then I would have said yes...but she means the world to me and I love her...she moving in soon.!" He said proudly, his friends always made fun of him for being soft when I came to girls. " wait what...you guys just started dating...don't even know each other and y'all movin in together...bro what's wrong with you..!" Jay said.
    Carson smiles and simply said.
    "Distance is just a tank of gas and a few extra miles on the car!"
  4. Katia had spent days packing and now she was currently at the airport. She had spent time saying goodbye to her family and now she was off on her travels. She was nervous, she didn't know what his family would think of her. She hoped they were nice. She didn't know what it was out where he was. She had been holding a bag of gifts for him, including a baguette and a few other French things he may like. She waited for a few minutes until her plane arrived and then boarded on with the other passengers. She had bought along a few of her electronics, and a pillow and duvet just in case she fell asleep. She places her earphones on as the plane set off. Everything looked so small. After travelling, she had indeed fallen asleep, but the plane finally landed and someone tapped her awake. She giggles softly, and then gathered her things and headed out to another airport where they had agreed to meet. She looks around for Carson.
  5. Carson's car was in the shop she he had his friend Taylor take him to the airport to pick up his soon to be wife. " so why in gods name are you doing this Care Bear? This is like a big waste of time...what is she's not who she says to be and you to brake up...im just worried you'll get hurt!" She said. Taylor has always been in love with Carson and was upset he would be with a girl he has never met and would bend over backwards for her, but he would never look at her that way. He thought of Taylor as a sister and nothing more. They finally get there. Carson has a teddy bear and flowers with him. He's never done this type of thing for anyone so he felt a bit embarrassed and nervous. As he walks in he see her....she was just as beautiful as ever. Taylor was not happy. He ran over to her and hugged her behind.
  6. Katia smiles as she turns around and sees him there. She kisses both of his cheeks happily. "Bonjour!" She says softly to him. She was still very poor at the English/American language, so she would have some difficulty. She passes him the gift bag. "Presents, from France!" She says and claps softly as she gives it to him, hoping he would love his gifts.
  7. He smiles and kisses both her cheeks as well. " Bonjour! My beautiful love....oh are these for me!?"he asked her taking them. He loved the gifts she brought him, but he was more happy to see the love of his life. " so there is a house I wanna buy us...but I didn't wanna say yes or no till you got here! They are waiting for us to come by today to see it. ...i hope you like it as much as I do. It has alot of land so you can have beautiful gardens and big enough to have a nice family! Well lets get going...oh btw this is my best friend Taylor she came here to meet you as well...and my car is in the shop haha!" He said grabbing her hand and walking her to Taylor. Taylor fake smiles at her.
  8. She giggles softly. "I would love to see this house!" She says excitedly, "And your girl friend" She says, not seeming too enthusiastic. She walks with him over to this friend and felt jealousy rush through her. He always mentioned about this sisterly friend, Katia knew that she probably wouldn't like her, and felt as if she would probably try and invade things, so she just gave a fake smile back to the girl, not wanting to seem rude to her or anything.
  9. " hello I'm Taylor its so nice to meet you...iv heard so much about you...Carson never shuts up about you...like never. But I'm so happy to finally meet you. " she says as she hugs her. Taylor hated Katia and Katia probably could feel it. They walked to they car and Carson opened the door for Katia and gets in the back with her. " hey Ty can you take me to get my car out of the shop...kinda need it today. ?" Carson asked. " oh care bear I could just take y'all.!" Taylor said knowing it would upset Katia. " Nah that would be to much trouble and plus I kinda wanna spend some time with Katia...alone.!"
  10. Katia was growing more angrier by the minute as she gritted her teeth lightly, she turns down the car window so she could have a little bit of fresh hair, before her anger literally overheated.

    "Quelle désagréable ami, il a . Je suis déjà regrettais ma décision de venir ici . Je veux juste la gifler , elle est ridicule ."

    Translated: "What an unpleasant friend he has. I am already regretting my decision on coming here. I just want to slap her, she's being ridiculous."
  11. Carson couldn't understand most of what she said but he understood the unpleasant friend part.
    Vous ne avez pas à vous inquiéter.

    ~ you do not have to worry!~
    He smiled at her. " see I learned some French for you!" He kissed her cheek then plays with her hair. He only had eyes for her no one else.
    " Je te aime tellement."
    ~ I love you so much ~ he said looking into her eyes
  12. Katia smiles gently and then slips her small hand gently in his, she nuzzles his nose and then kisses his forehead lightly. She couldn't show Taylor that she was getting to her, or else she'll win and cotinue. She was fully in love with him, and she needed to accept that and quit being so clingy. She squeezes his hand gently, and says she loves him too.
  13. Taylor could see them through the mirror. Them being all lovey pissed her off. She held her anger in because she didn't want him to see. As they got to the car shop, they all got out and Taylor jumped on Carson hugging him tightly in front of her. " well you take care ok Care Bear. " she kissed his cheek and ran back to the car the left. Carson was a bit shocked but he didn't think much of it because he had his beautiful wife to be with him.
  14. Katia growls lowly to herself and crosses her arms, glaring at him slightly, didn't he even think to pull away slightly? No. Instead, she pulls away from him and goes to look at the cars, so she could figure out which one was his.
  15. Carson was a bit confused, why was she acting a little bit different. He watches her as she looks for his car and picks it out. " haha well done baby you picked the right one....so ready to see our new homes?" He asked walking over to her.
  16. Katia seemed slightly hesitant but nods. She really couldn't wait to get home and away from Taylor, she was just plain rude to her, she couldn't help it that Carson had fallen for her. She gets into the car and straps herself in. She felt pretty tired after the long journey, and probably would be sleeping over in France. The time distance was exhausting and hard to cope with. She began to fall asleep, soon enough.
  17. As Carson was driving he looks over at his future wife, how cute it was that she passed out. He lightly touched her face, oh how beautiful she was. He couldn't believe she was his or she was in love with this punk rock country boy. Once hone Carson walks to her side and without waking her up he picked her up taking her to her hotel. Tomorrow they will see the house.
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  18. Katia woke up the following morning. From the looks of it, her bedroom was really beautiful. She wouldn't be sleeping with him until after the wedding. She had everything she wanted in her room, from candles to beautiful scents, flowers, you name it. She would've been pretty happy with a nice bed and a bathroom. She looks out of her window shortly and notices the lovely view outside, ahead.
  19. Carson txted Katia - hey my beautiful flower how did you sleep. You have a gift waiting at the front desk...hope you like it. Oh get ready ill be there to take you to see the house and on a good afternoon date. Then ill take you back to your room let you shower and stuff so we can go to dinner. Well I love you my Flower.-
  20. Katia smiles as she read the text and then started to get ready for the day, pulling on a simple yet cute outfit, brushing her wavy hair and accessorising it with a bow. She went off to see her present and smiles. He shouldn't have, he really shouldn't have. She felt like a princess, being treated with all of these gifts. She was truly grateful.