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Before we proceed, I must inform you of the requirements you must meet in order to participate. one. You must be able to type at least one paragraph. two. Obviously; I'm not looking for perfection, but you must be capable of at least decent grammar and punctuation. three. Last but definitely not least, you must follow all site rules. Another thing I must notify you of before we proceed with the plot is the fact that there will be gore in this role-play. We're not aiming to make anyone give up their last meal, but there will be at least some description. Violence will also make it's contribution within this role-play. Lastly, romance will not play a very big part.

Alright, on with the plot! To put it simply, your character(s) live in a poor society were many don't get by without going at least two or three days without a meal. Living conditions are horrible, disease spreads like wildfire, and criminals run rampant in the streets. Some of the residents have resorted to cannibalism and there is talk of witchcraft in the area. The streets are littered with liars, cheats, swindlers and the like. Bodies of the unnamed are found rotting in the alleys - that is, if the animals haven't gotten to them first. What makes matters worse is the fact that, once every month; the 'Nagians' kidnap, slaughter or even tear off a few limbs of residents as they march through the town. The Wood is the name of this town. Occasionally, residents attempt fighting their way up to The Maya. However, these riots are short lived considering the fact the residents disperse soon after a soldier's gun goes off. Not much is known about The Maya other than the fact that it is the place where the rich bathe in luxury.

Brobdingnagian - complicated word for giant. 'Nagian' is the slang the residents of The Wood use. These creatures are often referred to as war beasts by those from The Maya. Nagian's are large robotic beasts with six legs; a large, bulky head; five inch long, exposed teeth; large horns, a long tail ending in a mace; and four, long, curved horns. The first pair of horns face forwards and reach past the head, the second face backwards and are able to reach just past their necks. They have two small front legs, the very first pair having hand-like feet used for grasping. Their large back legs are excellent for supporting their bodies when they 'rear up' on them. They do this to gain a better view of the surrounding area or swing one or more of their front legs at an approaching foe. These beasts are golden in color and obtain very large frames. They have the ability to have crossbows extend from their backs and blow steam from their mouths. The steam at which can escape their mouths can reach temperatures of over 1000 degrees.

Don't forget to provide your characters basic information in your first post. You can tie it into the role-playing itself or put it elsewhere. What must be provided is name, age, gender, appearance, and species. Only human and humanoid species are accepted [no nekos, furries or overpowered characters]. Pure animal characters are not accepted either [even those that are magical/can talk or both]. However, there is an exception to this rule - the character must be a side character who will most likely be your main character's pet/familiar. This side character cannot be anything like a unicorn, large dragon or wild cat.

This is simply a spot where members will be listed.

Charlotte Dimi | female | sixteen | human | played by ;; FadedFury
William Barns | male | eighteen | human | played by ;; FadedFury

My Post
I'll go ahead and place my first 'post' below.

Charlotte (Charlie) Dimi | female | sixteen | human

Charlie cupped her hands in the water and brought them up to her face; long, dark brown hair falling in her face. An almost silent sigh of relief followed. It felt like it had been forever since she had drank water. She treasured the feeling of the dirty stream water running down her throat, and her mouth being moist once again. A nearby crashing sound caught her attention. Her head shot up in it's direction, hazel eyes wide like a deer in headlights. Once she realized that the sound had merely been quite loud and whomever had caused it was nowhere nearby, she calmed. However, she remained alert as she resumed drinking from the stream. Her stomach growled and ached, causing her to wince as she swallowed another gulp of water. Her drinking quickened, knowing all too well that it was only a matter of time that she, and the stream, would be discovered. This water may have picked up dirt and who knows what else in it's travels, but it originated from The Maya. Only water from The Maya tasted this good, even if it had become slightly dirty.

William Barns | male | eighteen | human

A pale figure ripped into the corpse of a woman. William found this woman dead in the alley a few moments ago. He had been in luck, no animals had gotten to her yet. He bit into the meat, savoring the taste. There were benefits to being a cannibal, one being the fact you never went hungry. One thing he had learned very quickly is to never touch any organs as they are a beacon for bacteria the moment the human dies. Bacteria carries disease, a fact many of the residents here were very familiar with. Warm blood ran down his throat as he inhaled his meal, he would gorge himself in the near future. It was quite often that he would be interrupted by those who looked down upon cannibalism. They would attempt to beat him. However, he was fast and was quite able to outrun those who decided to chase him. He blinked upon the sound of a nearby crashing noise and glanced behind him. There appeared to be no one near him. Perhaps the loudness of the crash had fooled him into thinking someone was near? The blonde shoved more hunks of flesh into his mouth as stormy grey eyes stared down the alley. He thought as he chewed, Should I move the body and eat elsewhere? He decided against it as he was already sulking in the darkness.
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